Power struggle in Augsburg: Reuter under pressure as a winner

First Markus Weinzierl informed the team his decision not to have any discussions about an extension of the contract. Then he inaugurated the TV viewers. The insurmountable differences between the two also revealed that Stefan Reuter also learned about the withdrawal of his coach on Saturday afternoon. The coach lacked appreciation – he was tired of the fact that Reuter had fixed the talks about an extension of the contract to the time after the end of the season. Weinzierl’s withdrawal is therefore only consistent.

Both no longer found each other in the second term of the coach. The driving force in the back of the Niederbayer in April a year ago was different anyway: Klaus Hofmann. The mighty president and string puller of Investor GmbH only announced his resignation on Friday, justified it with “health problems”. But the time raises questions. It had been bubbling behind the scenes for a long time. The bang was already threatened in autumn of last year. According to Hofmann information, Hofmann only decided at the last moment against an initially planned exemption from Reuter.

Resilient Glauben - Dr. Christian Hofreiter
The cooled relationship of the two thaws no longer properly built up until the end. In the past few weeks, this has become increasingly clear.

A common future for the trio could no longer exist at FC Augsburg. It was no longer between Reuter and Weinzierl, it was no longer possible between Reuter and Hofmann. But the managing director did not have to pack the suitcases in the end, the other two took their hat.

unhappy is still glossy

Reuter now seems to sit firmly in the saddle again. Who could still be dangerous for him now? The leadership vacuum would be perfect when it was exempt. Together with CFO Michael Ströll, with whom a close relationship of trust connects him, Reuter will now plan the restart – and have to find a new trainer. But the 55-year-old is massively under pressure to succeed.

The 1990 world champion has been leaving his hand for some time. Numerous of his decisions in the area of squad planning and on the coaching post are described as an unfortunate. The FCA cannot actually afford further season planning at this level – this could end with relegation in the coming year. The fact that the club escaped it again in the eleventh year of the Bundesliga was once again due to the even weaker competition.


Hofmann sees his DFB

Jonas Hofmann will continue to see himself in the right-back position in the national soccer team. “I would be so brisk to say that I didn’t do it that bad,” said the trained midfielder of Borussia Mönchengladbach in an interview with the “Rheinische Post”.

Although the “very big opponents” were not yet there with his previous appearances in the DFB jersey, which is why he is looking forward to the upcoming games in the Nations League against England, Italy and Hungary.

Football's Greatest International Teams.. Germany 1972-1974
However, the 29-year-old continued to leave his future in Gladbach. “It is certainly not a decision that you make overnight. I am an open guy and can therefore imagine everything,” said Hofmann.

Due to his contract only dated until 2023, however, he soon expects a result. Painted problems between coach Adi Hütter and the team, who could be decisive, he denied: “A lot is drawn to the hair. For myself, I can say: I get very, very well caught with the coach.”

Before the upcoming Nation League games with the national team, Gladbach is again about “cutting everything out,” said Hofmann: “For the club, one or the other million is still at stake, depending on the final placement. It would be important to complete the season in the best possible way in the Corona period. “