Essential medical collapse… Firework, low number, high risk and avoidance

A nurse came to the emergency room of Asan Hospital in Seoul on the 24th of last month. He complained of severe headaches as a hospital. A wide range of cerebral hemorrhage occurred and first aid was in progress, but surgical treatment was not performed. It was because of the absence of a professor in charge of surgical surgery. The nurse was later transferred to Seoul National University Hospital for surgery, but died six days later. Since then, Seoul Asan Hospital staff became known to the world with the incident in the office of the office.

Seoul Asan Hospital is classified as a big five hospital and is a senior general hospital where emergency patients are constantly transported. It is concerned that Korea’s essential medical system is collapsing over the fact that the treatment of a member of the original has not been done.

In some cases, a medical school garden increases are needed to solve the lack of doctors, but it is difficult to see as a fundamental solution. A number of experts say that if you only increase the number of intentions that are discharged without improving the chronic ills of our medical system, avoiding a certain medical system, the rich and poor phenomenon of popularity and avoidance cannot be improved.

Shin Hyun-young, a member of the Democratic Party, said, It is shocking that even Seoul Asan Hospital has a neurosurgery care system for cerebral hemorrhage emergency surgery. It’s a clear signal that a red light has entered the Korean doctor training system.

** ■ Supported by the major

The death of a nurse in Asan Hospital in Seoul shows how the reality is. Nevertheless, the problem of lack of doctors in charge of medical care has been continuously raised. According to the recruitment rate of professional subjects by Shin Hyun-young, submitted by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, ▲ 37.9% of thoracic surgery ▲ 76.1% for surgery ▲ 80.4% of obstetrics and gynecology. In particular, for pediatric adolescents, it was significantly lowered from 101.0%in 2018 to 28.1%this year.

In the last five years, the total amount of recruitment rate of the essential medical departments was found to be 57.7% of thoracic surgery, 67.3% of pediatric adolescents, and 79.0%. Given this, it is realistic to see a thoracic surgeon’s recruitment system as a collapse. The number of thoracic surgeons was reduced every year, only 20 last year. The recruitment rate of 20 thoracic surgeons a year has not changed in the last 10 years.

The bigger problem is that even after acquiring a specialist in the medical department, it is also intensifying to change to other medical departments. According to the 2016 national doctor’s survey, thoracic surgery 40.7%, surgery 12.8%, obstetrics and gynecology 10.6%, and 4.3% of emergency medicine.

The reason for avoiding the essential medical department is due to the lack of appropriate compensation for the hard work. First of all, emergency surgery, such as cerebrovascular disease, is characterized by a large number of emergency situations. For this reason, specialists and fellows with the relevant should be on an emergency waiting for one year. Nevertheless, there are few manpower themselves, so much of the number of people should be alternated and take a daily job. The Korean Medical Association explained that there are not many cases where a separate pay fee is not paid if the patient does not occur.

It is also one of the reasons for avoiding the risk of requiring emergency and high treatment difficulty due to essential medical treatment and characteristics. This is because it increases the possibility of medical accidents compared to other medical care.

According to a survey of thoracic surgeons commissioned by Gallup by the Korean Cardiovascular Surgery Society in 2019, thoracic surgeons worked 63.5 hours a week. I worked an average of 12.7 hours a day, and most of them worked on weekends, and the average number of duty days without an average holiday was 5.1 days. Waiting outside the hospital was 10.8 days a month. 51.7%of thoracic surgeons at the senior general hospitals and general hospitals are expected to burn out, and the possibility of patient risk is 93.7%.

Low medical prices are also pointed out as problems. For example, the cost of surgery related to brain disease is around 20% compared to Japan. Currently, the cost of medical water in Korea and the relative value score system will be set. However, as mentioned earlier, the medical community is common point that the medical price is too low considering the difficulty and risks.

For reference, the hourly labor cost of thoracic surgeon was 75,000 won per hour, which is 20%of the surgery fee of 1.5 million won.

In most cases, patient treatment is performed in the intensive care unit after thoracic surgery. The intensive care unit thoracic surgeon is in charge of treatment. The problem is that during the treatment of intensive care unit, there is an intensive care management fee for intensive care professional, but the thoracic surgeon management fee of thoracic surgeon who treats the intensive care unit after surgery is not calculated. Therefore, the thoracic surgeon is operated as a structure in which the patient is treated with a minimum wage level and treats the patient.

In relation to this, the Korean Stroke Middle School said, We must solve the problems of chronic reservoirs and lack of human resources.

■ It takes a significant time to get a fundamental solution

The government is also aware of this situation. President Yoon Seok-yeol promised to introduce the so-called essential medical national responsibility system in January, when he was a presidential candidate. At the time, President Yoon said, We will establish a separate public policy price. It will introduce the number of public policy prices in the treatment facility of severe trauma centers, delivery rooms, newborns, and senile diseases.

The Ministry of Health and Welfare also operated a essential medical council where the medical community participated, and recently established a dedicated organization for essential medical support. Lee Ki-il, the second vice minister of the Ministry of Welfare, said, We will expand the required medical personnel and related infrastructure.

An official from a medical community said, The problem of collapse of the essential medical department is not yesterday, today’s work, and is not limited to essential medical departments. It will take a considerable time until.


How to avoid congestion in a two -point hospital. Management

Contacts usually occur on Two Point Hospital, when more patients are accepted than you can effectively treat. Sometimes the reason may be a bad diagnosis, as this can make patients move a lot, which will play a role in increasing the nasal congestion.

This leadership will help you with some of the best tips that you can follow to avoid congestion in the Two Point hospital.


What causes congestion in the Two Point hospital

As mentioned earlier, the main causes of congestion are the number of patients exceeding your capabilities and incorrect diagnostics. A poor diagnosis forces the patient to make several diagnoses until the diagnosis is 100%.

Because of this, the number of patients returning from the hospital is much less than new patients who entered the hospital. This will lead to overload if you do not make the right strategy.

How to avoid congestion in the Two Point hospital

You can take a few steps to avoid overload, as shown below.

Teach diagnostic staff

The first thing you should do is teach your diagnostic personnel so that they can quickly diagnose the disease. This will reduce the need for multiple diagnoses, which will help you quickly treat the patient and avoid overload.

General Practice Offices

An increase in the number of cabinets of general practice doctors is another way to avoid overload on Two Point Hospital, since sometimes general practitioners can diagnose a patient by 100%. Just put the first-aid kit closer to increase the effectiveness of diagnosis and treatment in the Two Points hospital.

You can also update your equipment for the diagnosis of the patient as early as possible and avoid overload.

focus on the layout

The layout of the hospital is very important to avoid the accumulation of people in the hospital. You must make sure that diagnostic rooms are located close to each other so that patients do not have to walk much.

One schedule should be recorded for diagnosis, and the other for treatment, if you do not want to see the problem of overload. For the patient’s movements, make sure that the walls do not distract attention, and the width of the corridor is at least 2 cells.

Use marketing campaigns

You must use marketing campaigns to attract patients with more cured diseases so that you can easily treat them and not feel overloaded in the hospital.

If patients arrive with high-helerable diseases, they will be quickly cured and sent home. This will save the balance between the number of patients entered the hospital and discharged.

If this number is balanced, you can easily avoid traffic jams on Two Point Hospital.


Two Point Grockle Bay

Grockle Bay is the first hospital that you will find in the fourth world of Two Point Hospital. You must reach the stellar level in Dakvort-Bilg to unlock Groacl-Bay, because the city of Groacl-Bey accepts many tourists. That is why you will receive a lot of exotic diseases in the hospital, such as cubism.

Grackle Bay will receive a new epidemic in the form of Jogger Ripple. This leadership will tell you everything about the Grockle Bay hospital, including the best layout, stellar goals, staff training and step-by-step guides.

The best layout of the Two Point Hospital for the Gulf Gruckle

Depending on the geographical position of the hospital that you are building, and its environs will differ a little plan. To facilitate your life and have a general idea of the layout, we made the best layout for Grackle Bay.

Plot 2 will accommodate most of the small rooms of 4×4, such as the diagnostic center. If you see a lot of free space in section 2, add a general practitioner’s office. Do not forget to add a lot of first-aid kits there. Now the layout of the site 3. Due to its length, a long and convenient entrance and output are quite long.

Plot 3 is well suited for all the procedural offices, since there is a very good chamber and an office of a general practitioner. This plot will have a good balance of treatment and diagnosis.

And on section 4, the remaining diagnostic rooms of the hospital will be placed. It will remain a little for an additional recreation area.

On the other hand, on section 8, all administrative premises and one large operating room will be placed.

targets of the Groacl-Bay star

1-star hospital


  • The cost of the hospital is $ 750,000.
  • The attractiveness of the hospital is 60%.
  • Cure 10 patients with cubism.


  • 10,000 dollars.
  • 100 Glory.
  • Cubism poster.

2-star hospital


  • The cost of the hospital is $ 2,000,000.
  • The attractiveness of the hospital is 70%.
  • Maintain a reputation at the level of 75%.
  • Maintain a cure indicator at 75%.

Awards :

  • $ 20,000.
  • 150 Glory.

3-star hospital


  • Hospital cost 4,000,000 dollars.
  • The attractiveness of the hospital is 80%.
  • Maintaining reputation at 90%.
  • Maintain a cure indicator at 90%.



  • 30,000 dollars
  • 200 Glory.
  • Cubism anatomy poster

Tips for Teaching staff Grockle Bay

We will start with the head doctor, as he will be the face of the hospital. Consider the possibility of adding soft skills, such as manners at the patient’s bed or emotional intelligence.

Now let’s move on to the registrar. Try to increase their emotionality and endurance. You can also train radiology and genetics so that their experience is wide in all departments.

Let’s talk about wipers who can be a weak link in the hospital staff. If you invest in them, they will pay off in the long run in the form of improving the quality of work.

Give them basic skills, such as endurance, emotional intelligence, mechanics and maintenance. After that, wipers will be able to solve all the main problems, such as repairing broken items.

Grockle Bay: How to manage the moral spirit of staff

On Two Point Hospital, if you want to raise the fighting spirit of your staff in Grockle Bay, make sure that the hospital cares very well. It has machines for coffee and snacks for employees. Make sure they have a good staff room.

An increase in the break from 9 to 11 will also make doctors happy and increase their morale. An increase in the prestige of all rooms to level 5 will also increase the morale. Now very important. Pay well to staff.

Last. Make sure that garbage tanks are available in all places of the hospital so that the hospital is cleaner.

How to manage the reputation of Grockle Bay

When you manage Groacl Bay in the Tu-Point hospital, many dirty tourists will come to you, it is best to take care of microbes and cleanliness. If necessary, hire an additional janitor. What **** Thus, there will be less chance of spreading diseases in the hospital.

In addition, as mentioned below, the climate of Groacl-Bey is very hot and humid. To maintain a positive rating and reputation, it is best to invest in air conditioners from the very beginning.

Passage Groacl Bay

Gracl-bey has a very hot and humid climate due to the proximity of the ocean to the hospital. Think about the installation of several air conditioners scattered throughout the hospital. If you do not install them, it will be very difficult for you to improve the rate of treatment.

When you reach the level of 6, you will meet your first patient of cubism. To complete the task of the first level, focus on the treatment of patients with cubism. The cubism marketing campaign in the long run will improve the cure.

The healing of a patent for cubism will bring you $ 12,000, and they have an evaluative chance to correct 92%.
Up to level 9 you will receive 3 GP.
After you earn your first star, you will need to build a second recovery room.
After level 9, you will need to strengthen the work of the hospital by adding 2 doctors and 2 nurses with diagnostic skills.


Two Point Hospital Swelbard Hospital

Svelbard is the second hospital in the world of 6 Two Point hospitals. This hospital can be unlocked by reaching the star level at Underlook.

In this guidebook on the Two Point hospital, you will find everything you need to know about the Svelbard hospital, for example, his best plan, star goals, staff training tips and step-by-step guides.

The best layout of the Two Point Hospital for Svelbard

You can get 8 sites to complete this hospital on Two Point Hospital. In this hospital, your main goal will be training and research, but we will still tell you about the layout that you can follow if you have not planned your own.

You can make a section 2 of the diagnostic area and make sure that it is close to a common doctor, which is located on section 3.

It would be easy to diagnose and treat patients if both of these areas were close to each other. Plot 4 at the beginning will serve as a multi-purpose purpose, you can make a room for staff here, but later, if necessary, you can make diagnostic rooms here, Pan laboratory and a psychiatric room.

You can use plots 5 and 7 for training and research necessary to increase the level of this hospital and bring it to 3 stars.

On section 6, you will do all the affairs related to treatment. There will be a DNA laboratory and a department for working with patients.

After that, there will be a section 8, which we can use for administrative purposes, as this is the very back. This zone is not perfect for working with patients, so it is better to make it administrative.

targets Swelbard Star

1 Star target

  • Teach 20 states
  • Cuting speed 60%

  • Get a research room of the 5th level
  • Complete the research project on urban mythology


  • 10,000 dollars
  • K100
  • Opens the castle Rocment
  • Poster metropolis
  • Bag with red beans

2-star goals

  • Teach 30 states
  • Cure speed 75%
  • Teach 2 employees of research III
  • Complete the project to study the scandal with a ROOVburger


  • $ 20,000
  • K150
  • the globe

3-star goals

  • Teach 50 employees
  • Cure speed 90%
  • Cure 35 patients in urban mythology
  • Complete the project research project WindSock


  • 30,000 dollars
  • K200
  • Burning building
  • Water tower
  • Pilon

Tips for Teaching Personnel Swelbard Hospital

Training is important for this hospital, as you will receive completely unprepared personnel.

First, start with the administrator and improve his skills, such as emotions, intelligence and endurance. As a doctor, you should combine skills such as general practice and diagnosis.

Make sure that nurses have skills such as the ward, injection and treatment, if the nurse does not have these skills, start training immediately, since most of the time they will work with the patient.

You can train a cleaner to increase his skills, such as mechanics, maintenance, endurance training and emotional intelligence. They can repair cars and other things, increasing these skills.

Wipers-the backbone of the structure; You will need to invest in them for the uninterrupted work of the hospital.

Just increase the ability of all staff in the hospital when you have a chance to get the maximum return from them.

Svelbard: How to manage the moral spirit of staff

To manage the moral spirit of your staff at Swelbard Hospital, you must make sure that they are happy. Even if you pay them a little less, you must make sure that you give them the main amenities.

You can provide them with a room for staff where they can relax. The staff room should have benches, a sheet stand, a machine for drinks and a machine gun for snacks. By providing these amenities, make sure that you also have garbage tanks nearby.

The hospital should be completely removed properly, and the temperature in it should be normal so that your staff does not have to work in high temperature conditions.

Not only for staff, make sure you have everything you need for patients. Because if patients are unhappy, they will go to another hospital.

If possible, increase the salary of employees to make them happier. Personnel with a high moral spirit will quickly cure patients.

Passage Two Point Hospital Swelbard

You can start with the hiring of a janitor, as this place is quite dirty, and the existing staff has no skills. After that, you can hire a nurse and an assistant. The best feature of this hospital is a teacher that will help us a lot.

We will often use this feature, but first let’s make small adjustments. You can make the bathroom less, move it into a corner and do the same with the research room.

You can even sell it now, as we can build it later. Now it’s time to rearrange the most important part of the training room in this hospital. You can sell all the broken items in the hospital and make the registration stand right in front of the entrance.

Here, assistants will meet patients, and behind them there will be a therapist’s office. Not far from this there will be a general diagnostic cabinet.


Build a room for staff

Now it’s time to build a staff for staff so that your employees remain satisfied and quickly study. Do not build a procedural office until this is necessary and when patients require this.

To date, you should start teaching one of your nurses for treatment skills. You will receive a reward for training your employees, so do not worry about money right now.

As in the case of a nurse, you can choose one cleaner and train his master class on training. After that, you can train the same janitor to all the basic skills of the janitor, such as mechanics, maintenance and capture of ghosts.

This will help you save a lot of money at an early stage. You do not need to train more wipers with these skills from the very beginning.

Your goal here will train 20 employees and maintain a cure level above 60%. Training will take the most time, so focus on it when necessary. Qualified personnel will help you maintain the necessary cure level.

When the main things work normally, you should go to expand the hospital. The number of patients will constantly increase, and you must monitor this in order to maintain the rate of treatment.

Do not build an additional office or room until you see the queue behind them. This will help you save the budget and ensure the uninterrupted work of the hospital.


Hospital Meltdown Guide at Two Points

Melt Downs is one of the hardest hospitals in Two Point Hospital and the second one in World 3. This hospital activates a DNA lab and several new diseases, making the gameplay more expansive. As the number of patients increases exponentially, proper hospital management is essential to ensure efficiency.

This article is the perfect source as it provides information on the best location in Melt Downs, star objectives, and how to train employees to increase their morale and completely dominate the game.

Best Two Point Melt Downs Layout

A well-organized layout is essential to maximizing the efficiency of a hospital at this level. The influx of patients will be very high and many general practice offices will be required to serve them. All GP offices, toilets and staff room should be located on the first site.

DNA laboratory and diagnostic rooms should be located next to the first next. The remaining premises of the hospital may be located in other areas.

Mel Downs Star Targets

1 Star Purpose Hospital

  • Get 1000 research points
  • Upgrade 5 cars
  • Heal 5 patients in the shock clinic
  • Cure 10 patients in the DNA Lab

Completing these tasks will earn you $1,000, 100 Kudosh, and 100 Research Points.

2-star hospital goals **


  • Cure 20 patients in the DNA Lab
  • Upgrade 10 cars
  • Upgrade the hospital to level 10.
  • Healing rate 75%

Completing these tasks will earn you $20,000, 150 Kudosh, and 250 Research Points.

Hospital Objectives 3 Stars

  • Cure 40 patients in the DNA Lab
  • Upgrade 15 cars
  • Upgrade the hospital to level 15.
  • Healing rate 90%

Completing these challenges will reward you with a supercomputer, $30,000, 200 kudos, and a whopping 500 research points.

Melt Downs Staff Training Tips

When employees complete a task, they gain the experience they need to get promoted. Promotion enhances the ability of the staff, providing better treatment. However, learning experiences can help staff hone their abilities and improve their skills.

A training room is needed for this purpose, and the number of employees that can be trained depends on the number of tables inside the room. To start training, select a qualification on the screen, send staff to the room, and assign a trainer to the job.

Then start your workout by pressing the start button. A guest coach costs $10,000 plus an additional fee for each intern ($5,000 to $25,000 depending on qualifications). There is no fee if the coach is a full-time employee.

Melt Downs is a very complex hospital; To survive, it is very important to train the following qualities several times:

Customer service Improves reception and retail skills
General practice Improves diagnostic skills in the therapist’s office
Service Enhances repair and maintenance skills throughout the hospital
Care Improves the healing skills of doctors and nurses
Parish Management Enhances diagnostic and therapeutic skills internally

Learning the above qualifications leads to the development of skills and the discovery of new abilities necessary for the effective management of Melt Downs Hospital. Research is an example of this ability. The following are the study levels based on training:

Level 1-Increased 2-Advanced 3-Advanced 4-elite 5-World class
Research Skill Research Unlocked +50% increase Research Skill +50% increase +50% increase +50% increase
Required (TU) 240 300 360 420 480

Melt Downs How to Manage Staff Morale

Staff morale can be maintained at a high level through proper facilities and calm policies. Affordable clean break rooms with a full supply of healthy food and drinks can boost their morale. Regular breaks from work and decent wages are required.

A clean, decorated hospital with a pleasant temperature can encourage staff to work together. Creating prestigious rooms by placing beds and decorations can be fruitful.


The required level of curing speed is very high at Two Point Melt Downs. Upgraded machines and trained personnel are needed to handle this level. As mentioned above, the player must train personnel to increase their abilities, which will ultimately help in upgrading and maintaining the machine.

The higher the level of the hospital becomes, the more patients visit it. To serve the masses, there must be many general practice offices. Money from income sources should be used wisely to upgrade hospital infrastructure.

At the start of the game, the player’s main sources of income are the Shock Clinic and Pharmacy. The DNA lab will also join later and could play a critical role in patient care. Launch effective marketing campaigns and hire dedicated lab staff.

Layout is also important in preventing » Meltdown from Melt Downs Hospital’. Proper layout, as mentioned above, should be implemented from the start to maximize performance and ease management.

Here is a list of diseases that the player must cure in their hospital. Treatment rooms are mentioned together with them.

  • Joke Infection : Clown Clinic
  • Dizziness, lightheadedness : Clinic De Luxe
  • Denim Genes, Fluff : DNA Lab
  • Shattered Face, Humerus Injury, Broken : Fracture Chamber
  • Decisive rash, bed bug : Injection room
  • Animal Magnetism, Lycanthropy : Pest Control
  • Intestinal pain, verbal diarrhea : Pharmacy
  • Imperial Complex, Inflated Ego : Psychiatry
  • Shock Horror : Shock Clinic

Swimming Guide at Two Point Hospital

Flottering Hospital is the third hospital you will encounter in the first Two Point Hospital world. You will need Bullock’s Lower Star Level to unlock it. In Flottering, practice rooms are launched for the first time at Two Point Hospital.

Floating objectives will be based primarily on learning and using the training room. This guide will tell you everything about Flottering Hospital, including the best plan, star goals, staff training, and a walkthrough.

Hospital with two points, the best layout for flotation

Depending on the geographical location of the hospital you are building and its surroundings, the plan of each hospital will be slightly different. To make your life easier and to get a basic understanding of the layout, we have made the best layout for Flottering.

In the main building, which will be on the first lot, start by building a bench for the reception. Build two GP offices on the far left. Build General Diagnosis in the right corner of the building.

The first site will operate as a diagnostic center for patients, while the second site will operate as a staff training and pharmacy. Section 3 will operate as a clinic for specific diseases and a ward for patients. You can also add a dedicated diagnostic center for emergencies, such as the Clown Clinic.

Flying Star Targets **


1-star hospital


  • First, you need to train 3 employees with the training room.
  • Then you need to promote any 3 of the employees.


  • $10,000.
  • 100 Glory.
    • Lower Bullocks.
    • Mitton University.
    • Reception).
  • Clown poster.

2 star hospital


  • First, you need to train 6 employees with the training room.
  • Then you need to promote any 6 employees.
  • Also increase the level of the hospital to 9.


  • $20,000.
  • 150 Glory.
  • Degumorpher II.
  • Heart Racer 2.

3 star hospital


  • First, you need to train 10 employees with the training room.
  • Then you need to promote any 10 employees.
  • Also increase the level of the hospital to 12.
  • Keep the morale of the staff at a level of at least 75%.


  • $30,000.
  • 200 Glory.
  • Degumorpher III.
  • Racer of Hearts III.

Fleet Training Tips

You can start training your staff at Two Point Hospital, but first you need to reach level 3. To do this, you need to hire at least 7 staff.

We will start with the head physician, as he will be the face of the hospital. Consider adding soft skills such as bedside manners or emotional intelligence.

Now let’s move on to the recorder. Try to increase their emotionality and endurance. You can also train radiology and genetics doctors so that their experience is wide in all departments.

Let’s talk about the Wipers, who can be the weak link in the hospital staff. If you invest in them, they will pay off in the long run in terms of better performance.

Give them basic skills like stamina, emotional intelligence, mechanics, and maintenance. After that, the wipers will be able to solve all the basic problems, such as repairing broken items.

Flottering: how to manage staff morale

To boost the morale of your staff, make sure the hospital is very well looked after. It has vending machines for coffee and snacks for employees. Make sure they have a good staff room.

Increasing the break from 9 to 11 will also make doctors happy and boost their morale. Raising the prestige of all rooms to level 5 will also increase morale. Now very important. Pay your staff well.

Last. Make sure trash cans are available in all areas of the hospital to keep the hospital cleaner.

Flottering Walkthrough

The main thing you will encounter in Flottering are clowns. You will have to deal with many clowns as they will visit this hospital frequently. Start by creating a front desk.

When you build the Pharmacy, don’t forget to also build the Clown Clinic next to it. Build a big ward because you will also get a lot of unibrow patients. Remember to add at least two nurses to the room.

Over time, invest in a large diagnostic room, because Flottering will get a lot of critical illnesses. To cash in on all the clown related emergencies, build another clown clinic.

Animal crossing: new horizons

Guide to Two Point Hospital Flemington

Flemington is the third hospital you will find in the second world of the point-to-point hospital. To unlock this hospital, you need to reach the star level at Tumble and Mitton Universities.

In this guide to Two Point Hospital, you’ll find all the details you need to know about Flemington Hospital, such as its best plan, star goals, staff training tips, and a step-by-step guide.

Best Two Point Hospital Layout for Flemington

Each hospital has a different layout; some players want to customize it to their needs. But to make things a little easier for you, we’re just creating a Flemington layout that we think is the best.

Below you will find the best floor plan of Flemington at Tupoint Hospital.

in First Plot Hospitals, there will be an entrance and general practice rooms, as these are basic needs. Plot 2 can be set according to your needs. You can make an emergency here.

Plot 3 will be the diagnostic area where you will diagnose various illnesses and diseases. Use Lot 7 to create treatment rooms and large patient rooms.

You can make an administration building on the top of the map, and the area you leave can be used for a second diagnostic area to deal with emergencies and additional patients when needed.

You always have to go somewhere so that you can grow according to your needs.

Flemington Star Goals

1 star Goals

*Hospital cost $1,000,000
* Reputation 70%
* Heal 10 patients with animal magnetism
* Launch a marketing campaign


  • $10,000
  • Kudosh 100
  • Could
  • Meltdown
  • Cafe (Room)

2-star goals

  • Hospital cost $2,000,000
  • Reputation 80%

* Heal 20 patients in the fracture department
* Launch two marketing campaigns


  • $20,000
  • Kudosh 150

3-star goals

*Hospital Cost $5,000,000
* Reputation 90%
* Heal 30 patients in the injection room
* Launch 3 marketing campaigns


  • $30,000
  • Kudosh 200

Flemington Staff Training Tips

Training Staff is another mechanic in Two Point Hospital that is unlocked after reaching level 3. Now that you can train your staff, start with the receptionist first.

Be sure to upgrade his skills such as emotions, intelligence, and stamina. As a physician, you must combine skills such as general practice and diagnostics.

You can train a janitor to increase his skills such as mechanics, maintenance, endurance training, and emotional intelligence. They can repair cars and other things by increasing these skills.

The janitors are the backbone and you will need to invest in them to keep the hospital running smoothly.

You must take steps to reduce their workload. You can place fire extinguishers in the room where they are needed so they don’t have to run for a long time in an emergency.

Just upgrade the abilities of all the staff in the hospital when you have a chance to get the most out of them.

Flemington: how to manage staff morale

To manage the morale of your staff at Flemington Hospital, you must make sure they are happy. Even if you pay them a little less, you need to make sure you provide them with basic amenities.

You can provide them with a staff room where they can relax. The staff room should have benches, a flyer stand, a drinks machine, and a snack machine. While providing these amenities, make sure you also have trash cans nearby.

Not just for staff, make sure you have everything you need for patients. Because if the patients are unhappy, they will move to another hospital.

Raise the salary of employees whenever possible to make them happier.

Flemington Walkthrough

At Two Point Flemington, disaster awaits. However, some of the most common illnesses you will see include pandemic, animal magnetism, pseudo stardom, passion’s anatomy, rock bottom, and mood poisoning.

But given your goals, the strategy you’ll follow here is pretty simple. You will start with pest control research and will be required to launch a marketing campaign once it is completed.

You must click Disease Marketing and then select Animal Magnetism. This will help you with 3 goals that you must complete.

As you treat more patients, your reputation will grow and your marketing campaign will help you reach more patients suffering from Animal Magnetism Disease. The goals are not limited to just that.

They will also require you to increase the cost of the hospital. The value will continue to rise as the patient load increases, but you also need to be prepared for this.

Make sure you have enough staff to deal with patients every time. You will need to make sure that all staff are equipped with the desired skills, for example, the nurse must have the skills of separation, injection and treatment.

If nurses or doctors do not have these skills, you should start training them as part of your patient strategy. You can complete tasks even faster if you place pest control and diagnostic rooms on the same lot to reduce walking distance.

This way you can heal Animal Magnetism pretty quickly. Once this objective is completed, you can move this room to a healing site. It’s a great idea to place it where needed.


Two Point Hospital Tips

Part of the leadership of the Two Point hospital

Our leadership will provide some of the most useful tips for Two Point Hospital and give you some frequently overlooked, but useful information that guarantees that you will run a promising hospital as soon as possible.

Tips for Beginners on Two Point Hospital

For a game that sets you such a large-scale task as finding out how to manage several hospitals, management elements are certainly easier than you expect.

Nevertheless, there are many more that new players can miss, and to help them in the first few days in the game, here is our leadership for beginners.

Many players may not know which approach to choose for their hospital, which means that soon they will be in a difficult battle.

To make sure you got up from the right leg, pay attention to our tips and recommendations that are intended for this purpose. Let’s continue and see how to control the hospital.

Opening the hospital

At the beginning of the game, make sure that you have toilets, a staff room, a stand of registration and a general practitioner’s office. Be sure to decompose them in such a way that you can subsequently expand your hospital.

After that, you need to hire an assistant to a doctor and a janitor. The presence of all these foundations will allow you to act much slower and avoid hasty decisions.


Make sure that you have enough amenities, as they will help increase the rank of your hospital and provide a higher level of satisfaction with your patients.

Try to have several benches so that your patients can sit together with several garbage tanks to avoid accumulation of garbage on the floor and around the hospital.

Also, do not forget to add snack machines, leaflets and plants.

Especially you need to have vending machines. While your patients are in the hospital, they will ultimately get hungry and/or want to drink.

The presence of convenient vending machines will allow patients to get food, even if they stand in line to the doctor.

Use kudosh correctly

Kudosh is a currency that allows you to buy the best items from the list. You can spend Kudosh to unlock objects that are currently blocked.

These items are good in that you allow you to significantly increase your rating, and also guarantee that your disposal will be the best personnel.

Calls and Prestige

Make sure you are ready to solve problems as they occur. It can be something like emergency medical care or your employees who ask you to do something too persistently.

These challenges are good in that you can earn kudosh or earn on them along with an increase in reputation.

You may fail that it will be adversely, but the advantage is large enough for you to try as much as possible.

After you get Kudosh, increase the prestige of your hospital, using it to unlock posters and paintings. This will make the hospital more beautiful and attractive to patients.

expand accordingly

Although you may have a temptation to expand your room as soon as you have money, think if you need this place at the moment.

It makes no sense to build additional rooms that remain empty for most of the time, so make sure that you adhere to those rooms that you really need.

In addition, do not expand until you understand that you have no room for new rooms, since this money could be spent on better things elsewhere.

Follow the satisfaction of your patients and the reputation of the hospital

Each thing in your hospital will be constantly evaluated by each patient.

The better in the hospital treatment, purity, nutrition, etc., the more satisfied there will be patients.

This is an important mechanics in the game, because if your patients are very satisfied, this will increase their chances to recommend your hospital to a friend.

Satisfaction of patients and the reputation of your hospital go hand in hand, because it depends on how many new patients will come.

To improve your reputation, you can build new and modern offices and buildings; And finish all the tasks that your employees give you. You can also simply use a marketing strategy.

CULLOW THE new buildings correctly

As the game passes, the starting building will begin to crowded. At this stage, you will have to build new buildings.

At the same time, do not forget to use these buildings in such a way that they have a place for both treatment and diagnostics; Unlike one or another.

You also should not become too ambitious. Instead of simply building everything that is possible, and as soon as possible to fill out free space, start by creating things that you absolutely need; As an office of general practice, a reception room, a room for staff, toilets and a pharmacy.

Another thing that you need to keep in mind is not to make a room unreasonably large.

Try to make the rooms minimal size when it is possible. Pay attention to the planning of the hospital before building rooms so that you can plan where the corridors will be.


Career goals

Look at the upper right corner of the game to see your career goals. This is an important element of the game on which you should concentrate when you can.

Fulfillment of career goals will increase your hospital rating, bring you Kudosh money and glasses, and will also open new items for you.

pause and fast rewinding forward

If the hospital begins to go crazy for you, you can just put everything on a pause and take a breath.

This will allow you to keep abreast of your messages, problems, tasks, etc., and you can carefully assess the situation in your hospital.

On the other hand, if everything goes very smoothly, you can speed up time and cope with patients much faster.

Pay attention to the situation in the hospital

Constantly monitor what is happening in your hospital to find out what you need to add or improve.

For example, if you see a group of patients standing outside of some rooms, put a few chairs outside so that they can sit. If you see that garbage accumulates on the floor, put several garbage tanks to remove it.

You can use the icons on the Information tab to see how things are with attractiveness, temperature and hygiene in your hospital. This will help you assess the situation in the hospital.

You must also follow your employees to find out if you need them again. If you see that some rooms are empty and cars or tables are not used, this means that it is time to hire new employees.

Another thing you need to do is monitor the needs of your staff using the staff menu. If a good employee is dissatisfied with his salary, you should think about raising him.

Put your employees in the right place

The game allows you to make your employees work in a certain area, and not roam it.

You can do this by opening the Jobs tab in the Staff menu. If your employee has a high qualification for a certain role, assign it to work in this particular area.

This will increase the reputation of the hospital, improving the statistics of diagnosis and treatment.

_ This is all regarding our leadership for beginners in the Two Point hospital. Let us know if you have something to add using the section of comments below! _

take loans

Do not hesitate to get a loan. Loans will help you improve your hospital by increasing your income. Having received a larger income, you can return the loan and expand your hospital, which will help the development of your hospital.


The satisfaction and health of your employees should be your priority. Healthy staff means great performance. Start from scratch, which means that you invest in the wipers and increase their endurance. With greater endurance, your employees will work more productively, which will lead to an increase in income.

Invest in equipment

This advice is very useful. Investments in your equipment will help you get high-quality equipment, which will also help you attract more patients. In addition to investment in new equipment, you can also serve your equipment. Hospital equipment may become obsolete and fail.

Equipment maintenance will save your money. Instead of purchasing new equipment each time, you can serve your equipment in a timely manner and save total costs.


Nexon Foundation Gyeongnam Public Childrens Rehabilitation Hospital establishment Donate 10 billion won

[Kids News 24 Moon Young — Sew] The Nixon Foundation is another force to build a child rehabilitation hospital.

Nixon (Representative Lee Jong-un) has established a work agreement for Nixon Foundation (Lee Jeong-wook), Gyeongsangnam-do (DJ), Chang won City (Market Herbage, Hastily), Chang won City (Market Herbage), Chang won Gyeongsang National University Hospital (Hospital Lee Young Jun) I announced on the 22nd that it was agreed to donate the fund of suppliers.

The Wanna Nixon Childrens Rehabilitation Hospital, operated by Chang won Gyeongsang National University Hospital, is aimed at completion of 2024 as the first public childrens rehabilitation hospital in Gyeongsangnam-si, who is being established in Namsan-dong, Chang won City, Chang won City. The hospital is built on the basement of 7,888 square meters (about 2,386 pylons) on ​​the basement of the ground, the fourth floor of the ground, and has about 50 beds and various rehabilitation facilities.

The Nixon Foundation will donate a fund of 100 million won for about three years since 2022 for hospital construction. Donations are created with Nixon Korea Testing and Nixon Kim Jungles establishment of personal contributions.

Kim Jung Took Nixon Foundation, said, Nixon has been steadily participating in childrens rehabilitation and medical business based on deep interest in children and adolescents, he said, I have been steadily participating in the childrens rehabilitation and medical business, I told you to cooperate with multi-side.

New inpatient tower, research facilities part of expansion at Nationwide Children’s Hospital
The District Hospital, Nixon Childrens Rehabilitation Hospital, Konnam-Kwon, Gyeongsangnam-do, Konnyeongnam-Kwon, Nixon Childrens Rehabilitation Hospital will be a disabled child rehabilitation base for customized therapy and educational care, Nixon Foundation and Chang won, Chang won Gyeongsang Hospital We will try to help the hospital to build and operate steadily through cooperation.

Meanwhile, the Nixon Foundation donated 20 billion won for the establishment of 20 billion won for the construction of the Perfume Jae-won Nixon Childrens Rehabilitation Hospital, which is the first Childrens Rehabilitation Hospital, a domestic first child rehabilitation hospital in 2014, have.

In addition, in 2019 and 2020, the first child rehabilitation of childrens rehabilitation hospital, the first child rehabilitation specialist, Daemon Chung Nixon Childrens Rehabilitation Hospital, I was agreeing.