Domenico Tedesco before completion? Celebrity of RB Leipzig expresses itself

The criticism of Tedesco has actually come to be louder after the 0: 4 bankruptcy of the Saxons at Eintracht Frankfurt on Saturday evening.

You shouldn’t always wonder about everything simply because we had a few first problems. And also all of us find the coaching conversation extremely overstated anyhow, the 30-year-old told the kicker.

RB, which satisfies on Tuesday (9:00 p.m./ DAZN) at the start of the Champions Organization on Shachtar Donetsk, gathered only 5 points in the initial five Bundesliga video games as well as is the table elder.


National gamer Marcel Halstenberg considers the discussions about coach Domenico Tedesco to be unsuitable at Mug winner RB Leipzig.

In the area, it is already speculated that Tedesco should not permit itself any more defeat at the start of the premier class.

reports concerning ex-BVB coach Marco Rose

Halstenberg turned down uncertainties concerning Tedesco’s march course. We as a team adhere to the design of play that the train picked. We wish to have the ball, play and also dominate the opponent out the chances of racking up, he said.

He additionally directly shielded the coach. And also tactically it was fantastic of him, as he altered a lot after the modification of coach, placed the value on ownership of the ball as well as tried the group with a leading having fun design Reinforce.

A feasible follower is even brought into play with the previous Gladbacher and also previous BVB coach Marco Rose, that when educated sibling club RB Salzburg and also stays in Leipzig.


Breitenreiter speaks about area

Breitenreiter is currently celebrating his initial training camp in Kitzbühel as a TSG fitness instructor. Will he additionally go to the new Bundesliga period with this team? Probably questionable. We will certainly still search in main defense, revealed Breitenreiter in the revealed Breitenreiter interview. One will certainly not make transfers out of actionism.

Bavaria player Chris Richards, that ran for the Kraichgauer last season, can be a candidate for the setting. Most just recently, the revealed Breitenreiter had reported that a counter-business with David Raum would certainly be possible.

17. July 202205: 31 mins

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Nonetheless, he will not require a deadline for any area sales. I’m much from that, that doesn’t help, describes the instructor. I strongly presume that we will get a replacement if the very best player goes. Whether it can be comparable with this top quality, this concern does not occur.

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Breitenreiter is presently commemorating his first training camp in Kitzbühel as a TSG trainer. Will he likewise go to the brand-new Bundesliga period with this squad? We will still look in central protection, revealed Breitenreiter in the revealed Breitenreiter interview. If the nationwide gamer still leaves the TSG, however once more would certainly have to be improved in this position. If you provide up the best gamer, we will make sure that we obtain a gamer for this position, announced Breitenreiter.

_ Wherefore sort of football he stands, just how he intends to repair the defensive troubles and when he ends up being unpleasant, Breitenreiter clarifies in the thorough revealed Breitenreiter interview now in the present Monday concern or conveniently available in the emagazine. _

If the nationwide player still leaves the TSG, however once more would certainly have to be boosted in this placement. If you surrender the best gamer, we will ensure that we get a player for this position, revealed Breitenreiter. No Matter Robert Skov or Marco John, we desire to load the work again.


Roses: a joke! Almost poured away, these goals conceded

All a question of perspective. After all, the table of the previous year will definitely cut off better this time. On the final day of the game in Gladbach, it is still a matter of claiming to the one counter worse Mainzern (against Frankfurt). “In the end we are where we obviously belong,” says Alexander Rosen, “this is nothing serious bad, but the situation after two thirds of the season was completely different.”

In view of the missed chances, melancholy sounds to qualify for the European Cup for the fourth time in the club’s history. “We have overtrew two thirds of the season,” recalls Hoffenheim’s manager, when the TSG was even on course premier class, “and we designed a third with a serious sub -performance. This is not a drama, but we have the chance we had left behind.”

I clearly say – that’s not enough for me.

Alexander Rosen

Wonders why. “We have to state that we don’t manage to get the staff who would actually be there,” said coach Sebastian Hoeneß, a cause, “we have the three, four of them until the Freiburg game seven times in a row – or have to change chain of five. It is about automatisms and security and quality players who regularly stand on the pitch. But we also have to look closely in other areas. “

To clarify which failures inevitable and which were more homemade. Competitive accidents cannot be prevented in this intensive contact sport. But whether a pattern behind the most recent muscular injuries, the unusually long rehabilitation sides and so many relapse is on the way back, they want to and have to work in the Kraichgau meticulously.

“We are already in a process. We have to turn every stone around to improve in this area,” the 39-year-old revealed to the medical department of the TSG. But many Corona infection also disturbed the operating sequence, as did the extraordinarily large number of yellow cards, which were unnecessary to a large extent, but now produced a total of eleven locks.

That is why Rosen also accepts the professionals. “There must be reasons why the players break away. I definitely have some questions,” said the manager, “the players should question themselves. You have to question whether they are the right players, whether they are physical. Why is it that you have two thirds of the season and not in the last third. There are open questions that urgently need to be clarified critically, I clearly say that – that’s not enough for me. “

fifth best offensive, but fifth worst defensive

Dad Joke of the Day - Riddle Me This

There is also a need for discussion in terms of defense behavior and quality. Finally, with 57 goals so far, the TSG represents the fifth best offensive, but at the same time with 55 goals the fifth worm defensive. The last two home games rang eight times against Freiburg (3: 4) and now against Leverkusen (2: 4). “It’s just too much, then it is not enough to attack higher things,” sums up Hoeneß.

08. May 202206: 15 minutes

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“We need an upgrade,” explains Rosen, “we have such players like Benni Hübner. The question arises, he can do it again? He has impressively proven it in these five or six games.” But then the captain, who had previously been missing one and a half years, failed again. Ermin Bicakcic is now missing almost two complete seasons. Of course, a cruciate ligament tear is not a trivial, but two seasons? And we are already back at the entrance topic – the TSG has a lot to clarify this summer.


FC Bayern | Lewandowski: From this transfer a Trenunng is possible

Despite all the qualifications, the future of Robert Lewandowski at FC Bayern is currently on shaky feet. From the artist “Kicker” now even a financial pain limit was revealed, from which the Munich would have the world footballer probably.

In official opinions, FC Bayern Munich’s responsible for President Herbert Hainer, Lewandowski Lewandowskiboss Hasan Salihamidzic and Board Oliver Kahn continues to voice that the club wants to extend the cooperation with Robert Lewandowski beyond the current end of the contract 2023. But behind the scenes apparently moves a lot.

According to information from the “Kicker”, FC Bayern has already determined a repellent, which would be necessary to detach the 33-year-old in summer. According to the report, this is “40 million euros upwards”, a club is ready to pay this sum, be a separation “possible”.

Most recently, FC Barcelona had been linked intensively to Lewandowski. In particular, Polish media overlooked with reports.

From a transfer of 50 to 60 million euros, the speech was, a salary of allegedly 35 to 40 million euros per year was in the room, garnished with a multi-year contract. Accordingly, the striker should have already filed the desire for change even with the Club-Upper.

FC Bayern rejects Lewandowski wishes

How much truth is in the rumors from Poland is hard to say. It is possible, however, that Lewandowski could attract the much higher salary, which allegedly offers him Barca, just like the prospect of a pension contract. Because according to “Kicker” the FC Bayern does not want to increase the current salary of the attacker by no means more.

More about this: These scenarios are in poker around Robert Lewandowski

Lewandowski should already collect up to 25 million euros. This clearly reaches a limit for the Munich.

Man Utd dealt Robert Lewandowski transfer blow after Julian Nagelsmann message
Lewandowski, who is 34 years old in August, apparently calls for a contract in the negotiations, which is extended beyond 2023 by more than two years. This refuses to “kicker” info as well. What effects that has on the decision of the Polish national player is open.

Bavaria President Hainer finally declared that they do not let himself drive on Lewandowski’s future. In the near future, a second conversation is scheduled.


Three FSV away matches in a row: Augsburg

Mainz remain in relegation zone after 1-0 defeat to Augsburg | ESPN FC Bundesliga Highlights
As the DFL has communicated on Monday afternoon, the tagged match will be made on Wednesday, April 6, at 18.30 (Live! At Mainz). For the FCA, this means an English week with home games against Wolfsburg (April 3) and Mainz (April 6) and the away game at FC Bayern (April 9). Mainz expect three away matches in a row at the exact same period: in Gladbach (3rd of April), in Augsburg (April 6) and in Cologne (April 9). The game between the FCA and FSV had not been able to be played as planned last Saturday in the course of the 26th matchday, since Mainz did not have the minimum number of players necessary after the DFL gaming order as a result of positive corona findings.


Nube Future at FC Bayern depends on Manuel new

At the AS Monaco, Alexander Nübel wants to recommend FC Bayern for a regular place. Whether the former goalkeeper of FC Schalke will get this opportunity in Munich, but still stands in the stars.

After a few start-up difficulties in the jersey of the AS Monaco, Alexander Nubel is now much better for Alexander Nübel in the Principality. The goalkeeper has long since established itself as number one and shows constant strong achievements.

This is not hidden from FC Bayern responsible. Therefore, according to “Kicker” they continue to be firmly with the return of the 25-year-old to Munich.

Whether nübel at the German record champion would get a realistic chance on bets, but is on another leaf. At Place Hirsch Manuel new the former Schalker will not come by for the time being. And that the era new will continue for a long time in Munich, Executive Board Oliver Kahn announced this week.

Does Nübel have a future at FC Bayern?

Although the bosses of the record champion, according to the “kicker”, wish a goalkeeper pairing new / nubel, the prospects are “minimal”, as it is said. The reason: FC Bayern will hardly offer the two keetters a model that both are satisfied with. Newly wants to always play, Nübel at least regularly. This is difficult to unite.

If manuel new a career end in Munich, it is likely to go out for a sale of nubels. This is “probably” in this case, especially since Nübel needs game practice, which he will not get behind later.

This is Manuel Neuer the GOATKEEPER

If FC Bayern actually decide for a sale of Nübel after the end of Monaco lending in the summer of 2023, the record champion should hardly have any problems to find a customer. Tottenham Hotspur should already be interested, the “kicker” writes. And if Nübel repeat his recently shown, other well-known clubs will soon be noisy.


Koschinat wants to put needlestiches from good okay

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On Friday, the 1st FC Saarbrücken receives the SV Wehen Wiesbaden in the sold-out Ludwigsparkstadion (live! From 19 clock at Kicker). Offensive man Minos Gouras is so far with three hits top scorer of his team. Also last week he was able to achieve the late balancing stator in Würzburg (1: 1), now he still puts on the Saarbrücken backdrop. In Würzburg we could not get the optimal performance, we were a bit tired after the hard English week and the game against Magdeburg. This will be different tomorrow, we are full there and the fans will carry us, the 23- Year-old cited on the club website.

FCS coach Uwe Koschinat classifies the SVWW as an absolute top team, although the Hesse is two table sites behind its eleven. The Wiesbadener Team would have made up to the 2: 4 defeat against Magdeburg, especially with its effectiveness, could decide games late and always refill from the bank. The team wool always win and go to three points in Saarbrücken. Koschinats elf had to put needlesticks from a good order again and again. Wiesbaden has a qualitatively good team with a huge width in the squad. But you also have one or the other approach where you are vulnerable. Our goal is to get three points.

The 1st FC Saarbrücken will be missing the long-term Sebastian Jacob, Maurice Deville, which is currently running for the Luxembourg national team, as well as Dennis Erdmann suffering from a knobby. The DFB Sports Court has also blocked the 30-year-old for racism allegations as part of the 1st FC Magdeburg for a game. However, the negotiation and the final decision were postponed.