Seattle SOUNDERS Hope Open

The Uruguayer Nicolas Lodeiro has retained the Seattle Sunders with a very late goal from a defeat in the first leg of the final of the Concacaf Champions League.
In the ninth minute of stoppage time, the 33-year-old scored 2-2 (0: 1) final score at the Mexican club Pumas Unam, and Lodeiro had already scored the connection goal (77th).
The video evidence was used both times.
Previously, the Mexicans took the lead 2-0 with two goals from Juan Ignacio Dinenno (38./Elfmeter, 48th).

PUMAS vs. SEATTLE SOUNDERS | 2022 Concacaf Champions League FINAL, Leg 1 (???? only)

The second leg increases on May 3rd.
The SUNDERS still have the chance to win the title of the Champions of North America, Central America and the Caribbean since 2000.