Malaika Mihambo: A set with exclamation marks!

Long jump Olympic champion Malaika Mihambo started the World Cup season with a thick exclamation mark. The competition can only be amazed.

Did Malaika Mihambo fly or jump!? That is the question ????☄️ #DiamondLeague????
Birmingham/Cologne (SID) You could take it easy. European champion. World champion. Olympic champion. What else should come? But Malaika Mihambo is just getting going, after her flight to 7.09 m in the first long jump competition of the World Cup season, she said at Sky: “I really feel like never before. I think there is definitely Even more. “

These sentences had to sound like a threat in the ears of their extensive competitors. Had they hoped that Mihambo loses a bit after all the titles of the past few years, they deeply disappointed the meeting of the Diamond League in Birmingham.

7.09 m! A sentence with an exclamation mark. Nine centimeters further than with her dramatic Olympic victory in Tokyo last summer and the sign that the gold medals at the World Cup in Eugene/Oregon (July 15th to 24th) and the European Championship in Munich (August 15 to 21) actually only can go to Mihambo.

Because: The 28-year-old also apparently got her problems with the attempt. If she was far over last season, or gave away many centimeters on the board, the timing was back in Birmingham. “Now it feels like I was in a good mood as in 2019 when I could dominate,” said Mihambo. Another sentence with exclamation mark.

Malaika Mihambo: sentence lets the competition tremble

And a sentence that makes her competitors tremble. European European champion Maryna Bech-Romantschuk from Ukraine (6.66) and indoor world champion Ivana Vuleta from Serbia (6.54) jumped afterwards. Mihambo, on the other hand, continues at the time of the season than in 2019 when she showed her most jumps to the DM in Berlin (7.16) and the World Cup in Doha (7.30).

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How far can the season highlights go this year? Heike Drechsler’s German record is 7.48 m, the world record of Galina Tschistjakowa at 7.52 m – not even far away for Malaika Mihambo. There is always more “still in” than when you start your season.


Sportsman of the year 2021 the choice

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Sportswoman of the Year

1. Malika Mambo (Leichtathetik) — 1845 points
2 . Aline Rotter Jibs (rings) — 942
3 . Ricardo radio (canoe) — 686

Mubadala World Tennis Championship 2021 Trophy by LASVIT
4 . Jessica von Bredow-Werndl (Dressage) — 680
5 . Lisa Brenner (cycling) — 574
6 . Isabel Worth (Dressage) — 436
7 . Julia Krajewski (Eventing) — 226
8th. Sarah Kohler (swimming) — 218
9 . Emma Hinge (cycling) — 217
10 . Heisenberg (sledding) — 185

Sportsman of the year

1. Alexander Zeal (Tennis) — 1739 points
2 . Florian Cellblock (swimming) — 1198
3 . Karl Geiger (ski jumping) — 729
4 . Dimitri Ovtcharov (table tennis) — 644
5 . Boris Herrmann (sailing) — 609
6 . Time Boll (table tennis) — 553
7 . Frank Stabler (rings) — 408
8th. Markus REM (Para-Sports / Athletics) — 214
9 . Luke Mauser (gymnastics) — 171
10 . Johannes Better (athletics) — 140

Team of the Year

1. Wheel-four women (cycling) — 1,434 points
2 . Dressage team (Dressage) — 875
3 . Table tennis team men (table tennis) — 719
4 . Ski jumping national team men (ski jumping) — 625
5 . Bob team Francesco Friedrich (Bob) — 579
6 . SC Magdeburg (handball) — 542
7 . Kayak K4 500 m men (canoe) — 392
8th. Bayern Munich Men (football) — 361
9 . Germany-eight (rowing) — 275
10 . Ski Team Mixed (ski jumping) — 249