FC Bayern | Chose with one voice: new agreement for Hasan Salihamidzic

Salihamidzic thanks for the trust fund of FC Bayern.


Hasan Salihamidžić, given that he was in charge of FC Bayern, did superb work. Salihamidzic provides every little thing 24 hours a day for FC Bayern He stands for FC Bayern-Gen, for connection and for titles.

Hasan Salihamidzic and also FC Bayern Munich have increased their teamwork until 2026. The Munich Supervisory Board with one voice determined at its meeting on Monday, the club said. Head Of State Herbert Hainer had actually recommended the procedure.

The 45-year-old Salihamidzic said thanks to the board for the trust of the committee. I constantly stated it: I love FC Bayern, Munich is my residence. I am extremely happy that we can continue our excellent and also, because of this, solid cooperation until 2026.

FC Bayern Munich equips Boards director Hasan Salihamidzic with a new contract. This was announced by the German document champions on Monday evening. The Bild newspaper had formerly reported an expansion.

Salihamidzic has actually always been openly slammed for transfers. The purchases of Sadio Mané (FC Liverpool), Noussair Mazraoui as well as Ryan Gravenberch (both Ajax Amsterdam) and Matthijs de Ligt (Juventus Turin) lately obtained a great deal of recognition for the season that has actually simply started.

The Supervisory Board is convinced that he will likewise efficiently form the showing off future of the German document champion with each other with his board colleagues in the coming years, said Hainer.

Hainer had currently claimed in July that the Munichers intended to extend with Salihamidzic. The previous Bayern professional ended up being Boards supervisor in 2017, as well as in the summertime of 2020 it was after that advertised to the board. This was related to a new agreement up until completion of June 2023.

FC Bayern Munich equips Boards director Hasan Salihamidzic with a brand-new agreement. Hasan Salihamidzic as well as FC Bayern Munich have actually increased their cooperation up until 2026. I always stated it: I love FC Bayern, Munich is my residence.


Third organization: 1860 Munich wins versus Halle and also combined table leadership

5th video game, 5th victory: 1860 Munich marches ahead in the third football league. The team of train Michael Köllner enhanced the top of the table with a 3: 1 (1: 0) against Halleschen FC. Martin Kobylanski (34th), Yannick Deichmann (61.) as well as Joseph Boyamba (79th, charge) satisfied for the lions. Andor Bolyki (74th) had in the meantime reduced.

TSV 1860 Munich vs. Hallescher FC-3: 1 (1: 0).


Gates .

The only drawback was the red card for Tim Rieder (56th, crude foul game). Tunay Deniz saw the traffic signal card (27th, repetitive nasty). For Halle it was the fourth defeat in the fifth video game (one triumph).

1: 0 Kobylanski (34th), 2: 0 Deichmann (61. ), 2: 1 Bolyki (74. ), 3: 1 Boyamba (79. ).

40.: Five mins are still on the clock in the very first round. Will it be dangerous again in front of among the two goals?

74.: Tooor for Hallescher FC, 2-1 by Andor Bolyki connection objective for the HFC! After a wonderful change of sides, Timur Gayret gets the ball on the best wing. He crosses the butter-soft into the center of the fine area, where Andor Bolyki is proper and headed. .

17.: Yellow card for Tunay Deniz (Hallescher FC) On the various other side, Tunay Deniz gets the yellow card for a tactical foul.

85.: yellow card for Albion Vrenezi (TSV 1860 Munich).

63.: replacement at Hallescher FC: Sebastian Müller, Based On Hallescher FC: Andor Bolyki.

83.: replacement at Hallescher FC: Leon Damer, Topic to Hallescher FC: Tom Bierschenk.

27.: yellow-red card for Tunay Deniz (Hallescher FC). Bitter for the Hallescher FC!

Before the beginning: |* Welcome to the 3rd division on matchday 5! TSV 1860 Munich is dealing with Halleschen FC today.

22.: Generally, the experience has little highlights to use. The TSV makes the far better video game, but hardly ever involves clear possibilities. The visitors do their work on the protective as well as rarely enable anything.

49.: yellow card for Jannes Vollert (Hallescher FC). On the left edge of the fine area outside the charge area, Erik Tallig is gotten rid of by Jannes Vollert. He deserves the yellow card.

Before the beginning: |* The game begins at 7 p.m. The stadium on Grünwalder Strasse in Munich acts as a place.

43.: Yellow card for Martin Kobylanski (TSV 1860 Munich). Martin Kobylanski draws to Tom Zimmerschied, that then fell. He sees the 3rd yellow card for the lions in this game.

45.: Authorities stoppage time (mins): 3.

Yellow cards .

5.: The TSV continues to relocate into the opposing half. Nearly all gamers are behind the facility line. Nonetheless, the HFC defensive is still good and also does not allow the opponent penetrate the last third.

69.: Yellow card for Michael Köllner (TSV 1860 Munich).

Red cards .

31.: The best method to play! A corner kick by Martin Kobylanski gets to Meris Skenderovic 7 meters before the goal. He shuts straight from a brief distance, however Felix Gebhardt prevents the objective with a solid reflex.

46.: it goes on.

90.: great ceremony! 60.: ** Tooor for TSV 1860 Munich, 2-0 by Yannick Deichmann is the thing! Square | Group | Sp. | S | U | N | Tore | Diff. | Pts.

Square Group Sp. S U N Tore Diff. Pts.
1 TSV 1860 Munich 4 4 0 0 10: 3 7 12.
2 FC Ingolstadt 04 4 3 1 0 6: 0 6 10.
3 1. FC Saarbrücken 4 3 1 0 4: 0 4 10.
4 SV 07 Elversberg 4 3 0 1 13: 5 8 9.
5 Viktoria Perfume 4 3 0 1 8: 5 3 9.
6 SV Wehen Wiesbaden 4 2 1 1 10: 4 6 7.
7 SV Meppen 4 2 1 1 10: 7 3 7.
8 MSV Duisburg 4 2 1 1 6: 4 2 7.
9 SC Freiburg II 4 2 1 1 5: 4 1 7.
10 Waldhof Mannheim 4 2 1 1 8: 9 -1 7.
11 Dynamo Dresden 4 2 0 2 8: 6 2 6.
12 VfL Osnabrück 4 1 1 2 2: 3 -1 4.
13 Borussia Dortmund II 4 1 1 2 2: 6 -4 4.
14 Hallescher FC 4 1 0 3 4: 7 -3 3.
15 SpVgg Bayreuth 4 1 0 3 2: 6 -4 3.
16 FSV Zwickau 4 1 0 3 3: 11 -8 3.
17 Erzgebirge Aue 4 0 2 2 3: 8 -5 2.
18 VfB Oldenburg 4 0 1 3 3: 7 -4 1.
19 SC Verl 4 0 1 3 2: 6 -4 1.
20 Consuming red-white 4 0 1 3 4: 12 -8 1.

79.: Tooor for TSV 1860 Munich, 3-1 by Joseph Boyamba Sits the fine! With a rich shot into the right corner of the objective, Joseph Boyamba transforms from the factor to 3: 1.

90. Playing! .

25.: Only two meters to the right of the penalty location, the residence side are granted a totally free kick. Martin Kobylanski is irritating a cross, but Erik Tallig attempts it with the straight end. Without the Felix Gebhardt, the natural leather flies over package.

11.: Great opportunity for the hosts! Christopher Lannert locates with a cross from the best side of Meris Skenderovic. It only misses eviction by a meter.

60.: Tooor for TSV 1860 Munich, 2-0 by Yannick Deichmann is the thing! With a magical ticket, Joseph Boyamba stages Yannick Deichmann in the left fifty percent of the penalty area. .

34.: Tooor for TSV 1860 Munich, 1-0 by Martin Kobylanski. In the left fifty percent of the charge area, Stefan Lex obtains the leather and areas straight on Martin Kobylanski. .

9.: In straight return, the TSV counters. Yannick Deichmann drives the natural leather throughout the opposing fifty percent.

Prior to the start: Four video games, four Sieges-so is the record of TSV 1860 Munich at the start of the period. As the only 3rd division club, the Munich can claim that they have not yet left a single point, which is why they lead the table. The challenger from Halle, on the other hand, has actually only been able to win one game.

15.: Yellow card for Christopher Lannert (TSV 1860 Munich). Christopher Lannert brings Tom Zimmerschied down in the rapid run. For this he sees the first yellow card of the game.

Lannert (15th), Skenderovic (38. ), Kobylanski (43. ), Köllner (69. ), Lex (76. ), Vrenezi (85. ), Moll (89.)/ Deniz (17th), Samson (28. ), Vollert (49. ), Damer (66. ), Löder (71. ).

66.: Yellow card for Leon Damer (Hallescher FC).

TSV 1860 Munich vs. Hallescher FC: 3. Organization now in the online ticker.

1.: The ball rolls.

89.: Yellow card for Quirin Moll (TSV 1860 Munich).

35.: surpass, behind. How does the Hallecher FC react to the previous few minutes?

63.: substitute at Hallescher FC: Aaron Herzog, Based On Hallescher FC: Elias Löder.

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* All 380 video games of the third league live at MagentaSport-Schhin in the seminar.

76.: Yellow card for Stefan Lex (TSV 1860 Munich).

Hiller-Lannert, Morgalla, Verlaat, Tallig (71. Moll)- rieder, Greilinger, Y. Deichmann, Kobylanski (46. Boyamba), Lex-Skenderovic (46th Lakenmacher).

46.: replacement at TSV 1860 Munich: Meris Skenderovic, Based On TSV 1860 Munich: Fynn Lakenmacher.

45.: late first fifty percent.

64.: replacement at TSV 1860 Munich: Erik Tallig, Subject to TSV 1860 Munich: Quirin Moll.

Detailing Hallescher FC .

To broadcast 1860 Munich vs. Hallescher FC todaymagenta Sportand alsoOnefootball.While you need a paid registration formagena Sporting activity _, which starts at 6.30 p.m. Euro.

3. Organization: The table prior to the fifth matchday.

| Gebhardt-Deniz, Vollert, Reddemann, Hug-Damer (83rd Bierschenk), Herzog (63. Löder), Landgrave, Zimmerschied-Müller (63rd Bolyki), GayRet.

Half-time conclusion: After the very first 45 mins, TSV 1860 Munich leads 1-0 against Hallescher FC. In the 27th minute there was a transforming factor: After two fouls, umpires Steven Greif placed the Halle Tunay Deniz from the square with the yellow-red card. For the Hallescher FC it will currently be truly tough to take something from the Bavarian funding.

38.: Yellow card for Meris Skenderovic (TSV 1860 Munich) for an elbow usage against Sören Reddemann, the TSV demonstrator is cautioned.

List TSV 1860 Munich .

46.: It enters into the 2nd round. The guests come out of the cabin the same. There are two employees modifications in the home group.
| 1860 Munich: Hiller-Lannert, Morgalla, Verlaat, Tallig-Rieder, Greilinger, Y. Deichmann, Kobylanski, Lex-Skenderovic.| Hallescher FC: Gebhardt-Deniz, Vollert, Reddemann, Hug-Damer, Herzog, Landgraf, Zimmerschied-Müller, Gayret.

TSV 1860 Munich vs. Hallescher FC, third league: Official lists.

19.: From the left an edge kick flies up right into the HFC fine space. The round comes to Stefan Lex by means of Leandro Morgalla and Yannick Deichmann. He heads from 5 meters just over it.

90.: fantastic parade! A targeted cross from Tom Zimmerschied discovers centrally before the goal Andor Bolyki. It decides from six meters, but with a solid reflex, Marco Hiller directs the sphere over the bar.

71.: Yellow card for Elias Löder (Hallescher FC) Elias Löder sees the following yellow card after climbing up Quirin Moll on the foot.

72.: The mood in the stadium is warmed up. With every nasty, a yellow card is noisally challenged by the ranks.

12.: There is the first possibility for Halle: After initial work by Leon Damer, Sebastian Müller does not head as well far over the bar.

Rieder (55.)/ Deniz (27th).

TSV 1860 Munich vs. Hallescher FC: 3. League today on television as well as Livestream.

46.: replacement at TSV 1860 Munich: Martin Kobylanski, replacement at TSV 1860 Munich: Joseph Boyamba.

TSV 1860 Munich vs. Hallescher FC: 3. League now in the online ticker for reviewing 3: 1 (1: 0) .

55.: Red card for Tim Rieder (TSV 1860 Munich). In the variety of gamers, once more, Tim Rieder needs to shower prematurely after a tackle with an open sole versus Timur Gayret.

3.: At the beginning of the game, the round runs via the proprietors’ very own rankings. In onward activity, the Köllner group just comes gradually. The guests make the areas in the middle of the field well.

TSV 1860 Munich vs. Hallescher FC: third league now in LiveTicker-Tor 1860 Munich.

8.: For the very first time, Halle dawns in half of the lions. Tom Zimmerschied highly asserts the round in the left half field. His adjustment of sides finds Aaron Herzog, who is stopped at the fine area.

78.: yellow card for Felix Gebhardt (Hallescher FC) The snapper damages his rage as well as is advised.

28.: yellow card for Louis Samson (Hallescher FC). Explacer Louis Samson gets in the yard to whine regarding the referee. He grabs the yellow box for this.

56.: does the termination brings Halle back right into play?

78.: charge for the TSV! Joseph Boyamba relocates from right into the fine location. With a tackle, Tom Zimmerschied takes a full threat to quit the challenger. He strikes the sphere, but also Boyamba. Referee Steven Greif instantly aims to the point.

51.: Stefan Lex targets at the brief left article when the free kick due. There Jesper is lasting, who misses out on the possibility to complete the objective.


Klosterhalfen fights and battles

Konstanze Klosterhalfen missed a medal over 10,000 m in the house in Munich. There was likewise no German medal in the shot placed.

Klosterhalfen now feels so solid after Corona that she even dares to start a dual start in Munich, on Thursday the final over 5000 m is still on the program. I’ve constantly intended to try a double beginning. A great time is now in front of a house background, she claimed. Maybe the desire for a residence medal will certainly come true.

I had visualized it a little in different ways, claimed Klosterhalfen inZDF _: That is why there is also a piece of dissatisfaction. Regrettably, I could not go with the speed honing.

I am usually in a far better situation than prior to the World Cup, where I also had to take a training break once more, said Klosterhalfen ahead of time: It will be hard and also demanding. I hope that I can leave with a smile.

Perhaps the Corona condition had set you back the Klosterhalfen also much stamina for a medal, at the end of June she had actually infected as well as at the World Cup in Eugene, she had actually currently left over 5000 m ahead of time. Yet the German record owner had just recently felt an initiation in training, the form obtained better again, at the Ruby League conference in Chorzow a week ago she encouraged over 3000 m as well as gathered self-confidence for Munich. It had not been enough for the front.


Konstanze Klosterhalfen combated, she provided everything-and dragged herself 10,000 m as well as 31: 05.21 mins at the residence European Championship in Munich as thankless 4 to the coating. The German river was well in the race for a long time, however after a pace developing by the brand-new European champion Yasemin Can from Turkey, Klosterhalfen had nothing to do. Eilish McColgan from Great Britain and Lonah Chemtai Salpeter from Israel landed in front of the Leverkusen female.

Klosterhalfen originally behaved tactically, constantly in lurk setting, never ever in the front of the wind. 7 laps prior to the end, the 25-year-old had to have actually Canister torn down after the strike, after an additional round she was over 30 meters behind. As well as so the desire for a medal Dahoam was imagined. Nonetheless, she revealed a strong performance and also simply remained just above her German document.

Kugel: Gambetta Fifth-Gutes DLV result

The various other two German throwers made the leap into the final battle as well as rounded off the solid result for the German Sports Association (DLV). Julia Ritter (Wattenscheid) was available in 6th (18.29 ), Katharina Maisch (LV Erzgebirge) ended up being 8th (18.01 ).

In the men, Simon Bayer (Sindelfingen) missed out on the last battle with 19.83 m as eleventh. Gold mosted likely to the Croatian Filip Mihaljevic (21.88) in advance of Armin Sinancevic (Serbia/21.39) and European interior European champ Tomas Stanek from the Czech Republic (21.26 ).

Gambetta, which had missed the World Cup in Eugene as a result of a Corona infection, was missing 46 centimeters of the Dutchman Jorinde van Klinken (18.94) on the bronze. Silver mosted likely to Hallen world champ Auriol Dongmo from Portugal with 19.82 m.

Christina Schwanitz won the last DLV medal until now in 2018 with silver, as well as the ex-world champion has now ended her occupation.

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Konstanze Klosterhalfen fought, she offered everything-and dragged herself 10,000 m and also 31: 05.21 mins at the home European Championship in Munich as ungrateful four to the coating. The German river was well in the race for a long time, but after a pace sharpening by the brand-new European champion Yasemin Can from Turkey, Klosterhalfen had nothing to do. And so the dream of a medal Dahoam was fantasized of. Possibly the Corona disease had actually set you back the Klosterhalfen as well much strength for a medal, at the end of June she had actually contaminated as well as at the World Cup in Eugene, she had actually currently left over 5000 m in breakthrough. Possibly the dream of a house medal will certainly come real.

The German shot puters missed the medal rates at the residence European Championships in Munich. Sara Gambetta (Halle/Saale) took a great fifth put on Monday evening in the Olympic Stadium as the very best German with 18.48 m. Gold protected the Dutch top preferred Jessica indications, who established a European yearly performance with 20.24 m.


Krämer over penalty

SV Meppen kept up a minimum of 28 minutes against 1860 Munich. After that Martin Kobylanski scored the Löwen lead and not only offered his daddy an unique gift, but additionally damaged the will of the Emsländer.

In the second fifty percent, the SVM came up again and came to be a little braver once more. We had our finest stage quickly prior to we collect the 0: 2, stated coach Stefan Krämer at Magentasport- then the following essential scene adhered to. Shortly before (before the 0: 2; editor’s note) we can get a clear penalty, possibly we even need to get it. After a vast throw-in, Jesper Verlaat in the Löwen penal area jumped the round on his hand, referee Benjamin Brand continued (51. ). However it’s all right, often it is, Krämer said a little conciliatory.

3rd as well as second objective the last sticking point

In the final phase, the SVM had little to oppose. For Krämer no large miracle that we can not maintain up with 1860 Munich.

We had our best phase quickly before we collect the 0: 2, said coach Stefan Krämer at Magentasport- then the next key scene complied with. After a wide throw-in, Jesper Verlaat in the Löwen penal room leapt the ball on his hand, referee Benjamin Brand name continued (51. ). For Krämer no large wonder that we can not maintain up with 1860 Munich.

Even if the Meppeners are encountering a long journey house after the 0: 4 at the end, a great deal of time to mourn, still does not stay. Rather, regeneration and also learning gets on the plan, because on Sunday (1 p.m.) the SVM with Waldhof Mannheim has the following top-class before the bust and then we have to do much better.


Nevertheless, the campaign was a clear handball for the trainer, even if he really did not recognize whether a feasible payment would certainly have provided the video game a various balance. What Krämer knew was that if we don’t obtain the second and also specifically the third goal so promptly in a row, I believe that we can obtain right into play once more.


FC Bayern: Is Lewandowski before his last training session?

As things stand today, the clear response is: Yes! Everything suggests that the 33-year-old will certainly proceed to act professionally in spite of his unconditional wish to alter as well as will complete a group training session with Bayern Munich for the very first time given that the summer season break under head coach Julian Nagelsmann.

According to a Skies record, the training session, in which the German champions will certainly educate once again for the very first time with all the star players around the latecomers Robert Lewandowski, Manuel Neuer, Leroy Sané, Lucas Hernández and also Co., is scheduled for 10 a.m

. As the broadcaster takes place to claim, the Polish super star should then also get on the training school on Säbener Straße and also potentially have his last unit for the Munich group.

Lewandowski can currently only plan from eventually to the next, after all FC Barcelona is evidently still constantly trying behind-the-scenes to ultimately attain a breakthrough in regards to summertime transfers.

Robert Lewandowski did not go on strike from the dates he was given for the performance and medical check at FC Bayern on Tuesday in order to compel his action to FC Barcelona. Will the globe footballer additionally be on the Munich training ground on Wednesday?

Lewandowski has bid farewell to nobody from FC Bayern

According to constant media records from Spain as well as Germany, the Catalans’ deal is moving towards a fixed transfer cost of at the very least 50 million euros. This mark is the minimal amount for Bayern to even seriously think about marketing Lewandowski this summertime.

Extra: Is Lewandowski moving today?


What must additionally make both the Bayern as well as Barca employers favorable: As usual, Lewandowski convinced with top worths in the Julian Nagelsmanning activities clinical examinations and remains in good physical problem.

Throughout the obligatory Julian Nagelsmanning activities medical exams in a Munich hospital as well as on the club properties, to which Lewandowski increased and down in 3 various automobiles, it did not look like a final goodbye on Tuesday.

Robert Lewandowski did not go on strike from the days he was offered for the performance as well as medical check at FC Bayern on Tuesday in order to require his move to FC Barcelona. There was speculation regarding this in different media in development. Will the globe footballer also be on the Munich training ground on Wednesday?

According to Sky information, the two-time globe footballer has never ever said goodbye to anybody, neither to club staff members nor to teammates. On top of that, he is stated to have actually revealed himself to be extremely affable total in efficiency diagnostics.

It will certainly currently be made a decision daily exactly how commonly he can demonstrate this constitution in Bayern dress.


FC Bayern evidently warm on Juwel Adam Aznou from FC Barcelona

The specialist’s contract, which some already see in Spain as the successor to Jordi Alba, ends this summer, evidently the German document champion is calling on the scene.

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Adam Aznou, U16 international Spain and also defender at FC Barcelona, is apparently located on the radar of FC Bayern Munich. This reports themundo Deportivo _.

In Munich, Aznou would originally be planned for the youth groups. At the end of May, Bundesliga competitor Borussia Dortmund additionally had an eye on the protector. Currently Aznou is most likely relocating to Bavaria.

According to the Spanish sports newspaper, rate of interest is not only one-sided: Aznou itself is supposed to desire to go to Munich. Both Bayern as well as FC Barcelona are stated to have actually already submitted an agreement offer, however the junior national gamer has a tendency to relocate to Germany.


FC Bayern, News and Rumors: He does not have the uniformity

A new deal for Robert Lewandowski from FC Barcelona takes form like the future of Omar Richards. Current information and reports about Bayern Munich.

Pavard in specific intends to climb at Bayern in the coming period and also, according tokicker _, rise there to the protective leader. At the very least one resource from Pavard’s atmosphere is estimated. A leader in main protection is still being looked for in Munich after David Alaba’s separation, neither Hernandez neither Dayot Upamecano had the ability to fill this function last season.

Papin discussed Lucas Hernandez, who has a great deal of top-class competition in the Equipe Tricolore. The season was exceptionally long, it was now really worn out and also the summer season break will certainly lead to it will be fully striking again from August. It will certainly remain to count on him, emphasized Papin. He had actually expected more from Kingsley Coman in the past video games. However totally from the possible and also if the battle ends up being ruthless, he needs to actually be a normal staff at the World Cup.

FC Bayern, Information: Papin slams Pavard.

Benjamin Pavard will generally relocate at FC Bayern in the coming season after the commitment of Noussair Mazraoui from Ajax Amsterdam. In the French national team, nonetheless, he continued to play as a right-back as well as might not persuade in the 0-1 versus Croatia.

The Jean-Pierre Papin saw it that method. Benjamin is a reputable gamer that constantly gives whatever, but he does not have the consistency, said the Frenchman, who was putting on Bayern’s jersey from 1994 to 1996 as well as won the Ballon d’Or in 1991, atSport1 _. He likewise makes a lot of positional mistakes.

Right here you concern the Bayern news and rumors of the day.

Keeper getaway at FCB: go two potential new heirs

FC Bayern, report: 50 million euros for Lewandowski?

You can review right here how FC Barcelona intends to get the needed adjustment.

This new deal must be 50 million euros. According toSPORTING ACTIVITY BILD _, the German document champion is already discussing which use one would await discussions.

Should FC Barcelona have the ability to produce fresh cash in its phenomenal basic conference on Thursday evening, the club allegedly wants to make a new deal for Bavaria Robert Lewandowski. Thebild _- Zeitung records.

FC Bayern, rumor: Omar Richards does not assume of a goodbye

Left-back Omar Richards wishes to prevail at FC Bayern and also does not believe of an early farewell. This reports Sky. At the beginning of the week, thetwisthad actually reported that Richards is a candidate up for sale that the 24-year-old must get on the item at VfB Stuttgart.

Despite a hard initial period in Munich, Richards does not obviously not wish to escape. He had actually originated from Checking out for free in the summer of 2021, but in 2021/22 he just played 17 affordable games (575 minutes of play).

FC Bayern, News: Gravenberch’s papa describes FCB-Transfer

It is different with FCB: Bayern take an optimum of 3, four or five players under agreement. In enhancement, it is said, Bavaria like Ajax, but a number bigger.

Ryan Gravenberch’s modification from Ajax Amsterdam to FC Bayern Munich is excellent. Why did the selection fall to Bayern? If you take a look at PSG, Manchester City or Actual Madrid, purchase 15 players, despite the fact that they already have a 40 names a team. They just consider who stands out, and for the others it is an unpleasant, stated father Ryan Gravenberch senior tode telegraaf _.

FC Bayern, Information: That’s why Lewandowski does not desire to go to England

The former consultant to the Bayern goalkeeper Robert Lewandowski, Cezary Kucharski, who is willing to relocate, exposed atSport1why the pole does not want to switch to England. He said that to me, said the previous representative of the striker.

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FC Bayern: Summer season schedule in the summary

Benjamin is a dependable player who always gives every little thing, yet he does not have the uniformity, claimed the Frenchman, who was putting on Bayern’s jacket from 1994 to 1996 as well as won the Ballon d’Or in 1991, atSport1 . Pavard in certain wants to increase at Bayern in the coming period and also, according totwist , rise there to the defensive leader. Left-back Omar Richards wants to prevail at FC Bayern and also does not believe of an early goodbye. Ryan Gravenberch’s modification from Ajax Amsterdam to FC Bayern Munich is excellent. The previous advisor to the Bayern goalkeeper Robert Lewandowski, Cezary Kucharski, that is willing to relocate, disclosed atSport1why the pole does not want to change to England.

Date Opponent Location competition
Wednesday, July 20 .
United .
Audi Area, Washington D.C.
( U.S.A.) .
Test game.
Saturday, July 23 .
Manchester City .
Lambeau Area, Environment-friendly Bay (United States) .
Test game.

Saturday, July 30 |.
RB Leipzig |.
Red Bull Sector, Leipzig |.
Supercup, final.
Wednesday, August 31 |.
Viktoria Cologne |.
Sportpark Höhenberg, Perfume |.
DFB Mug, first round.


Bayern Munichs Robert Lewandowski allegedly intends to go to PSG if Barcelona can not pay

The Bayern striker has actually been on a battle program with his club for a couple of weeks currently. He had actually discussed that the Bayern Munich chapter was completed for him. His club continues to urge on compliance with functioning paper.


Robert Lewandowski allegedly has a fallback if it should not collaborate with his button from FC Bayern Munich to FC Barcelona: According to details from thebild _, the post would then aim and make a turn-around for a transfer to Paris Saint-Germain. In spite of an agreement running till 2023, the striker can no more envision continuing to be in Munich.

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PSG likewise just recently dealt with high losses, however is not as under monitoring as Barca as a result of its financial bear. From the factor of view of Lewandowski, the truth that Lionel Messi won the balloon d’Or as player of the Parisian played the reality that Lionel Messi won. This title is likewise stated to be a large individual objective.

The FC Barcelona, which is indebted to greater than one billion euros, could have troubles signing Lewandowski and at the same time meeting the economic requirements of the Spanish organization and the Spanish league.

Robert Lewandowski intends to leave FC Bayern and also switch over to FC Barcelona. The post is claimed to have another plan if that does not function.


Sadio Mane claims farewell to Liverpool FC: I will do what you desire

According tothe athletic _, the German document champ prepares to pay 30 million euros for mane. Liverpool, however, is stated to demand 50 million euros. In Munich, nevertheless, one appears to be wishing for an accommodation of the Reds since Bayern had actually not stood in the means when moving from Thiago to Liverpool.

According tothe athletic _, the German document champion is ready to pay 30 million euros for mane. In Munich, nevertheless, one seems to be hoping for a lodging of the Reds because Bayern had actually not stood in the method when moving from Thiago to Liverpool.

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We’ll see soon, claimed Mane at a press conference of the Senegalese nationwide team and grinned in a variety of ways.

Sadio Mane has taken a setting on the rumors regarding his feasible farewell to Liverpool FC. According to matching media reports, this is already a made a decision thing.

60 to 70 percent of Senegalese intend to leave Liverpool? I will do what you desire. We’ll see quickly, stated Mane at a press seminar of the Senegalese national group as well as grinned in a variety of means.

The answer was preceded by a study bySport News Africa _, according to which the 60 to 70 percent from the wing player’s residence nation would certainly such as a change to another club.

According to info from Liverpool as well as Objective, Mane prepares to educate those in charge of the Reds regarding his job quickly. FC Bayern Munich is the leading prospect for an obligation of the 30-year-old.


Tim Rieder returns to 1860 Munich

After the bankruptcy of Türkgücü Munich and the associated setting of the game, defender Rieder has found a new club. The 28-year-old joins city rival 1860 Munich for the new season. Already in the 2019/2020 season he played for the Munich Löwen and was borrowed from FC Augsburg to the Giesinger at the time. He scored three goals in 25 games.

Tim already played an important role in the team as a loan player two years ago

Günther Gorenzel

According to Managing Director Günther Gorenzel, this time was the decisive factor for the transfer: “As a loan player two years ago, Tim played an important role in the team for us, since he was 100 percent of the TSV 1860 with his personality and the type of game. embodied and lives. Tim can take several positions in the defensive network at a high level and now there was the opportunity to tie Tim to TSV 1860. Therefore we have won him again for our joint project with full conviction. ”

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“I am happy to be back and will proudly wear the lion’s jersey in the coming years. I will give everything to achieve our sporting goals,” said Rieder. Players and associations agreed on the contract modalities.