The moment of the alibis mores than at TSV Havelse

In the only Friday game there might be a modification of monitoring in the Regionally Word. Because at the beginning of the 11th round, the SV Drochtersen/Asset plays versus Hanover 96 II in the house as well as would pass in the occasion of a triumph at CFB Lübeck, whose video game at BY Lone was just arranged on November 1st. An appealing point of view for D/A, which must be warned of the 96 book, which might all win their previous 3 games.


The group of instructor Thomas Seeger desires to do this at Atlas Delmenhorst. It is specifically this comparison that Seeger has much from itself since the soft team had actually provided itself in bad constitution in the 1-2 versus Lone: We don’t have to talk regarding the 3rd organization and also see what CFB Lübeck does. Hope guarantees that the Flensburg will make themselves visibly simpler away: all four games were won in the complete stranger, at house the balance sheet with two wins and also three beats is anything yet top group like.

For TSV Averse, after the change of coach, the first time, or later it will certainly have to do with leaving the relegation z1. The conserving financial institution is presently 5 factors away. Florian Raided, sports supervisor and also player at the third division relegated team, currently takes on the team: We have enough high quality for the local organization. Currently, the group has no alibi as well as I expect that we are now delivering. Whether this process will certainly be accompanied by Samir Fer chichi completely or temporarily, Raided does not wish to be also concrete: Samir has been with the TSV for numerous years, and he is burning for this club. He will certainly do the team with his speech and interest. He is excellent. Currently, our trainer. Away from FC St. Pauli II, the first matriculation examination is waiting on the team and also their brand-new instructor.

Eden versus solid Kiel

Speaking of fears, they are big at s Eden after only 3 factors from nine games.

In the only Friday video game there can be a change of monitoring in the Regionally Word. Since at the start of the 11th round, the SV Drochtersen/Asset plays against Hanover 96 II at house and also would certainly pass in the event of a victory at CFB Lübeck, whose video game at BY Lone was only scheduled on November 1st. An alluring perspective for D/A, which must be advised of the 96 book, which can all win their previous three games.

The suit between Welder Bremen II and SSV Weddell II additionally belongs to the 11th match day. The game will just take place on October 19.

Hope makes certain that the Flensburg will make themselves visibly less complicated away: all 4 games were won in the unfamiliar person, at home the balance sheet with two success and also three defeats is anything but leading group like.

On Sunday it proceeds with 4 games. Hamburger SV II (Fifth) as well as VFV 06 Hildesheim (7th) want to remain on the top, while their opponents 1. FC Phoenix Lübeck (15th) as well as Bremen SV (17th) have completely various fears. Talking of fears, they are substantial at s Eden after just 3 factors from 9 video games. Opponent Holstein Kiel II is a straight competitor in the table cellar theoretically, yet the young storks lately won 2 success straight.

Additionally, the connected Teutonic Mortensen (13th) and BSV SW Redden (12th) deal with each other on Sunday. By the way, both see themselves in an organization ready the very first time after the last 2 periods were split into 2 periods.


Sukuta-Pasu solves agreement with SV Meppen

The 31-year-old center forward Richard Sukuta-Pasu pertained to SV Meppen in October 2021 from the very first league in Thailand from FC Tero Police.
In 19 3rd department ready the SVM, he scored five objectives.

Sukuta-Pasu, that underwent all German national teams from the U 17 to the U 21, reviews 37 Bundesliga games (one goal) and 111 second division games (18 objectives).

U-19-European champ 2008

In 2007 he became German A-youth champ with Bayer Leverkusen, the list below year with the Werkelf DFB Junior Club Cup winner.

He celebrated his greatest success in 2008 as a European U-19 European champ.
So now the 31-year-old leaves SV Meppen at his very own request.
It is a shame that Richy decided. We would have loved to proceed to plan with him. His open and also likeable way was well gotten by the group as well as the fans. We desire Richy in terms of sport and also privately, SVM taking care of supervisor becomes
Ronny Maul quoted on the club internet site.


Ryan Giggs no longer trainer from Wales

The last video game with Giggs on the sidelines played Wales in October 2020 (1-0 against Bulgaria), after which the 64-time nationwide gamer and also previous Manunited leaders were implicated, to name a few things since of assault.

Giggs is claimed to have actually assaulted two females and also was arrested in November 2020 after an issue for domestic physical violence.


Giggs: It was a privilege as well as an honor

In a declaration, Giggs said: It was an honor and also privilege to train my nation. The entire focus of the gamer, the association and also the training team should be guessed for the trainer at the prep work for the event. The Welsh Organization FAW welcomed Gigg’s choice that it was in the very best interest of Welsh football.

As an instructor of the Welsher, Robert Page leapt from November 3, 2020, who not only managed the dragons at the subsequent European Champion (from the round of 16), but likewise to the very first World Mug given that 1958.


Njie kicks back at Tasmania

For a long time, Tasmania was allowed to cheer a threesome couple, on October 24, 2021 was a 2-1 against Energy Cottbus. And since then? A negative series of elf Siegless play with only two draws. In addition, the Berliners remained ten times without their own goal success during this period.

The result: coach Abu Njie and co-trainer Momar Njie explained their resignation. The difficult athletic overall situation in conjunction with professional and personal reasons had been crucial.

We take the retreat of Abu and Momar for the occasion to put a momentum from the outside again.

Hussein Ahmad

“In the fight for the class content, of course, the top priority team has – the withdrawal of Abu and Momar, we therefore take a reason to put a momentum from the outside again,” said the 2nd Chairman Hussein Ahmad, who present a successor to Thomas Franke with a successor could.

IN FULL: Tasmania records no new cases on the first day of lockdown | ABC News
Franke ran three times for Energie Cottbus three times for Energy Cottbus in the 2nd Bundesliga, has ten third-league games for Dynamo Dresden in his Vita and a total of 138 regional games for Neustrelitz, Offenbach, Viktoria and Tennis Borussia Berlin. Now the 34-year-old takes over at the coach bank at Tasmania. It is important to end the negative trend in front of the gate and on the points account.


Yokubalis that scatters the gap while moving high speed Pokemon Unite is strong in Gachi Explanation of performance that does not become a clay

More Halloween Outfit & Event, Pre-Season Node & Siege War (Sneak Peek, 20 October 2021)
Pokemon Unite Halloween event is held from October 20, 2021. According to it New Pokemon Yokubaris has appeared.

Thanks to the Halloween event, the new Pokemon seems to be hidden by the shadow … I thought for a moment, but it was reverse. Rather, the leading role of Halloween is Yokibaris.

◆ Special system of Yokovis

Yokibaris usually attacks . When picking up it, the physical strength recovers, and at the same time, it is and the gauge increases by a gauge.

The more the gauge has increased the longer the waiting time of the technique, but in the contrary, it is difficult to use this. It is difficult.

Five only when the level goes up Hoaruaru , Moving only while moving Hoshiro will be remembered, one of the techniques that use them well It will be the point to attack.

◆ Anyway, Gepp is great

There are three types of per , Gep , Taneman Gun that have only come, but it is ★ も ゲ ゲ ゲ ゲ ゲ ゲ ゲ .

Gepp is a fan-like technique, and if the gauge has accumulated up to the maximum, the latency will be zero. Even if the gauge is half-ended, the latency is very short, so is close to the technique that can be almost two consecutive fires.

Gepop can be used while hiding further. It is quite difficult to attack the enemy while picking up only, but if you get used to I m going to spread a wide range of gaps while moving fast. This is strong.

◆ If you remember the Unite technique, you get rid of it!

In addition, it is a unite technique Well goodbye only dive is very high performance. This technique dive at a specific position After doubt, the gauge is infinite, that is, Infinite gap is shooting .

If you shot this towards a rugged turtle or Thunder …. There is no doubt that it will be a ridiculous amazing. Yokvalis will be active at least during the Halloween period.

In addition, if you proceed with Halloween event, you can replace Yokubalis license with 70 pumpkins. Because it is easy to obtain, it will be a Pokemon that is worth trying once.

◆ Aim for the weakness of Yokubalis!

There is also a weakness for such yokovis. First of all, the defense power is low while being defense type. As it is, compared with Cabgon, about one degree is inferior to the defense.

Also, the is that the technique is not good at the time. Level 7 immediately in the central area, and if possible, you want to make Level 9 before the ridiculous turtle.

In addition, it is currently in Halloween event, and a special skill that can be thrown pumpkin to cover the other party. It will be advantageous if you stop the movement of Yokibaris, as it will not be able to attack pumpkins.


WORLDS 2021 DE LOL Calendar schedules equipment results and how to watch online the world

The town of Reykjavic in Iceland is the scene elected by Riot Games for the celebration of the Words 2021, the most important ESports event in League of Legends. For the second consecutive year, the pandemic continues between us, although little by little is recovering a certain normality. The teams do not rest and they face again to determine which is the champion team . The clESportshes will be developed over the next few weeks, with the great planned final by the beginning of November.

The WorldS2021 Groups!

  • LOL ESPORTS (@LOlesports) October 9, 2021

How to watch online League of Legends online?

Those who want to enjoy the World 2021 in Spanish have the opportunity to do so through the official Twitch channel of the LVP. The organization hESports reached an agreement with IBAI LLANESports , the popular Streamer and Creator of BESportsque content. The EXCOMENTARIST OF THE LVP will be responsible for narrating the parties in rigorous direct with the particular and recognized style of it.

Official calendar

Play-in: from October 5 to October 9
PhESportse of groups: from October 11 to October 18
Final quarters: from October 22 to October 25
Semifinals: October 30 and 31
Gran Final of Worlds: November 6

LVP and @ibamillanos join forces for the retransmission of the Worlds2021!

The first parties of each day can be seen on the IBAI channel, while the following will be exclusively in the LVP channel.

????? Welcome again, friend! ???? https: //

  • LVP (@lvpes) October 11, 2021

Crosses, dates, schedules and results

Tuesday, October 5

Infinity 0- 1 Red Kalunga
LNG ESPORTS 1 -0 Peace
Unicorns of Love 0- 1Donation Focusme
GalatESportsaray ESPOR 1 – 0Beyond Gaming
Detonation Focusme 0- 1 cloud9
Unicorns of Love 0- 1GatESportsaray ESPOR

Wednesday, October 6

Red Kalunga 0- 1 LNG ESPORTS
Infinity 0- 1 Peace
Beyond Gaming 0- 1 cloud9
GalatESportsaray spor 0- 1 detonation focusme
Beyond Gaming 1 -0 Unicorns of Love
cloud9 1 – 0 galatESportsaray spor

Thursday, October 7

Peace 1 -0 Red Kalunga
Detonation Focusme 1 -0 Beyond Gaming
Cloud9 0- 1 unicorns of love
Unicorns of Love 0- 1 Beyond Gaming
Detonation Focusme 1 -0 cloud9

Friday, October 8

GalatESportsaray spor 2- 3 Beyond Gaming
Peace 3 -2 Red Kalunga

Saturday October 9

Beyond Gaming 0 – 3 HANWHA LIFE ESPORTS
Peace 0- 3 cloud9

Group phESportse (from October 11 to October 18)

Monday, October 11 (day 1 phESportse of groups)

DWG KIA 1 -0 FUNPLUS Phoenix
Royal Never Give Up 1 -0 PSG TALON
T1 1 -0 detonation focusme
Edward Gaming 1 -0 100 Thieves
Team Liquid 1 -0 Mad Lions
Rogue 1 -0 cloud9

Tuesday, October 12 (day 2 group phESportse)

T1 0- 1 Edward Gaming
Rogue 0- 1 dwg kia
FNATIC 0- 1 Royal Never Give Up
Cloud9 0- 1 FunPlus Phoenix
Detonation Focusme 0- 1 100 Thieves
Mad Lions 1 -0 Gen.G
Team Liquid 0- 1 LNG ESPORTS

Wednesday, October 13 (day 3 group phESportse)

Royal Never Give Up 1 -0 HANWHA LIFE ESPORTS
Mad Lions 0- 1 LNG ESPORTS
FUNPLUS Phoenix 1 -0 Rogue
psg talon 1 -0 fnatic
GEN.G 1 -0 Team Liquid
dwg kia 1 -0 cloud9 (18:00 hours)
Edward Gaming 1 -0 detonation focusme
100 Thieves 0- 1 T1

Friday, October 15

Funplus Phoenix 0- 1 dwg kia
Cloud9 1 -0 Rogue
Funplus Phoenix 0- 1 cloud9
DWG KIA 1 -0 Rogue
Rogue 1-0 Funplus Phoenix
Cloud9 0-1 dwg kia


Rogue 1 -0 Funplus Phoenix
Cloud9 1-0 vs. DWG KIA.

Saturday, October 16

Detonation Focusme 0- 1 Edward Gaming
T1 1 -0 100 Thieves
Edward Gaming 0- 1 T1
100 Thieves 1 -0 Detonation Focusme
Detonation Focusme 0- 1 T1
100 Thieves 1 -0 Edward Gaming

Sunday October 17

Royal Never Give Up 0- 1 FNATIC
PSG TALON 0- 1 ROYAL Never Give Up
HANWHA LIFE ESPORTS 1 -0 Royal Never Give Up
HANWHA LIFE ESPORTS 0- 1 ROYAL Never Give Up (Unpick First Plaza)

Monday, October 18

Gen.G vs. Mad Lions (13:00 hours) LNG ESPORTS VS. Team Liquid (14:00 hours) Gen.G vs. LNG ESPORTS (15:00 hours) Mad Lions vs. Team Liquid (16:00 hours) Team Liquid vs. Gen.G (17:00 hours) LNG ESPORTS VS. Mad Lions (18:00 hours) Quarter finals Friday, October 22 Teams to be determined Saturday, October 23 Teams to be determined Sunday, October 24 Teams to be determined Monday, October 25 Teams to be determined Semifinals Saturday, October 30 Teams to be determined Sunday October 31 Teams to be determined FINAL WORLDS 2021 Saturday, November 6 Teams to be determined


Pok mon Go Start of Halloween Events Today

In Pokémon Go stands the start of the Halloween event before: the activation takes place today October 15, at 10 o clock. The gruselfest is divided into two parts this year. From 15 to 22 October, you first take part in the first part of the Halloween Schabernback – Creepy Society . On you, psycho- and poison pokémon and other friendly but eerie monsters are waiting. Besides, Galar-Lashoking, the Warlock Pokémon, is his debut in Pokémon Go and you can meet for the first time dazzling webarak. Just in time for the start, the next part of special research at the season of the Schabernback is also unlocked with misunderstood .

If you finish special research for this season, you will be releasing a special event at the end of the season, which may also be associated with Hoopa, the developers write. Strange monsters appear in Pokémon Go, including Galar-Lashoking as mentioned. The Halloween event can also be developed Galar-Flegmon to Galar-Lashoking. For this you have to make Galar-Flegmon for your buddy Pokémon and catch 30 Psycho-Pokémon. Carry out the wilderness to the Halloween event. At scary company are a Halloween Schabernack Pikachu, Zubat, Traumato, Nebulak and Webarak. You can also meet Makabaja – including his shiny form.

Look by Friday also in the Raid fights over: Level 1 are Galar-Flegmon, Kramurx, Zurrokex, Makabaja and Psiau, on stage 3, Alola-Raichu, Zombiris, Banette and Halloween Schabernbag Drifzepeli wait for you. On Level 5, you meet on giratina in the convertible shape, in the mega raids on Mega Gengar. Breaked on Halloween also diligently eggs: From the 7 km eggs, Webarak, Traunfugil, Shuppet, Klingplim, Galar-Makabaja, Golbit and Lochtel hatch. In turn, close the field research tasks to meet Pokémon such as Halloween Schabernack Pikachu, Zubat, Traumato, Webarak, Halloween Schabernack Plinfa, Fleknoil, Halloween Schabernack Drifzepenni, Galar Makabaja and Mollimorba.

Throughout the Halloween event in Pokémon Go, double slippers are also waiting for doubles, duplicate bonbons and double fishing sweets on you. There are also guaranteed XL sweets by walking with the buddy. Suitable to the gruselfest every night a remix of legendary Lavandia music is played, which is likely to ensure even more atmosphere at the Halloween event. Looks past the Ingame shop to secure you suitable Halloween outfits for your avatar. There are also three different boxes. One of them includes 50 poké balls, a remote-raid pass, two super-breeding machines and 4 times smoke for 480 poké coins.

Part 2 of the Halloween event at Pokémon Go launches on 22 October and runs until 31 October. Then Paragoni, Trombork, Irrbis and Pumpdjinn appear for the first time in the smartphone adventure.

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