FC Bayern – de Ligt about Rational teammates: I created one of the most issues for me

For FC Bayern, who will certainly play the opening video game at Eintracht Frankfurt on Friday (8:30 p.m./ Sat.1 as well as DAZN), it is terrific if we have rivals that are close to us. Inspiration and efficiency, included the new protective principal. This summertime, the national player had switched over to German record champs from Juventus Turin for 67 million euros.

He thinks he is in the right location in the team of coach Julian Nagelsmann. You desired specifically this player who I wish to be. I wish to assist the team, to safeguard high, construct the game like I did with Ajax, stated de Ligt: And also on top of that, every person has, despite who I do with said that Bayern is a wonderful club.

The opponent that has created me the most troubles so far was Leroy Sané in our worldwide match versus the German national group, said de Ligt in an interview with thekicker _. For FC Bayern, that will certainly play the opening game at Eintracht Frankfurt on Friday (8:30 p.m./ Rested.1 and also DAZN), it is wonderful if we have competitors who are close to us. Whether you come cost-free of fee or not, it stays the same, said de Ligt: It certainly does not matter for me because I constantly play so a lot from myself issue that this is currently enough.

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Bayern Munich’s star shop Matthijs de Ligt has revealed that FCB teammate Leroy Sane gave him the biggest issues as opponents on the square.


The great expectation does not problem the central defender. If you bet top clubs like Bayern Munich, you constantly have pressure. Whether you come totally free of charge or not, it remains the same, said de Ligt: It most definitely doesn’t matter for me because I always constantly play so a lot from myself worry that this is already sufficient.

I want to aid the group, to defend high, construct the video game like I did with Ajax, said de Ligt: And also in enhancement, every person has, no issue that I do with claimed that Bayern is an excellent club.

The opponent who has created me the most troubles so far was Leroy Sané in our worldwide suit against the German nationwide group, stated de Ligt in an interview with thetwist _. I had to protect him over the entire location versus one and also he was simply almost everywhere.

In addition, the Dutch anticipates a greater resistance from Borussia Dortmund in the champion race of the brand-new Bundesliga season. Also if you have shed a leading striker with Erling Haaland, the group is probably much better than last period, claimed the 22-year-old.


Change to BVB? David Raum is concerned

David Raum Wechsel zum BVB? || BVB offenbar mit guten Chancen! || Der nächste BVB Top-Transfer?
David Raum has been associated with Borussia Dortmund for a long time. The national player of TSG Hoffenheim does not seem to be completely averse to switching to BVB.

“Of course you worry. I am also honest, I would of course have liked to play internationally with Hoffenheim. Unfortunately, that didn’t work out. That is still a dream of mine,” said space in the training camp of the German national team in Marbella.

“Stand now” he will also play in Hoffenheim in the coming season, according to the 24-year-old professional, who, according to “Borussia1”, should not only be an issue at BVB, but also with several clubs from the English Premier League.

Space thanked the DFB media round with the released TSG coach Sebastian Hoeneß. “I owe Basti a lot. I became a Bundesliga player under him. I also became a national player among him. I also got on very well with him. That’s why I have a somewhat crying eyes,” said space.

this is David Raums “Big Dream”

However, he also looked positively on the early collaboration with André Breitenreiter, who inherited Hoeneß for the new season at Hoffenheim.

“With André Breitenreiter, someone who has become champion with FC Zurich and also likes to play offensive football, which I can also play well,” said Raum. “I’m curious to see how it will work.” He has not yet had personal contact with Breitenreiter.

Room was enthusiastic about his renewed nomination by national coach Hansi Flick: “I was very happy that I was here again and can present myself.”

With regard to the Winter World Cup in Qatar, he wanted to “offer and convince himself,” said the former Fürther. A final round is his “big dream,” said Raum.


Do I need to change characters in Gotham Knights?

Gotham Knights allows players to play for four knights who trained Batman. In Gotham Knights, players take on the role of four knights trained by Batman. Recently Creative Director Patrick Redding and Producer Fleur Marty met with IGN to discuss the game and how much freedom you have in the one you choose.

Can I play for the same knight in Gotham Knights throughout the passage?

You can play as any knight You want anyway . Redding explained that they wanted players to switch between characters, when they want, but recognized that some would have a special connection with one knight over others. Thus, players can play the whole game with one knight or switch them when they want.

Because in the game there are so many improvements and settings, it is good news. If you were allowed to improve one of the knights, but then forced to play for the other you did not update, it would ruin the pace and immersion in the game.

Of the four knights, most players have a favorite, and this is perhaps the most popular assistants who have ever had at Batman:

Northwin – Original Robin, Dick Grayson from Volati Grayson.

  • Red Cap – once it was believed that the second Robin, Jason Todd, was killed by Joker.
  • Bat Girl – Barbara Gordon, daughter Jim Gordon, who before his death was the Gotam Police Commissioner.
  • Red Robin – Third Robin, Tim Drake, almost the same good detective, like Batman himself.

Gotham Knights: 10 Things You NEED TO KNOW

To learn more about DC, look when Gotham Knights come out? Or action Gotham Knights takes place in the Arkham Universe? Article here in Pro Game Guides.


How to play in cooperation in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team

One of the biggest features of Ultimate Team in FIFA 21 is the introduction of the cooperative game. This means that not only can you face friends in team battles, but you can now team up to play together to earn rewards.

When you are in a team in a lobby, you can play together in Rivals Division mode, as well as team battles, rival matches and friendly matches, with goals for cooperative players to bring extra exp to your Two seasonal passes or receive parts and packs.

How to Start FIFA 21 Ultimate Team!

That said, there is no option in the menu to join your friends. Instead, the way you team team is in the main menu of Ultimate Team. While you are there, tap the right trip button on your controller and the profile menu at the bottom right of the screen will appear. In this menu, you should see that you can invite your friend Coop in a lobby with the Options / Start button.

Once you have found the friend you want to invite and have joined a living room, you can access any of the modes enabled in cooperation and join the duet queue, with the guest player team. used. You and your Duo partner may need to play your division Rivals investment games first if you intend to move together to the classified modes, but once they are finished, you can start winning your rewards together.

You should be able to play team battles, rivals and friendly matches without fulfilling the prerequisites, then simply team and start playing to start climbing the ladder throughout the match.


Hogwarts Legacy shows a brief Gameplay Real before the State of Play

Hogwarts Legacy UPDATE 2022 (First Gameplay Footage + Release Date + State of Play)
Warner Bros. Games hPlay everything ready for the expected presentation of Hogwarts Legacy at night of this Thursday with the recently announced State of Play. Expectation is maximum, so it says its official trailer on the PlayStation channel with more than 28 million reproductions. Meanwhile, the official Twitter account of Avalanche Software, Subsidiary Study of the Development, hPlay shown this small clip just ten seconds with title gameplay .

A student at the nineteenth-century Hogwarts is the protagonist of this advance, which for the first time allows us to have an approximate idea of ​​what will be the graphic and artistic style of the video game.

Play a reminder, in Hogwarts Legacy we are not at the same time Play in Harry Potter’s films, but many years ago. We expect an extensive open-world role play in which we will control the action and we will drive the adventure where we want. Exploration, discovery of fantPlaytic animals, personalization of characters, learning spells, talent improvement… Become a magician or witch will depend on each one.

What do we know about the State of Play: All the information, date and how to see it online

The State of Play of Hogwarts Legacy is celebrated this Thursday, March 17 at 22:00 (Peninsular Schedule of Spain). The episode will lPlayt about 20 minutes and will have 14 minutes of pure Gameplay. We will see real images of the game captured in PlayStation 5; The rest of the footage will be comments from some of the members of the development team. To follow live the event we can connect directly to the official Twitch or YouTube account of PlayStation.

Hogwarts Legacy will arrive at the stores for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC at some point in 2022. Your official art book will do the same in September, chance?


VPNs in the world of videogames

Do VPNs lower ping in games? | Top 3 truly BEST VPNs for gaming
A virtual private network service, or VPN service, provides a proxy server to customers to bypass Internet censorship such as geoblocking or customers who want to secure their communications versus information profiling or MitM attacks on hostile networks.
A variety of entities offer VPNs for several objectives. Yet relying on the service provider and also the application, they do not always produce a true exclusive network. Rather, lots of companies simply offer an Internet proxy that makes use of VPN technologies such as OpenVPN or WireGuard. The term VPN solution is occasionally utilized to describe these proxies when used as an industrial service. These services are typically made use of by users desiring to disguise or obfuscate their physical area or IP address, usually as a way to escape Internet censorship or geo-blocking.
Carriers frequently market VPN services as privacy-enhancing, pointing out security functions, such as file encryption, from the underlying VPN technology. Nevertheless, users should think about that when the transmitted material is not encrypted prior to going into the proxy, that material shows up at the obtaining endpoint (usually the VPN service provider s website) despite whether the VPN passage itself is encrypted for the inter-node transportation. The only secure VPN is where the participants have oversight at both ends of the entire information path or when the web content is encrypted before it gets in the passage.
On the client side, arrangements planned to use VPN services as proxies are not conventional VPN arrangements. Nevertheless, they do commonly make use of the operating system s VPN user interfaces to catch the customer s information to send to the proxy. This consists of online network adapters on computer OSes as well as specialized VPN interfaces on mobile os. A much less common option is to offer a SOCKS proxy user interface.
In computer publications, VPN services are commonly judged on connection speeds; privacy security, including privacy at signup and also grade of security; server matter and also places; interface use; and also expense.
In order to identify the level of privacy and privacy, various computer system magazines, such as PC World and also PC Publication, likewise take the provider s own warranties and its credibility among news things into consideration.Users are typically exposed to misinformation on the VPN solutions market, which makes it hard for them to differentiate promotions as well as realities.

Many people connect to the Internet through a VPN . If you wonder what a VPN is, in essence, A VPN is a private network , which has been created virtually, with which you can connect to the Internet in a more secure way, since the Content is encrypted. These networks have many utilities , ranging from professionals, to leisure. As for professionals, they are basically people who are dedicated to teleworking or share sensitive Internet information that needs to be encrypted. For more information you can visit sites that compare VPN as VPN what is, totally in Spanish.

With respect to leisure, many users use it to play through them to videogames . In this article we will see all the advantages that this entails, since, if you are a game, it is quite likely that this interests you.

play on either side

One of the advantages of connecting to the Internet through a VPN, is being able to do so in any region of the world. This, a priori, an Internet user would have to give relatively the same, a video game user can help him enough. This is because many games are blocked by regions and so that access to it is possible, it is necessary to do so through a particular country. In this way, if you want to play a videogame that is on an American platform, you should connect through an American connection and that is precisely something that a VPN can help you.

No game limit

This advantage is added to the previous one. Some countries limit their games due to different policies. If for example you want to play a game, but unfortunately this is censored in your country, through VPN you can do it without any problem. Remember that it is as if you were agreeing from the country itself and not from yours original, so you will not find any restriction about it.

Improves the game s response

When playing online, one of the most important aspects that must be taken into account, is the ping. The ping is basically the time passing since you send an order to a server and this accept it and responds. As you can imagine, having a higher ping makes you less competitive in the online game. This is because you probably receive with a little delay the information provided by the server, plus it will also take something longer to get your answer. When it comes to a quick game, where a reaction can suppose the difference between winning or losing, having a good ping is necessary. If you are playing a game hosted on an American server, it is best to try to access it through an American VPN, in this way, times will be much shorter and therefore you can show you more competitive.

Protects you from the DDoS attacks

The DDoS attacks are more and more to the order on the Internet. When you are playing a game to an online videogame, you are sharing your IP address with the rest of the players even if you do not see it. In this case, not all players have good intentions or as little, good losing. This means that, if you have had a problem with a player and for your misfortune, this has advanced computer skills, I could make a dding attack to your IP address. When you connect through a VPN server, this is impossible, since in the case that you were doing the attack, I would find it by doing the server that, safely, will have greater protection than you could have in your home.


In short, Use a VPN network to play videogames through the network, provides a much more positive experience . In this case, in addition to achieving greater security, we will have many more options by not restricted in any geographical area. If you want to improve your user experience and fully enjoy a game, try to connect through one of these VPN networks.


The Warriors board game is announced

A warrior is an individual specializing in battle or warfare, especially within the context of a tribal or clan-based warrior culture society that identifies a different warrior class or caste.

The classic film of worship The warriors has their own board game. Earlier this month, Funko Games announced that they would launch The Warriors: salt to play in early 2022. The board game follows the film s plot, since the head gang of the warriors tries to escape back to Coney Island after Be incriminated by the death of a leader of a rival gang. In their queues there are several other bands, all of which are trying to kill them. The Warriors: Go to play is announced as a game of cooperative survival, in which players have to work together to return home. Players should not only survive, but also keep their reputation and demonstrate their innocence while they open their way through the dangerous streets of New York.

Based on the 1965 film of the same name, warriors starring Michael Beck and directed by Walter Hill. The film received mostly negative criticism at the time of its launch, but since then it has become a classic worship praised by its violence and elegant narration. The film has also had surprisingly long marketing stages: two video games were launched, including a fighting game created by Rockstar Games and a displacement game called The warriors: Street fight . A television remake was also in process at a time, with Joe and Anthony Russo as producers. While Netflix picked up the series in 2018, there has been no news in the program since then.

The Warriors: Salt to Play comes with seven sculpted miniatures that represent the leaders of the New York Bands. The players will also be able to control one of the eight warriors of the film, each of which has its own skills. The game is designed by Prospero Hall, the design studio behind popular table games adaptations such as Horrorized .

Funko Games has announced several adaptations of popular films, including an inherited table set based on the mundo Jurasic Trilogy.

The Warriors: Salt to Play will be launched in February 2022 and has a retail price of $ 24.99.


This is not pointing to play repo Netabarre is also convinced expected time loop shooter DEATHLOOP Previous Play Repo

Arkane Lyon Developed and Sold by Bethesda SoftWorks, the time loop shooter DEATHLOOP . We will deliver a play report because you were able to play the PS5 version of this work scheduled on September 15th. However, this work is the essence of mystery and puzzle is the essence in the game play, and it is also strong from the regular play report because it has been strongly from the normal play report, so you can not deliver the content in detail. Please acknowledge in advance.

# Teach the player and the story to the player

The liver of this work is time loop that is also genre. Every time I end the day, I doubt a unique gimmick that it is reset to be reset is the first to the introduction part of the story and the tutorial. Basic operation methods and systems, and combat are made to fight comfortably with a light lock, and I feel very interesting. Rather than what is said to be a so-called FPS, I felt that I was close to the sense that I was watching while playing a lot of comedy-style comedy Staist.

A little bit of dubbing … This is a part according to the taste, but such habits are well familiar with this work, and the graphics are more beautiful and lightly working, so I was able to get into the world’s view .

BEAT EVERY BOSS FREE TO PLAY! How To Win Using Mechanics And SKILL! MARVEL Future Revolution

# Sneak and stealth system system

There is also a part where there are a lot of enemies quite a lot at the beginning of the beginning, and it is necessary to move in a sneaky and sneaky state, and to make it close to the enemy and close it. On the other hand, after defeating the enemy, the shadow remains, if it is found in the enemy, it will be defeated, so you can defeat all the enemies near you to defeat, or if you want to leave the minimum and leave it, You will go ahead in various ways that you go sneakly without defeat.

As the main sound, I want to get a quick mission and I want to go back, but as mentioned in the game, I can get important information by staying. It is likely to be one point that uses time well.

# Many custom elements such as weapons

As a custom element of this work, we have a turndone that enhances players such as abilities and slabs, and a trilinator that enhances weapons. In order to obtain these, it is necessary to pick up and live with what is located in the map, so the information that there is such an item is also more advantageous by remembering the player itself. The game will be promoted. Weapons are also falling in the map or can be robbed from the enemy, but because there are multiple bullets, the weapon that you possess as much as possible is a different bullet.

# Visionary and Harriet goes down

Mission to defeat Visionary Hariets that the only publication is allowed in this play. Harriett is ** A person who plays a mother role that has not been asked, and after life return from an airplane accident, it becomes a writer of self-enlightenment, and finally it has become a leader of Cuttra. That’s why I will go to see Harietet, but I’m anxious to go without collecting information suddenly, so I’m going to go at night immediately after the mission was opened.

After the start, you can see that there are several routes, but there are quite a lot of enemies, and if you move it to you, it will be found in the enemy. I felt it was difficult to intrude, so I will destroy the enemy first, but I was called the stipulative support and finally to make 10 people. As there are not many ammunitions that can be held, we will aim at your head carefully as much as possible, but surprisingly, it is packed close to nearby, or it will be thrown or throwing equipment. After defeating, pick up the enemy weapons and items that you have defeated, make ammunition replication and HP recovery, and take a walk.

Because it was difficult to move due to night, I decided to go back to the morning. It was dark and the ideal impression to move while hiding the body, but the morning is relaxed to the morning and the atmosphere is completely different. Defeat the enemy little by little, and use the defeated enemies to pull the enemies even more … Repeat …… Where the tips have a hariette. Of course, it is good to do this as it is, but because there are a lot of enemies in the middle of open meeting, if possible, you want to defeat only Hariet and leave. It is a very enjoyable part of thinking about how Harriet will act from here.

# Game play with a large swing width by leaving a lot to play

As mentioned earlier, in the pre-play of this work, information that can be exposed quite severely so that you can not cut the players purchased. However, if you try to play actually, it is also convinced. I understand, because I’m going to some extent because my actions are decided to some extent, and I’m looking forward to it, and more things that can be newly known, It was a title that has not been fed at all for the play repo .

In addition, there are many points that can be closed for buildings, etc., and including the number of routes, and what they are in the time loop, including the possibility that the difficulty is largely generated by I received an impression that it seems to be a big change in each player, such as a method of playing and the impression after play.

The author, Yoshi also go in the sneak, flashy to pound away the gun is also good, that although I feel that it is a game of, on the one hand downed risk of that would, such as looking forward to achieve the part other than the original purpose I thought that something is placed very many, and I thought that the device to play without getting tired well.

Such DEATHLOOP will be released on September 14th.