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How relics work in Tower of Fantasy

The study is a vital element of Tower of Fantasy, and players are invited to travel long distances to collect resources and advance in the game. Along with the clarification of the secrets of the Earth, we also need to defeat powerful enemies along the way. Fortunately, players can unlock and use relics that will help them both in battle and in passage. In this guide, we will talk about how each of these relics works at Tower of Fantasy and how to get them.


What are the relics in Tower of Fantasy?

As mentioned briefly earlier, relics are tools and gadgets that can be unlocked and equipped with players to increase their efficiency in battle and movement on the ground. In total, players can unlock and equip 20 relics. However, players can equip only two relics at one time. Therefore, it is ideal to have presets from different combinations of relics for specific situations. Each relic is supplied with a unique set passive e and active skills . After you promote the relic, its active skills are intensifying, and the number of passive skills increases.

How to get relics in Tower of Fantasy

The relics can be unlocked by performing missions for promotion on the storyline or collecting certain components and resources. The relics, like jet as well as missile shelling can be obtained by simply completing some of the early plot missions. Some other relics can be obtained as a reward for earnings research glasses that can be earned by exploring the world of Tower of Fantasy. For example, earnings 700 research glasses in the Aster will give you relic of magnetic storm when collecting 660 Studies in Navia open relic of magnetic impulse . Players can also earn relics as a reward for research. Ruin. Finally, you can also get relics by buying them in exchange for fragment of the relic S, which you can earn by defeating world bosses.

All unlocked relics in Tower of Fantasy

There are a total of 20 relics in the fantasy tower. Equipment with relics can help you in battle or travel. Here are all the relics that you can unlock in Tower of Fantasy.

  • Reactive satchel
  • A soaring gun
  • Law bomb
  • Jetboard
  • Magnetic storm
  • Quantum cloak
  • Missile shelling
  • Cybernetic hand
  • Cowant
  • Strange cube
  • Omnium manual gun
  • Magnetic pulse
  • Colossus hand
  • Universal shield
  • Type V armor
  • Rap space-time
  • Conclusion
  • Drone
  • Holographic projector
  • Alternative fate

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Roses: a joke! Almost poured away, these goals conceded

All a question of perspective. After all, the table of the previous year will definitely cut off better this time. On the final day of the game in Gladbach, it is still a matter of claiming to the one counter worse Mainzern (against Frankfurt). “In the end we are where we obviously belong,” says Alexander Rosen, “this is nothing serious bad, but the situation after two thirds of the season was completely different.”

In view of the missed chances, melancholy sounds to qualify for the European Cup for the fourth time in the club’s history. “We have overtrew two thirds of the season,” recalls Hoffenheim’s manager, when the TSG was even on course premier class, “and we designed a third with a serious sub -performance. This is not a drama, but we have the chance we had left behind.”

I clearly say – that’s not enough for me.

Alexander Rosen

Wonders why. “We have to state that we don’t manage to get the staff who would actually be there,” said coach Sebastian Hoeneß, a cause, “we have the three, four of them until the Freiburg game seven times in a row – or have to change chain of five. It is about automatisms and security and quality players who regularly stand on the pitch. But we also have to look closely in other areas. “

To clarify which failures inevitable and which were more homemade. Competitive accidents cannot be prevented in this intensive contact sport. But whether a pattern behind the most recent muscular injuries, the unusually long rehabilitation sides and so many relapse is on the way back, they want to and have to work in the Kraichgau meticulously.

“We are already in a process. We have to turn every stone around to improve in this area,” the 39-year-old revealed to the medical department of the TSG. But many Corona infection also disturbed the operating sequence, as did the extraordinarily large number of yellow cards, which were unnecessary to a large extent, but now produced a total of eleven locks.

That is why Rosen also accepts the professionals. “There must be reasons why the players break away. I definitely have some questions,” said the manager, “the players should question themselves. You have to question whether they are the right players, whether they are physical. Why is it that you have two thirds of the season and not in the last third. There are open questions that urgently need to be clarified critically, I clearly say that – that’s not enough for me. “

fifth best offensive, but fifth worst defensive

Dad Joke of the Day - Riddle Me This

There is also a need for discussion in terms of defense behavior and quality. Finally, with 57 goals so far, the TSG represents the fifth best offensive, but at the same time with 55 goals the fifth worm defensive. The last two home games rang eight times against Freiburg (3: 4) and now against Leverkusen (2: 4). “It’s just too much, then it is not enough to attack higher things,” sums up Hoeneß.

08. May 202206: 15 minutes

players week -back from 8.5.2022

Bayern Munich cannot win against Stuttgart either, Schalke 04 rises directly to the Bundesliga, Wolfsburg celebrations celebrate championship titles

players WEEKNACHTONBLICK from 1.5.2022


players WEEKNACHTONBLICK from April 25, 2022


players WEEKNACHLE DOOL THE 17.4.2022


players WEEKNACHTONBLICK from 10.4.2022


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“We need an upgrade,” explains Rosen, “we have such players like Benni Hübner. The question arises, he can do it again? He has impressively proven it in these five or six games.” But then the captain, who had previously been missing one and a half years, failed again. Ermin Bicakcic is now missing almost two complete seasons. Of course, a cruciate ligament tear is not a trivial, but two seasons? And we are already back at the entrance topic – the TSG has a lot to clarify this summer.

Elden Ring

How to enter the Karian Educational Hall in Elden Ring

Carian Study Hall is one of the dungeons that players can find on the territory of Elden Ring Liurnia of the Lake. Although it is not so difficult to find it, unlock it is a slightly different story. The players will need to be as unlocking the area and turn it over to cross the region correctly.

Elden Ring - How to Beat Carian Study Hall Easily With Commentary | Gaming Instincts

how to unlock the karyan training hall

To unlock the Karianth Educational Hall, players need to defeat the Rennal Full Moon at the Academy of Paradise Lukaria. As soon as players will win her, they will be able to find an empty altar immediately behind the sorcerer. For this altar, a certain item will be required to invert the Karian educational hall.

How to invert a karyan training hall

Players will need a Kariy inverted statue to put it on this altar. This will turn the training hall. To get this statue, players will need to fulfill a kind of quest. This quest has no name, as it is rather an order than anything else.

Go to the city of Nokron and acquire the killer blade of the fingers. Then go back to the early 1. They will give the player to the Karya inverted statue. Players can also choose the completion of the quest, if they wish, but there is no need to receive an inverted statue. Bring a statue to the altar and place it in order to flip the karyan educational hall and roam the area correctly.

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How to easily avoid falling pin in WWE 2K22

In WWE 2K22, players will be in various situations where to avoid the fall of the pin is extremely difficult. Even with sufficient endurance, entering the corporate reception or finishing will make players helpless during the fall of the pin. However, there are several techniques with which you can quickly avoid falling pins in WWE 2K22.

Players can quickly escape from Pin Falls, Pressing the X or A button on its PlayStation or Xbox controllers. You can also quickly get out of a difficult situation using Feedback Paving tolerance . However, players can use this feature only if there are two full special strips. It is important to remember that low health superstar or damaged body will be easier to win with Pin Falls.

Players can also change the mini-game method PIN Falls for two different categories: rapid as well in time . In RAPID mode, players will have to continue clicking the buttons to avoid Pin Falls. In the same way to configure the “Time” you will need to click the output button at exactly when it is proposed.

Ideally arrange SuperStar next to the ropes to avoid falling the pin. Rope rupture will automatically allow your character to get up, even with low endurance. Be sure to change the settings according to your preferences and select Resiliency Payback to have more chances to avoid falling the pin.

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Outward: Definitive Edition for PS5, Xbox Series X / S and PC announced

Outward [PS4/XOne/PC] Dev Diary - Definitive Edition Coming To PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC
The adventure is waiting! The OPENWARD OPENWARD RPG will soon appear for PlayStation5 and Xbox Series X / S as well as for the PC in the Outward: Definitive Edition. The perfect opportunity for all gamers who like to explore the fantasy world of Aurai alone or with a friend – by the way on Next-Gen consoles and continue with the popular option on Couch-Koop!

That means: for all who have not yet set foot to the world of Aurai yet: Now is the perfect time to explore the lands of this beautiful fantasy world! So your boots lace and packs your backpacks, adventurers!

Content of Outward: Definitive Edition
In addition to the basic game, the Outward: Definitive Edition contains two DLCs: “The Three Brothers” and “The Soroboreans”. Players can also look forward to a number of updates that improve their journey through Aurai. These include new content and numerous updates on the quality of life and game balance. For example, players will be able to access their supplies while visiting the world of a friend, the enchantment will be less complicated and: there will be totem workshops in each region.

News from aurai
Experienced adventurers expect in the Outward: Definitive Edition New challenges, such as unique encounters in dungeons, new defeat scenarios – and they have to face some new diseases.

The craft will be easier to access and the outward world will feel together as a whole. The dangers of the corruption, which were previously DLC-exclusive, will distribute themselves throughout the game. Of course, there are many more changes and tasks that can be experienced players in the Outward: Definitive Edition can bite your teeth.

About Outward
Outward is an open-world fantasy adventure that provides players with incredible immersion thanks to the stunning graphics. The players experience a completely novel RPG feeling in a constantly changing world in which they always have to protect themselves from all external influences. Thanks to powerful magic and rituals, players can bundle their powers to survive in the world. In addition, the Outward offers two coveted functions: SplitsCreen multiplayer mode is both local, but also with two players usable online. Thanks to these features, players can also explore the dangerous world of Outward together with a friend.


Elden Ring: How to Leave the Sellia Crystal Tunnel

The Sellia Crystal Tunnel is a place where players in the world could be stumbling ELDENRING , and for the stained, which have been organically dared to the rich of Caelid on their Ross, this would have been no surprise to be a surprise. On the other hand, however, some could have found their way into this dungeon on dubious means that they have made themselves, and for these players, their arrival at this miner’s site may not only be disorienting, but one that they are very poorly prepared are. Players can land early in the Sellia crystal tunnel by exploring the basements of the dragon-burned ruins in Limgrave. It is a place where players will probably come to Flying Dragon Agheel. This guide will hopefully prove to be helpful and bring the players to safety, away from the hands of crystal moles and insect humanoids.

So leave the Sellia crystal tunnel in the Elden Ring

Leaving this particular place is not difficult as long as the player has managed to stay and go in the right direction. In Eldenring , fast travel to and from different places is a method that proves sufficient if the intention of the player is to overcome major distances. However, this feature is not something that can be accessed during the fight or in the middle of a dungeon, as such no practicable escape route from the Sellia crystal tunnel for players who have considered such options. In addition, when dying near the premises, players are simply in the hut, unlike the last delight fire or the stake of Marika, whom he visited.

After such selections have been eliminated, it becomes clear what is required by the player, the player should try to escape the tunnel by running out of the dungeon. The patrolling miners evasive, the players should leave the hut, had right and down to the supposed mine. When you go up, the player does not reach the surface, but instead pushes it into the deeper depths of the Sellia crystal tunnel. Shortly after you have maneuvered down, the players should find themselves in a passage lit by candles, which opens to a stake of Marika. The corresponding area should also have a wooden framework with a ladder that releases a place of grace during descent.

Rest from the Site of Grace and go through the mini tunnels illuminated by lanterns. The players will find themselves in the foreign countries of Caelid, from huge costs of rotted marinets. The players are now free to leave the region by using fast travel to places like the Roundtable Hold. The environment will not prove more pleasant than the crystal tunnel, from which Elden Ring player is just turned out.

ELDENRING is now available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Series X / S and PC.

Elden Ring - How to Escape Sellia Crystal Tunnel

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Players sell Elden Ring Rings Rune

Like everything in life, people have managed to take a monetary benefit to _ Elden Ring _. A simple search on eBay has revealed that players have begun to sell runes on this site. These items are necessary to level up, and some people are trying to take advantage of all those who do not want to spend hours and hours killing hundreds of enemies by climbing a single level. However, this practice could well boost the accounts that participate in these acts.

Elden Ring: Lvl 40 to 100+ NEW BEST RUNE FARM - Earn Millions Of Runes Fast & Easy - Rune Farm Guide
Prices vary on eBay, but we usually find offers as a million runes for $ 10 dollars. When paying, players exchange users, and enter a multiplayer session. Here, the seller releases several bags of runes, and the transaction comes to an end. In most cases, this is a process that is carried out, and many cases of people have been reported It simply stays with money and does not fulfill the deal.

However, This process goes against one of the terms of service that are necessary to accept to play . This is what is mentioned in article 10 of the document shared by Bandai Namco:

“No player will have the right to give, transfer, sell or buy to another, change the name by the name of another, or provide another a garment or other warranty, any of his rights as a player, and articles, characters and saved data Inside the game related to the software that is obtained in the services (including the so-called “real money trade”).

With respect to players who have carried out prohibited acts under this article, the company or third party that provides any of the systems used for services will be entitled, at their discretion, to warn these players, eliminate data recorded from These players, or make these players suspend or cease their use of services. “

Recretely, there are no cases of Baneos by Bandai Namco , but nothing assures that at an unforeseen moment, the Japanese company took a letter in the matter and punishes all those who have participated in these acts. We only have to wait and see how this is developed.

On related topics, elden ring break sales records in the United Kingdom. Similarly, the director of this game talks about the difficulty of the series.


Community Day of Pikmin Bloom in January: everything you need to know

Pokémon IR Fans have just had the opportunity to participate on the first day of the 2022 mobile game community, and soon for from Pinyin Players will have the opportunity to do the same! Ni antic has announced a day of the community for this Saturday, January 22 and the festivities will be carried out throughout the day. The day will also be the last one in which players can obtain nectar of poinsettia of challenges. Below you can find a complete list of bonuses in the application provided by Ni antic:

  • Large flowers will flower in camellia when you plan regular petals (blue, red, yellow or white) around you
  • Amelia The nectar will begin to appear from the fruits obtained when completing challenges
  • A Bonus currency By 250 flowers planted instead of the 500 habitual (with a limit of 60 coins / day)
  • Seedlings In your potter it will grow 1.5 times the usual speed (and more if you are planting flowers)
  • Players who achieve the 10,000-step goal will receive a special fashion logo of Amelia

PINYIN FLORA launched on mobile devices last year. While the game has not found as many followers as Pokémon IR, For de Pikmin has yet managed to develop a passionate fan base. The Pinyin series began its life in Nintendo Game cube in 2001 and has appeared on several platforms since then, including Nintendo Switch. Pinyin has never had the same level of success that franchises as an animal crossing, but for from Pinyin has helped to present the series to new players; That could be a good augury for future tickets in the series!

Rumors have been circulating that a new Pinyin game could be revealed this year for Nintendo Switch. The rumor points to Next Level Games, the study behind the Mansion by Luigi 3, is working on the next iteration of the Pinyin series. Currently, we do not know what Next Level Games is working, but there has been no official news about another Pinyin game at this time. Until Nintendo decides to reveal more information, fanatics will only have to enjoy for from Pinyin!

Pinyin is already available on iOS and Android devices. You can check our previous game coverage here.

Have you checked for from Pinyin Still? Do you plan to participate in the day of the community of this weekend? Let us know in the comments or share directly on Twitter in @marcdachamp to talk about everything related to games!


GTA Online The contract brand new cars weapons and more Gordon Bicker

This is a checklist of significant games using a version of the Unreal Engine.

GTA Online has always maintained its place in addition to other games on the market by introducing significant content updates from time to time. These content updates ensure that the community thrives and returns again and again to be more like a warm drop of honey flowing into a golden flow of possibilities. Los Santos embodies this in many ways for the fans and with the latest update, which is to go to the street in a few days, the players will get the game again. This guide article guides you through all new cars in GTA online’s the contract.

All confirmed new cars in the contract

There seems to give many new cars GTA online : The contract, two have been fully confirmed so far, which are included in the DLC for players and each type is manifold enough that every car brings something news for the fans. GTA Online has a long history in which new cars are regularly influencing the experience that developers have meticulously created for car fans.

The first confirmed car is the ‘Debauched Champion’ and this special vehicle combines class and style with burning tires in a super sports car model. It’s your good old super sports car, but with a style that knows other players that you’re talking about the streets of Los Santos Ernst. Certainly an excellent drift capability and an excellent handling that you should pay attention to when publishing.

The second car is the Ends Jubilee, which looks like you would prepare for an onslaught of bullets, which climbed with a significant speed on their armored car. Once again, this vehicle is associated with a rounded sense of durability and in addition combines in a great, luxurious autodesign of the style. The players will be accustomed to this type of cars GTA online already.

GTA Online: The contract, new weapons and extras

Together with all the new cars, of course, there will also be new weapons and other needs for you as a player to get this update in your hands. As with the cars, two new confirmed weapons are getting back here. These are the ‘Compact EMP Launcher’ and the ‘Stun Gun’. Both blades in comparison to other weapons in the game deliciously unique, so the players with this update certainly get their arms-operated action.

In addition, with The Contract, a variety of other supplements are added to the history of the latest DLC update to offer players to offer.

GTA V Online Contract DLC New Cars, New Weapons, New Characters and Everything else
Noteworthy is that this update even a new radio station with new songs of artists like Dr. ARE contains.

Will you drive the new cars in? GTA Online : The contract update this month?

GTA V is now available and playable on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.


Start date of Chapter 3 known in Fortnite earlier than expected

Infinite have already discussed many players about whether Chapter 3 earlier starts as Chapter 2 did. Now a leak came up, which finally confirms what many players have discussed so long. The end of Chapter 2 is soon sealed. Everything important can you find here on Mango.

What happened? On Tuesday, November 16, the servers go down for an update. Many new contents has been published. These include new skins, styles and new packs.

One came very suddenly, but it was excavated by Indigent Leader an event that means the end.

A new black hole could expect you

Leaker Hyper shows an important find on Twitter in which a playlist was found, with the name of an event. This event is called The End. Who was already present in Chapter 1, should know that.

When starts Chapter 3? According to Hyper, Chapter 3 starts on December 7th. 2021. So you can count this year with a brand-new map, many new features and new weapons. He still adopts that from 5 to 6 December no Fortnite will be playable. So the players have to be patient, just like then after the event of Season X.

Will there be a new map in Chapter 3? That s very likely. Since the cube queen is known to destroy realities, she will certainly also cause the Chapter 2 Map to end. Epic Games also announced to deliver a new map after each end of a chapter. So remains stretched.

There will be an end event for Chapter 2? Hyper publish a picture of a new event playlist named The End. As it looks, we will not be able to counter an end.

Thus, a live event to the Season s end could be very plausible. Maybe the cube queen breaks up again a black hole and sucks or absorbs the current reality. Thus, she could become stronger because she seeks to power.

Watch this *BEFORE* Fortnite CHAPTER 3!

What do you think about the new information? Are you hyped to a new chapter? Let s know in the comments what you think!