DFB Cup: Butyric acid

Before the DFB Cup final in Berlin, buttery acid was presumably buried by unknown people at the fan festival of the finalist RB Leipzig.

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There were no injuries, said a spokeswoman for the “German Press Agency“. There are two witnesses.

It is believed that it was butteric acid. First, the “Bild” newspaper reported on the incident on the Hammarskj√∂ldplatz at Messe Berlin.

The background of the incident is still unclear, said the spokeswoman. The investigation is underway. There is no evidence of a refan from Leipzig’s fan scene in the final on Saturday evening in the Berlin Olympic Stadium, SC Freiburg. According to the Leipzig, around 3000 followers had celebrated at the Fanfest.

In the immediate vicinity, on Theodor-Heuss-Platz, several thousand Freiburg fans gathered for a fan march at the same time.

The police and security forces ensured that the fan scenes did not meet. The police spokeswoman said.


Basketball: NBA Professional Wagner pleased about praise by Dirk Nowitzki

NBA Professional Franz Wagner means the praise of basketball legend Dirk Nowitzki a lot.

Why is Nobody Talking About Franz Wagner?

“Of course that makes me very happy,” said Wagner of the “German Press Agency” after the defeat of his Orlando Magic at Washington Wizards. Nowitzki is “a huge legend and a giant inspiration for me and many other basketballors in Germany”. Wagner came to 28 points at the 110: 127 and was therefore the best thrower of his team.

The best German basketball player in history had impressed in a “dpa” interview at the beginning of the week by Wagner’s first season in the NBA.

“I have to say that he really impressed me in his first year. I did not pursue him at the college. I was really surprised how solid he plays, how well his all-round game is. There is a building on it,” Novitzki had it Said and with a view to the European Championship in autumn in Germany supplemented: “If he has prevailed in the NBA, then he can play a really important role in the European Championship.”