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Wood verified, nonetheless, that he was so far extremely pleased in Dallas. He already understands his brand-new teammates. I have actually already spoken to just regarding everybody, said Wood.

Christian Wood has given an enthusiastic goal for the coming season, the newcomer to the Dallas Mavericks intends to reach the NBA finals. In his brand-new home, he currently feels comfortable after the offseason trade.

Wood placed on ordinary 17.9 factors as well as 10.1 rebounds last season, and he scored 50.1 percent from the area as well as 39.0 percent from the triple line. In his 6 years in the NBA so far, Wood has actually developed right into an excellent marker, but he has actually not yet made it right into the playoffs with his previous teams.

The Mavs safeguarded their most famous brand-new enhancement to the offseason in a profession with the Houston Firecrackers. For the 26-year-old Huge Male, Dallas Sterling Brown, Trey Burke, Marquese Chriss, Boban Marjanovic and Wendell Moore Jr

Despite the support by Wood in the big placements, which was to become a flexible Pick ‘n’ roll and also Choose ‘n’ Pop partner for Luka Doncic, it can be difficult for Dallas to get a deep playoff once again in the solid west following season To place on the run.

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Wood validated, however, that he was so far really happy in Dallas. I’ve currently talked to just about every person, said Wood.

. Wood placed on average 17.9 factors as well as 10.1 rebounds last season, and also he racked up 50.1 percent from the area and 39.0 percent from the three-way line. In his six years in the NBA up until now, Wood has actually become a good scorer, yet he has actually not yet made it right into the playoffs with his previous teams.

I am satisfied to be here, stated Wood as part of a basketball camp for kids from the MAVS Academy. I just want to take the following step.

The Mavs made the leap to the Western Conference Finals in the previous season, where after 5 video games versus the later champ from Golden State. In the offseason, the MAVs in the person of Jalen Brunson lost a crucial Playmaker that they could not change. In spite of the reinforcement by Wood in the large placements, which was to come to be a versatile Select ‘n’ roll as well as Pick ‘n’ Pop partner for Luka Doncic, maybe hard for Dallas to get a deep playoff once more in the strong west next period To place on the run.


DFL provides all 36 professional clubs the license

The German Football League has granted the 36 initial as well as second division club the certificate for the coming period without exemption.
However, some clubs have to fulfill requirements in the 2022/23 season.
The DFL did not share what sort of versions.

For the economic standards and hence the liquidity of the 2022/23 season, the licensing procedure versus the background of the Corona pandemic-like economic unpredictabilities had actually been changed by problems.
They are to be fulfilled by September 15, 2022.
Generally, financial, showing off, lawful, workers administrative, infrastructural as well as media technology requirements are signed in the licensing process.


Extension or sale? FC Bayern wants clarity with Serge Gnabry

FC Bayern is facing an exciting summer. In addition to the unexplained future of Robert Lewandowski, the ongoing contract spoker employs the record champions with Serge Gnabry. Those responsible in this personnel want to have clarity before the coming season.

As the “kicker” reports, FC Bayern does not want to go to the next season with Gnabry without an extension.

The working paper of the right wing is only dated until 2023. Means: In summer, the Bundesliga club could last a higher transfer fee for the 26-year-old.

Gnabry is apparently aware of his good negotiating position. According to media reports, the national player would also like to appreciate more in the club in addition to an increase in salary.

Association president Herbert Hainer emphasized on Sunday in the “Bayern1-Doppelpass” that FC Bayern wants to bind the native of Stuttgart about the coming season. “There are still a few disagreements at Serge, but hopefully we can clear them up,” said the 67-year-old.

does Gnabry not feel valued at Bayern?

At the end of April, “Bild” reported that the Munich team had made an improved offer to their wing player. The offer supposedly provided for a salary between 17 and 19 million euros.

Gnabry had not accepted the offer again and further hesitates its decision. The DFB star is still disappointed with the conversation of those responsible and does not feel the necessary appreciation, it said at the time.

A solution to the problem is not yet in sight. Consequently, the rumor mill continues to bubble. Most recently, Gnabry was associated with Real Madrid and Arsenal FC. FC Bayern had signed the offensive man in 2017 for around eight million euros from Werder Bremen.


The last Fürth goal without a lead: an away win

On the first Bundesliga excursion in 2012/13, the cloverleaf remained a season without a home win, now, on the second attempt, there is a risk of a season without a away win. The last chance to turn off this offers the game at FC Augsburg on Saturday (3:30 p.m., live! At Mijatovic), which is no longer possible for both clubs.

After all: Fürth has played a draw in the past three away games and thus set up his longest away series without defeat in the Bundesliga. “We all wrote a nice story here, now we want a nice farewell with the first away win,” said assistant Andre Mijatovic, who will represent his boss Leitl at FCA.

Now we want a nice farewell with the first away win.

Football montage-Ultimate Last Minute GOALS

André Mijatovic

On the other hand, the SpVgg is the only team to be waiting for a win (with five draws and six defeats) and never scored more than one goal per game during this period, only seven. Large changes in the team, system and tactics are not to be expected.

Burchert’s future still unclear – trainer -WG also in Hanover

Except for the long -term injured Meyerhöfer, Nielsen and Kehr, Mijatovic has all the men on board. However, Sascha Burchert is allowed to stand in the goal again, which already decided in the middle of the week. The future of the 32-year-old goalkeeper has not yet been clarified, his contract with the cloverleaf expires. However, he only has a chance of continued employment if Andreas Linde, who was only committed in winter, is based on the other.

Whether and how Mijatovic is in contact with Leitl before and during the game depends on the health state of the boss. After all, Mijatovic revealed: The men’s WG Leitl/Mijatovic will also be available to its new employer in Hanover.


Bundesliga: BVB supposedly interested in Sergio Arribas from Real Madrid

Borussia Dortmund continues to make the squad for the new season. Has BVB targeted a talent of Real Madrid?

Borussia Dortmund has supposedly considered a talent of Real Madrid in search of further reinforcements in the offensive area. As the Spanish newspaper AS reports, BVB is interested in the 20 -year -old Sergio Arribas. The foreign striker in the reserve team of the royal in the third Spanish league is one of the top performers, in 33 season games he scored 14 goals and scored five more goals.

Arribas mostly plays on the right and then pulls inwards with his strong left foot – an action that is well known in the Bundesliga by the long -time Bayern star Arjen Robben. Arribas had already come to ten missions for the professional team last season, but this has so far been denied to him this season.

Nevertheless, according to the report, Real should not be interested in a sale, only a loan business would be an option. Arribas are still under contract with the Blancos until 2025. BVB has had mixed experiences with rental businesses from real professionals in recent years. Achraf Hakimi turned out to be a stroke of luck for BVB between 2018 and 2020, which could not manage a firm obligation.

However, the situation with Reinier looks different. The Brazilian has never fulfilled expectations since moving to Dortmund in the summer of 2020 and rarely came beyond the role of the supplementary player. The 20-year-old returns to Madrid in July.

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Prediction Starting Line Up REAL MADRID Next Season FT. Antonio Rudiger !!
Coach Marco Rose would definitely need the offensive outer lanes. Jadon Sancho’s departure last year could not be adequately caught, which is why Rose repeatedly experimented with a system change to a triple chain with rail players on the outside positions.


St. Pauli: The crash. The reasons. The consequences.

When the promotion struggle was not yet lost, Andreas Bornemann set up this thesis two weeks ago: A bad season, said the sports director of FC St. Pauli, it could no longer be. This is now that the sovereign autumn champion failed in a disappointing second half of the season in all levels, in the eye of the viewer – but unquestionably the season 2021/22 will go down in the club history as a disappointing. And as one of the missed options.

Hino do St. Pauli (Legendado)

Lecture on Schalke compressed summary of an entire season

The lecture at Schalke at the weekend was something like the compressed summary. 90 minutes as a reflection of an entire season: at half -time with the view of having everything in hand, and in the end in the role of the bitter and deserved loser. Just as St. Pauli’s professionals faced a leg after a 2-0 half-time lead on Saturday with tölpelic mistakes and two references to space, the team also stood in the way of 36 points in the first half. Individuals, such as goalkeeper Nikola Vasilj, promoted Jakov Medic or goal scorer Guido Burgstaller, lost their grandiose form of the previous year, others with expiring contracts, put their own future into the foreground and created a disturbance that has been crucial at the latest since the beginning of March Season phase, blazed and ultimately could not be extinguished by those responsible.

Timo Schultz has announced an in -depth analysis. “We will take a closer look why we were so good in the first half of the season and why it didn’t work out in the second half of the season. We will pull out our findings.” Research also includes research where the trainer could have intervene. Before the departure to the winter training camp, the 44-year-old had announced that it would make the main focus on becoming defensive again. The result is 26 goals in 16 games so far – only three teams more. In addition, when the opponents had prepared themselves on St. Pauli’s offensive style, solutions were missing. “The back series gives rise to being critical,” Schultz does not hide.

Schultz: “Have to reinvent us a bit”

The coach suspects “that we will have to reinvent ourselves a bit.” Because the unsatisfactory end of the season makes changes necessary, which are also carried out by farewell faces such as Philipp Ziereis, Christopher Buchtmann, Rico Benatelli or James Lawrence. But because those who would like to keep St. Pauli would also strive for again. Daniel-Kofi Kyereh, for example, the only professional who has proven this season in both half series Bundesliga format wants to go to the upper house. And because the 26-year-old playmaker’s contract only runs until 2023, Bornemann will have to take up this wish in order not to be financially empty, such as Finn Ole Becker, who is moving to Hoffenheim.

“We will take a new attempt,” says Schultz. This could be difficult if the upcoming changes take the expected time. The remaining protagonists may then realize again how much a season of missed possibilities was in 2021/22.


With spectacle back to the BL: Schalkes success factors

In the pre -season, the royal blue did a lot wrong, almost everything – the descent that shaken the club in its foundations was logical. The responsible persons in the 2nd division managed to correct the operating accident. The club, many of which had feared a thoroughly through the 3rd league ten months ago, returns to the Bundesliga after only one year. Prematurely and deservedly. The 3: 2 against FC St. Pauli has been the most spectacular and emotional catch -up since the 4: 4 in the 2017 century derby. The list of success factors this season is long.

Kluge squad design: The builders of this team, above all sports director Rouven Schröder, have done outstanding people by making it a team from the ground with very low financial means and a high level of creativity (a number of complex loan contracts), which ultimately turned out to be balanced enough to attack at the top.

ROUVEN SCHRÖDER über die Trainerentscheidung | FC Schalke 04

Several leaders: The upheaval after the descent was huge, the Schalke hit the absolute hit with several professionals. With defensive strategist Ko ItaKura and the standard specialist Thomas Ouwejan, feared, for example, but of course with Simon Terodde, double goal scorer against St. Pauli. For the fourth time the top scorer – nobody in the 2nd league has managed to do that.

Concentrated offensive power: Schalke 04 currently has the best offensive in the league with currently 70 goals, because not only Terodde is constantly being dangerous (now 29 goals, 7 templates), Marius Bülter is also a hardworking collector of scorer points (10 goals, 13 templates).

Basic defensive stability: If the royal blue hits had to take up, then I would also like to do it. They were given four goals four times – each from Regensburg and Bremen (both 1: 4) as well as Darmstadt (2: 4) and Rostock (3: 4). Otherwise, however, the defense was mostly strengthened, hardly any team conceded as few goals as FC Schalke (43).

Schalke’s big support: the fans. Imago/Pakusch

Grown team spirit: After the disappointing start to the season with just four points from the first four games, the completely new team found itself very quickly. The cooperation grew steadily. Against St. Pauli it became clear that there is a unit on the pitch.

Change of coaching: With Dimitrios Grammozis, the bosses never really made happy, a rigid 3-5-2 system and controversial personnel decisions constantly caused discussion. With Mike Büskens, the club tip promoted the assistant coach to the head coach in March, the balance sheet speaks volumes: The 3-2 spectacle against St. Pauli was the seventh victory in the eighth game under Büskens. Grandios!

Strong final sprint: Only after the 29th matchday Schalke was on a direct promotion place for the first time this season, only after the 1: 4 against Bremen did we go down again, a week later but immediately again high. With the victory against St. Pauli, the club is very close to the second division championship.

Büskens effect: The Eurofighter lives and knows Schalke like no other, with his species he tears the club with him. The team did not overwhelm his decision to switch to four chains: on the contrary: several players who had previously remained under the expectations were received under Büsken’s wings, above all Rodrigo Zalazar, the 3-2 shooter shooter against St. Pauli.

Clear edge at Gazprom: Schalke showed attitude when the club was released from its long -time main sponsor after the invasion of Russian troops – the contract actually ran until 2025 and guaranteed almost 14 million euros in 2021/22 including ascent bonus. Even more: The royal blue could not only present a new jersey partner (Vivawest) quickly, but also caught the tart financial loss, among other things, through the innovative idea of marketing their training shirts (REWE).

Solid economic action: The financial situation is slowly relaxing, but the direction is right. The total liabilities of FC Schalke were 183.5 million euros on the deadline (December 31, 2021). And: The royal blue does not have to worry about the license for the 2022/23 Bundesliga season.

Can also become emotional: Rouven Schröder. Imago/Ulrich Hufnagel

Praise management team: The people now acting have long since proven themselves as a team that is composed at the top of the pleasantly defensive CFO Christina Rühl-Hamers, the always prudent sports director Peter Knäbel and the sports director, who is also liking to perform Rouven Schröder. In addition, Bernd Schröder are in the newly created position of the CEO and the chairman of the supervisory board Axel Hefer. This duo almost never appears publicly. For Schalke standards, this calm is rather unusual on all levels, but the club Tas club is well on the way back to the Beletage.

Good communication: The Schalke often hit the right tones (humility in the first half of the season, increasingly significant ascent signals from the second half of the season) and generally prove a safe handling of difficult topics. Gazprom is an example, another the unrest-stimulating Gladbach rumors about sports director Schröder after the end of Max Eberl at Borussia. It was also important that Büskens ’future role (he moves back into the co-trainer team) from the start was important to suffocate speculations in this direction in the bud and thus avoid unrest.

FREENTIC audience: Measured against membership, FC Schalke 04 (around 160,000) behind FC Bayern with almost 300,000 and Benfica Lisbon with more than 200,000 are the third largest football club in the world. The fans are Schalke’s fowage, which once again demonstrated the impressive atmosphere when playing against St. Pauli. Without his fans in the stadium, Schalke rose in 2021, Schalke is now rising again with them.

Emotional bank: Not only Büskens sprays on the sidelines of passion, but also Schröder and Gerald Asamoah, head of the license player department. Many opponents find the behavior of the S04 bank rather unpleasant, but the Power trio Büskens, Schröder and Asamoah acts as a personalized stimulant for their own team. The opposite pole is the experienced and calm Peter Hermann, whom FC Schalke brought in at the end of March and clearly underpinned its promotion.

All of these factors have contributed to the fact that the Schalke could now reach the climb prematurely and thus avoid the very big nerve thriller on the final matchday with the friends of 1. FC Nürnberg. The royal blue deserves direct Bundesliga return through a lot of diligence, clever decisions and prudent action. Enjoying is now the order of the day. And then? Full of focus on the immense challenges to make the team for the 1st league.


PSG makes 224 million euros in loss in one year

Have PSG Created A Monster They Can't Control?
Paris St.-Germain made a loss of 224.3 million euros in the 2020/21 season. This emerges from the annual report of the National Control and Management department (DNCG) of the football league. The minus primarily results from the ghost games as a result of coronapandemic.

According to the report, PSG posted EUR 36.05 million less ticket revenue than in the previous season. At the same time, expenses for salaries rose by 21 percent to 503 million euros.

Paris gave up more for salaries than the 14 financial clubs in the league. However, the OSC Lille became champion in the 2020/21 season.

PSG recorded TV revenue of 201.8 million euros in the year, of which 146 million are related to the successes in the Champions League.

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There the club had reached the final against Bayern Munich (0-1) in August 2020 and reached the semi -finals a year later.


Bundesliga: Facts and figures on the 2000th matchday

From Friday, the 2000th matchday in the history of the Bundesliga is on the program. An overview before the anniversary about important figures and facts.

17.969 * – The German elite class has seen so many games since the first game in August 1963. At the outcome of all these encounters, the home advantage was actually very important. Finally, 9052 games were won by the hosts (50.4 percent). 4316 games went to the guests (24 percent), 4601 encounters ended with a draw (25.6 percent).
34 – After this number everything is actually aligned. But one season did not always end after 34th game days. In the first two seasons there were 16 teams at the start, it only went until the 30th matchday. And after reunification, the league experienced 38 laps for a season.
3.06 – That is the average of the gates achieved per game. This takes a total of 54,987 goals that were to be admired. The 32nd matchday in the 1983/84 season also emerged – then 53 goals were scored. This seems to be a record for eternity, because no other matchday was more than 47 goals. By the way, the fewest hits were recorded on match day 2689/90 and in round 20 of the 1998/99 season – only eleven times the play equipment found the way into the goal.
O * – In fact, there has never been a game day on which all away teams could win. The guests were close to the 6th matchday of the 2019/20 season with eight away victories. There were nine home victories on seven match days, most recently in round 19 of the 1989/90 season. The highest number of draws on a match day was seven – last on match day 21 of the 2020/21 season.
485.210 * – Never made more fans in the stadiums than on matchday 33 of the 2009/10 season. On average, 53,912 spectators were in the nine stadiums. Incidentally, that was a May 1st – on which no games are now taking place due to the overload of the police. The Corona pandemic ensured the negative figures among visitors – zero spectators were recorded on 37 match days.

Bayern star the lame duck: the 20 slowest players of the season

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829 * – After so many match days, record champions Bayern Munich was at the top of the table. The view of second place shows what dimensions this record has. There Borussia Dortmund ranks with “only” 179 match days. Hannover 96 is located in the “south” of the table. After 110 match days, the Lower Saxony held the red lantern in their hands, followed by Schalke 04 (105) and Hertha BSC (95).
3 * – So many coaches were rid of their jobs in the maximum after a match day. However, this was three times – on match day 11 1983/84, on match day 27 1991/92 and on matchday 19 2006/07. The “victims” included Dietrich Weise, Felix Magath and Jupp Heynckes.

Unbelieveable Records From 2,000 Bundesliga Matchdays
8 * – This number of professionals was sent prematurely on the 3rd matchday of the 2013/14 season. There has never been any more in one round. By the way, Helmut Rahn saw the first red card. The “boss” caught it on matchday 4 of the premiere season 1963/64. There was at least one place of space on over half of the game days (55.6 percent).
2.51 * – So many penalty have been imposed on average per match day. The 12th round of the 1971/72 season holds the record. On this matchday, the referees pointed to the point twelve times. The shooters have failed most frequently on the 7th matchday of the 2016/17 season when five penalty were not used.


RB Leipzig | Nkunku chases Bundesliga record of ex-bvb

Christopher Nkunku currently plays the best season of his professional career. For RB Leipzig, the 24-year-old has become the outstanding enforcer in front of the opposing goal, has already achieved 27 mandatory goals. In the Bundesliga, he can soon break a record of ex-bvb star Jadon Sancho.

When the Leipzig at Borussia Dortmund appears, when the Saxons earned last Saturday with 4: 1, Nkunku once again appeared as a scorer in appearance and met for the interim 3-0 for his colors.

It was the a total of the 16th Seasonal Hits for the French Neu-National Player, who had debuted in the last country break for the World Champion and is now more valuable than Paul Pogba or Antoine Griezmann.

Borussia Dortmund - RB Leipzig 1-4 | Highlights | Matchday 28 – Bundesliga 2021/22

More about: RB Leipzig forged 60-million plan with Nkunku

In addition to its outstanding final qualities in the current season, however, Nkunku does not only appear as a scorer, but also as a preparatory for the Leipziger. The offensive midfielder already brings it to 14 assists, is thus behind Thomas Müller the best template encoder in the Bundesliga.

RB Leipzig has a guest on Sunday Hoffenheim

Should Nkunku still provide another direct template, he would have achieved a brand that has been reached since the beginning of the corresponding data acquisition for the 1988/1989 season only from the former BVB star Jadon Sancho.

Only the English wing sprayer has so far been able to achieve at least 15 goals and 15 templates in a season. In the BVB jersey, Sancho was even riched 17 results and 17 assists in the 2019/2020 season.

Six gaming days Nkunku still has time to equalize or even top this top value of the Sanchos migrated to Manchester United. For RB Leipzig it goes on next Sunday with the home game against 1899 Hoffenheim (from 19:30 clock).