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According to info from the kicker, the hazard from the stands has currently been placed right into viewpoint within the club, it would have been in theory feasible anyhow, however in the end it was not really useful. Instead, the talks have brought them better together once more, and the exchange is going a lot better, according to the professional magazine.

The national player is stated to be essentially satisfied with the previous offer, which Gnabry has had for time and also which is stated to consist of an annual income of approximately 19 million euros. There are only information to be made clear, as an example exactly how the German series champ plans with Gnabry in the future. Right here, as well, there must be estimates.

Both sides are positive that the prepared extension will certainly occur soon. A four or five-year contract is being thought about.

Although the doubt of the nationwide gamer in the last few weeks and months created a lack of understanding among those in charge of Bayern, also a feasible place in the stands was allegedly endangered if Gnabry did not finally choose, however in the meanwhile they have obviously located a more detailed relationship again.

At 26, Serge Gnabry remains in the most effective footballer age. It’s no surprise that the FC Bayern offensive gamer is presently considering whether to extend his functioning papers with Munich in the near future or to reorient himself.


Nevertheless the fuss about Robert Lewandowski, there are currently positive growths at FC Bayern in one more personnel issue: Serge Gnabry, whose agreement runs out in less than a year, is possibly closer than ever before to an expansion with the German record champions.

Chelsea in theory remains an alternative for Gnabry

The reports regarding an interest in Chelsea meanwhile do not appear entirely out of thin air. As the kicker additionally records, Gnabry-contrary to what was assumed in some places-can absolutely visualize a transfer to the London club, regardless of his dedication to league as well as city rivals Collection at the time.

FC Bayern is currently in post position with the 26-year-old.


Extension or sale? FC Bayern wants clarity with Serge Gnabry

FC Bayern is facing an exciting summer. In addition to the unexplained future of Robert Lewandowski, the ongoing contract spoker employs the record champions with Serge Gnabry. Those responsible in this personnel want to have clarity before the coming season.

As the “kicker” reports, FC Bayern does not want to go to the next season with Gnabry without an extension.

The working paper of the right wing is only dated until 2023. Means: In summer, the Bundesliga club could last a higher transfer fee for the 26-year-old.

Gnabry is apparently aware of his good negotiating position. According to media reports, the national player would also like to appreciate more in the club in addition to an increase in salary.

Association president Herbert Hainer emphasized on Sunday in the “Bayern1-Doppelpass” that FC Bayern wants to bind the native of Stuttgart about the coming season. “There are still a few disagreements at Serge, but hopefully we can clear them up,” said the 67-year-old.

does Gnabry not feel valued at Bayern?

At the end of April, “Bild” reported that the Munich team had made an improved offer to their wing player. The offer supposedly provided for a salary between 17 and 19 million euros.

Gnabry had not accepted the offer again and further hesitates its decision. The DFB star is still disappointed with the conversation of those responsible and does not feel the necessary appreciation, it said at the time.

A solution to the problem is not yet in sight. Consequently, the rumor mill continues to bubble. Most recently, Gnabry was associated with Real Madrid and Arsenal FC. FC Bayern had signed the offensive man in 2017 for around eight million euros from Werder Bremen.


FC Bayern | Confusion about Gnabrys contractual situation

Serge Gnabry killed his fourth German championship with FC Bayern last Saturday. In the decisive 3-1 home win of the Munich team against BVB, the international scored 1-0 for his colors. Despite the recently important goals of Gnabry, remaining at FC Bayern is still anything but secured.

Recently, speculation has already increased that a contract extension of the 26-year-old is more than ever on the brink of the German record champions.

In its latest reporting on Bayern Munich, the “kicker” is now even a step further. According to the specialist magazine, Serge Gnabry is currently not thinking about extending his contract in 2023.

A farewell in the next summer from Munich to generate even a transfer for Gnabry, is more than ever a possible scenario for the Munich.

“Serious talks” between Gnabry and FC Bayern?

Serge Gnabry feels under-appreciated at Bayern | FC Bayern Transfer News

However, however, “SKY” stops and reports that Gnabry has so far not decided neither for nor against an extension. According to the report, “serious discussions” are currently taking place between the two parties.

“According to our research, a sale is not realistic this summer,” emphasized reporter Florian Plettenberg.

The talks about a new work paper at Gnabry at Bayern have been in a dead end for months. Especially in the salary question, there should be large differences between the club and player side.

Gnabry rumors not yet specifically

Serge Gnabry is one of four top stars of FC Bayern who have not signed a new contract beyond 2023. The same applies to world football players Robert Lewandowski, Bayern veteran Thomas Müller and team captain Manuel Neuer.

It is still completely open at the moment where it could alternatively go on for Gnabry. The wing striker was repeatedly associated with top teams from the English Premier League, including Tottenham Hotspur and FC Liverpool on the native of Stuttgart. So far, this speculation has not become really hot.

In addition, the offensive star on social media has repeatedly commented as a thoroughbred fan of his ex-club FC Arsenal. A commitment to arch -rivals from Tottenham should be unlikely.

According to “Sky”, Real Madrid is also interested in Gnabry, but the royal focus on Kylian Mbappé of Paris Saint-Germain. Both transfers in a summer will hardly make the Spaniards.


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FC Bayern: Serge Gnabry already speaks with Real Madrid

Does the FC Bayern national Serge Gnabry move in summer? The talks with the 26-year-old are still tough, there is a very prominent interested party with Real Madrid. Contact to the royal should already exist.

The contracts between Serge Gnabry and FC Bayern are and remain complicated. The national player still poses a salary increase, focusing on his colleagues Leroy Sané and Kingsley Coman, who both make much more than he earn.

If it does not come to an agreement, a location change could be for Gnabry in summer.

Although the “Bayerns picture” reports that Gnabry does not really want to leave the club after the season. If it does not come to an extension, the Munich want to sell him to prevent a release-free finish in the summer of 2023.

Advantage for FC Bayern: With Real Madrid an attractive and resourceful customer would be ready. According to “Bayern Image”, David Alaba has already stirred vigorously the advertising drum for his former teammate and good friend. Maybe therefore, according to the report, it has already given “loose contacts” between the royal and gnabry.

How plans Nagelsmann with Gnabry at FC Bayern?

A crucial role in the poker for the future of the German national player could take Julian Nagelsmann. The reason: According to “Bayern Picture”, Gnabry is dissatisfied with the role that the coach instructs him on the square. It is said that the 26-year-old would like to see each other more often in the center and not only on the outer train.

Here is another name in the game: Noussair Mazraoui. The right-back of Ajax Amsterdam interprets its role extremely offensively, regularly appears on the offensive wing. This could open the way for Gnabry to the center more frequently.

David Alaba pushing for Real Madrid to sign Bayern Munich’s Serge Gnabry

Mazraoui is said to be the 1A solution of the Munich on this position. Talks between the parties. But there may be a few weeks left until a completion. As long as Serge Gnabry has to be patient, while he pokers with the club around his future.


FC Bayern | Serge Gnabry: “Never had an alternative

At national player Serge Gnabry from FC Bayern Munich there was never a plan B to his football career.

FC Bayern & Serge Gnabry's unforgettable night in London | Behind The Bayern #13

“I never had an alternative way in the head. I never had interest in other things than football. That’s why I’m very glad that it worked as a professional, otherwise I would not have known what I would have started or what I would like “Gnabry said in an” Amazon “podcast.

He faith, supplemented the 26-year-old, “it goes many in our generation so that they do not know what they want. Therefore, of course it is a blessing, my hobby and my passion to make a job”.

With some worries, Gnabry looks at the younger generation on the use of social media. This laying out “much more value on social media than us and makes even a lot of personal dependent, instead of living a bit more in reality. I think that’s worrying,” Gnabry said.

Especially as a Serge Gnabrysman or famous person it is “without the social media hard to stay on the ground,” says the Bayern star: “I find it extremely important to preserve a certain privacy on social media and not everything from home to share with the public. “