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Grow Song of the Evertree Weltenbauer Sandbox

GROW: Song of the Degree, a world-builder sandbox game of Prideful Sloth from Brisbane developed and published by 505 games, is now available for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch and offers players an adventure with life simulation and exploration elements.

History: Once the mighty Estelle ( Journal Tree ), who wore the weight of the world s alias on his strong branches, proudly emphasized, outrage of miracles and beauty.

But this sight has been faded for a long time, because of the once graceful presence, hardly more than a student has remained through the drought. Hope for salvation is based on the last Ever heart alchemist, which the care of the tree was entrusted.

After the publication of Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles 2017 Prideful Sloth continues to focus on the relaxing coziness of the Cozy Genre, which is literally inflated in the last decade. Players are facing a wonderful adventure in life-spraying environments, underpin by a charming soundtrack of the composer Kevin Pen kin (Florence, Star Wars: Visions.)

GROW: Song of the Evertree Opening Hours Impressions 4K
Countless ways and possibilities are located in front of the Ever heart alchemist, from the cultivation of fantastic landscapes on the branches of the Degree ( Grand Tree ) to the concern for communities and care of friendships.

The unusual gameplay offers unforgettable colors and beauties, it encourages time driving as fishing or solving puzzles and exploring caves. In Grow, creative freedom is the actual adventure.

Each aspect of Grow s fantastic world offers an experience that is worth losing it. It is a pleasant place in which friendliness and consideration are rewarded.

Developers and publishers also continue to wear these caring thoughts by donating to the Arbor Day Foundation based on the number of wish-list entries from Grow to Steam. With these donations, trees are planted worldwide.

We are very happy to welcome the players: Welcome to today s start of Grow on PC and consoles in Malaria, says Cheryl Vance, Game Designer at Prideful Sloth. Grow is a game that turns to explore and the existence turns. We see it as an inviting and pleasant evolution of our previous work. We very much hope that Malaria is for all who take the time to visit it, becomes a second, digital home.

Grow: Buy Song of the Degree for 24.99 euros

GROW: Song of the Degree appears today for PC via Steam (with 10% additional discount), PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch for the price of €24.99. A physical Nintendo Switch Edition will be available for €29.99 in February 2022 for €29.99.