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How to find and defeat Aberrant Franken in Tower of Fantasy

Aberrant Franken is a boss in the fantasy tower, which can be found in several places, but for the first time it is found in the A-02 ruins. Since most Astra enemies are quite simple, the bosses are designed to introduce the player with the new mechanics. At higher levels of complexity, ruins will begin to pose a threat, and players may face great difficulties than they thought. Here’s how to find and defeat Aberrant Franken in Tower of Fantasy.

where to find and defeat Aberrant Franken in Tower of Fantasy

Aberrant Franken This is a boss in Tower of Fantasy, which you can first encounter ruin A-02 on any complexity. All ruins in the aster and other locations will appear on the map. It will also appear in other locations and will always increase to the level of the player. He uses only a few moves, but all of them can cause great damage if the players are not careful.

Swing Combo *-Abberant Franken waving his hands and completes the attack with a powerful blow.
A powerful attack -The boss has one large shock attack that he can perform, which makes it dangerous at close range.
Counter shield -a blue shield will be applied, which will make the attackers reflect their damage on them. The ABBERANT Franken attack from the back can either soften damage or completely prevent it.

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How to defeat Aberrant Franken in Void Rift in Tower of Fantasy

Aberrant Franken, whom you will meet in the fault of the abyss, have much more health than in ruins. When dealing with this boss, players do not need to coordinate their actions too much, but they should be careful with shield the boss has. The shield will be visible in blue and will reflect damage to the attackers. When players face this, the group can instead attack the boss from behind to avoid damage. In treatment, since the players should be nearby, the group will have to find out whether they will be grouped close to Aberrant Franken or grouped away from him with distant attacks in order to get as much healing as possible.

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Final fantasy xiv

How relics work in Tower of Fantasy

The study is a vital element of Tower of Fantasy, and players are invited to travel long distances to collect resources and advance in the game. Along with the clarification of the secrets of the Earth, we also need to defeat powerful enemies along the way. Fortunately, players can unlock and use relics that will help them both in battle and in passage. In this guide, we will talk about how each of these relics works at Tower of Fantasy and how to get them.


What are the relics in Tower of Fantasy?

As mentioned briefly earlier, relics are tools and gadgets that can be unlocked and equipped with players to increase their efficiency in battle and movement on the ground. In total, players can unlock and equip 20 relics. However, players can equip only two relics at one time. Therefore, it is ideal to have presets from different combinations of relics for specific situations. Each relic is supplied with a unique set passive e and active skills . After you promote the relic, its active skills are intensifying, and the number of passive skills increases.

How to get relics in Tower of Fantasy

The relics can be unlocked by performing missions for promotion on the storyline or collecting certain components and resources. The relics, like jet as well as missile shelling can be obtained by simply completing some of the early plot missions. Some other relics can be obtained as a reward for earnings research glasses that can be earned by exploring the world of Tower of Fantasy. For example, earnings 700 research glasses in the Aster will give you relic of magnetic storm when collecting 660 Studies in Navia open relic of magnetic impulse . Players can also earn relics as a reward for research. Ruin. Finally, you can also get relics by buying them in exchange for fragment of the relic S, which you can earn by defeating world bosses.

All unlocked relics in Tower of Fantasy

There are a total of 20 relics in the fantasy tower. Equipment with relics can help you in battle or travel. Here are all the relics that you can unlock in Tower of Fantasy.

  • Reactive satchel
  • A soaring gun
  • Law bomb
  • Jetboard
  • Magnetic storm
  • Quantum cloak
  • Missile shelling
  • Cybernetic hand
  • Cowant
  • Strange cube
  • Omnium manual gun
  • Magnetic pulse
  • Colossus hand
  • Universal shield
  • Type V armor
  • Rap space-time
  • Conclusion
  • Drone
  • Holographic projector
  • Alternative fate

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Final fantasy xiv

Tower of Fantasy Explanation of all characters and simulacra

Tower of Fantasy provides its players with a wide selection of weapons and resources that they can unlock during the game. However, since most mechanisms are very similar to traditional MMORPG, there is something new, presented as Simulakr and Simulakr. At first it may seem confusing, but don’t worry anymore! In this Tower of Fantasy guide, we will consider what Simulacrum and Simulacra are, as well as details about all the characters in the game.

Tower of Fantastic characters

Simulakr is an object in the fantasy tower, where players can visit and buy new weapons using various gaming currencies. But there is one feature: when you go there, you do not see your traditional weapons on the shelves awaiting the purchase. Instead, you have different characters as equipment.

On the other hand, simulacracs are known as a weapon character available in a simulacker. These are unlocked characters, and each of them has its own ancient story of the hero.

In addition, their consciousness was transferred to artificial intelligence, which players can now arm themselves.

Therefore, whenever the players unlock the simulacu, they will be able to call this simulacra and provide it with the character with all its attributes, forms and personality. In addition, you cannot buy these characters; Instead, you will buy bags and wait for your luck to unlock the new Simulacra.

Keep in mind that simulacra is just a way to unlock a weapon. As soon as the weapon is unlocked, the characters of Tower of Fantasy become nothing more than skins. You can use any weapon with any simulars or even with your own character by default.

Below is a list of all simulacrars presented in Tower of Fantasy and their details. All characters are unlocked through the GACHA stretch system, so you cannot decide which character to choose if you do not have a lot of money that you can spend and decent good luck.

SR Simulakra

Tap ****

Gifts: games, jewelry and toys

Ane is described as a prototype of combat droids, and she acts with the consciousness of the daughter of her previous owner. Having recently earned the right to life, it masters its destructive forces and is set up to act according to its own rules. And oh, she does not like teamwork.

thunder halberd ****

Gifts: everyday household items, objects of a limited store, games

Echo, also previously known as Manaka, had a hard life: her house was destroyed, and her parents were killed at the age of 9 years. She saved her passing by the merchant, and she was placed in a rehabilitation center in Bangess. Now she took on the role of the Wanderer Pustoshi and punishes evil around her.



Gifts: everyday household items, jewelry, saved

Unlike her name, Pepper has a cheerful character, she is a descendant of the rich Banes family. Her family was once rich, but now in prison due to illness. Pepper took this role on herself and is currently working in the medical department of Hykros, trying to find a cure for their illness.

Terminator ****

Gifts: limited goods in a store, toys, figurines

Hilda is a nap from the port of Banges. She is a famous member of her city, and she is always appreciated for her kindness and the ability to negotiate.

Bai ling
Nightingale feather ****

Gifts: rare objects, saved, jewelry

Bai Lin is currently the leader of the HT201 shelter and is engaged in everyday operations and military operations. She is very busy and diligently fulfilling her duties. Nevertheless, she deserves her place and has everything necessary to become a great leader.

Simulakra SSR

Venus ****

Gifts: toys, jewelry, household items

Nemesis is an angel of mercy, subjected to severe experiments and mutations. She is very closed and usually holds apart, but when she has to fight, she is a ruthless killer.

denying cube ****

Gifts: Games, limited goods in the store

Zero is a 15-year-old genius who made sure that no one would ever know about his real name and past life, destroying all the evidence. However, everyone knows that it is insightful and witty.

molten shield v2 ****

Gifts: household items, games, jewelry

Huma developed a disease that gives it superhuman power, and at present it is under the medical supervision of Hikros. Although she seems very quiet, no one can stop her when she is plotting something.

Arrow of Ice Wind ****

Gifts: figurines, limited items in a store, rare items

It will not be an exaggeration to say that Tsubas is a party with a large number of connections that she has. She is a former Hykros employee, a former Hyena officer and recently joined Heirs of Aida.

chakra of the seas
Gifts: Metal objects, saved, rare objects

Shiro is an antisocial scientist and is always busy with his research work. She is friends only with people with the same interests in water, like her, and does not like to waste her time.

Raven’s braid
Gifts: Saved, rare items, limited items in the store

All important conversations and no waste of time. This is King in a nutshell. He is a straightforward guy and very brave. He is always ready for battle and can make you serious competition when he is on a mission.

Full zero
Gifts: Toys, jewelry, rare objects

Cocoritter is a sweet and attractive girl. She is very compassionate to her allies and tries to help them with her healing staff and abilities. She also has a passion for penguins.

Guren Blade
Gifts: everyday household items, rare objects, jewelry

Another cool and difficult woman in the list is Claudia. She is very fierce and is known for scaring her enemies. She is called the captain and commander of all the heroes, and she secretly loves cats. Purr

Thunder blades
Gifts: Casual household items, figurines, limited items in the store

A quick and witty killer who will cut you in half before you notice it. The crow believes in cleansing of all evil and the punishment of sinners. Like Claudia, he also loves cats.

pink edge ****

Gifts: saved, rare items

Meil is a senior performer of Hykros and has one of the most impressive combat skills. She hides her emotions from everyone and looks hostile. She is an ideal candidate to fulfill complex missions.

Weapons: Double electromagnetic stars ****

Gifts: games, toys

Samir is a joker and a friendly girl. She is very calm and is an ideal friend for those whom she loves very much. In addition, she is the best shooter in the country and even ahead of elite executioners.

Black desert online

Ghostwire Tokyo The Black Tower: Should one enter the underworld or not?

Ghostwire: Tokyo is not a game with many choices. So if you are presented, some flags may be kept. Is that the end of the game? Can not I go as soon as I came? These questions are natural and will be answered in this guide. Here you will learn if you should enter the quest “underworld in the black tower” in Ghostwire: Tokyo.

If you enter the underworld in the black tower or not

In Chapter 4, you need parts for RinkOS motorcycle. But the parts you need are not any old motorcycle parts – they need parts from another world. The Black Tower Quest requires you to find some fragrant underworld oil which is found by going through a damaged Torii gate. When interacting with the gate, KK will warm up that after entering the underworld will not be easy to get out again. Here you can choose between “ENTER” and “Not yet”. If you do not even press, KK will instruct you to prepare for entry. If you want to participate and then feel that you are not ready yet, You can easily turn around and press EXIT as soon as you are inside . This is not the last section of the game, and in fact, there are other damaged Torii goals that lead to a section of the underworld, which are not part of a quest.

In this section of the underworld, you must Turn off visitors as well as some stains of spoiled trees, which they can turn out silently with arrow and bow. You can also go the loud way and destroy the place with Ethereal Weaving. If you remove the spoiled trees and the visitors, the path is opened forward and the house. Snap the scented underworld oil in the house.

After they have gripped the oil, they are transported into a twisted reality from which they have to find their way out. At the end of the hall they meet at Shiromuku, a new kind of mini-boss. After they have defeated them, grab the scented underworld oil, which lies on the table. They are returned to where they originally picked up it, and have to go back to the Torii Gate. On the last route to the Torii Tor, Several enemies with a high degree of difficulty you will attack . You can locate them or run directly to them and leave the exit.

And this will end this section of the Quest “The Black Tower”. Look at this, the decision to choose in Ghostwire: Tokyo between entering the underworld or not to choose, was not so big. Other helpful tips and tricks can be found in our other Ghostwire: Tokyo instructions.

Ghostwire: Tokyo is available on March 25,2022 for PlayStation 5 and PC.

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ROBLOX TOWER HEROES All the most recent codes December 2021

As ROBLOX continues to be strengthened, one of the hidden gems of the platform is Tower Heroes, which combines the Classic Torres Defense Mechanics with an addictive collective game. While this is largely an easy experience to start and play, it can be quite difficult, especially in the middle and difficult configurations. Fortunately, however, there are codes that can provide players a lot of useful gifts to help them. In this guide, we will give you a general description of all the latest Roblox Tower Heroes codes. Come on, do you want?

All the most recent Tower Heroes codes (December 2021)

Here are all the most recent work codes in Tower Heroes:

Spectacular — Exchange for a bat skin sticker and free smiling face


Enemies — Free Spider Stickers
update — Free modifier
Vision 2020 — Free Streamer Skin
Sticker — For this you get stickers
Odd port — Skin of Reese, PK and Global
HORSEBOX — Free Xbox Skin
Pixel bit — 20 pieces

How to redeem codes in Roblox Tower Heroes

To redeem a code in Tower Heroes, all you need to do is press the code button at the bottom left of your screen. Basically it looks like the Roblox logo.

Then click on the Enter code here button and enter the specific code you want. It should be noted that the codes distinguish between uppercase and lowercase, so you should make sure you place uppercase and lowercase letters in the correct places; Otherwise, the codes will not work.

That’s all you need to know All last Roblox Tower Heroes codes. If you are looking for other Roblox guides, we have it covered. And to get more information about the game, be sure to search free in your next Google search.


Simple Tower Defense Infinitode 2 STEAM Version Basic Play Free Feeding Food

Tower Defense Games Developed by Prineside About Infinitode 2-Infinite Tower Defense , the price revision of the STEAM version was revised free of charge.

This work is a tower defense game that can concentrate on tactics and durability under simple graphics such as enemies are expressed in shapes. It is characterized by a level editor that can create skill-tree and stages that can release the tower and release new abilities.

Update 1.8.4 is also distributed to the improvement of quality behavior with this basic play free of charge. The adaptation range expansion of double gain to be doubled with the elimination of the element that needs time and the amount of acquisition such as resources is doubled. The sale of double gain in the STEAM version is to start in the future.

Infinitode 2-Infinite Tower Defense is distributed for basic play for PC (STeam) / iOS / AndroidTower Defense Games Developedd by Prineside About Infinitode 2-Infinite Tower Defense , the price revision of the STEAM version was revised free of charge.

This work is a tower defense game that can concentrate on tactics and durability under simple graphics such as enemies are expressed in shapes. It is characterized by a level editor that can create skill-tree and stages that can release the tower and release new abilities.

12 of the best Tower Defense Games on Steam l 2021

Update 1.8.4 is also distributed to the improvement of quality behavior with this basic play free of charge. The adaptation range expansion of double gain to be doubled with the elimination of the element that needs time and the amount of acquisition such as resources is doubled. The sale of double gain in the STEAM version is to start in the future.

Infinitode 2-Infinite Tower Defense is distributed for basic play for PC (STeam) / iOS / Android.


Deathloop How to Disable Protected Power Hack and Control Sentry Turrets

In Deathloop you will find that the enemies you encounter are well armed, including personal defense systems such as watchtowers. These enemy shells can cut you with shots in pieces, so it is important to disable protective turrets when you meet them. This guide explains how to deactivate and even control protective leaves in Deathloop and switch against your enemies.

To disable protective powers in Deathloop

If you get close enough to a tower, you can deactivate it by removing the battery. You will find the tower battery pack on the back of the tower. It has a handle and lights on displaying the power level of the tower. Go or sneak on it and interact with the battery to disable the tower. As soon as the battery is taken out of the tower, it can no longer shoot or recognize them.

How to chop towers and controlled

The Hackamajig, which you get at the beginning of Deathloop, will come into play here. When the tower is turned on and tuned to enemies, you must use the hackamajig to chop the tower. Just score the hackamajig and look at the tower and you will see a request as in the picture above. Press and hold the L1 button (PlayStation) and you then have control over the tower.

Shells under their control have a green tracking beam.

How to use Turret

Shells that are under your control have some other options than those that are not. You can turn off protected turrets under your control without removing the battery. They can be folded up into a small briefcase that is easy to carry. If you carry the tower in the form of a briefcase, you can easily set the tower by holding down the square button (PlayStation).

If you want to be really creative with the tower in Deathloop, you can use Hackamajig from afar. Just drop the briefcase anywhere and you can chop you with the hacking tool from afar. That way, you may be able to meet your enemies. This remote control also works in both directions. So if you want to deactivate the tower with your hackamajig from afar, you can do so.

And that’s all you need to know about deactivating protected taps in Deathloop, hacking and controlling watchtowers in the game.

  • This article was updated on September 13, 2021

Wow LEGION s beloved Tower is coming back

The Foreign Legion (FFL; French: Légion étrangère, French pronunciation: [leʒjɔ̃ etʁɑ̃ʒɛʁ], L.É.) is an armed forces solution branch of the French Military established in 1831. Legionnaires are extremely educated infantry soldiers and also the Legion is special in that it is open to foreign employees ready to offer in the French Armed Forces. When it was founded, the French Foreign Legion was not special; other foreign developments existed at the time in France. The Foreign Legion is today referred to as an unit whose training concentrates on conventional military skills and also on its strong team morale, as its males originate from various nations with various cultures. Consequently, training is usually referred to as not only literally difficult, but additionally really difficult emotionally. French citizenship may be obtained after three years’ solution. The Legion is the only component of the French military that does not vouch loyalty to France, yet to the Foreign Legion itself. Any kind of soldier who gets injured throughout a fight for France can quickly apply to be a French citizen under an arrangement referred to as Français the same level le sang versé ( French by splashed blood ). Since 2018, members come from 140 various nations.
Given that 1831, the Legion has actually consisted of thousands of thousands in active solution at its optimal, as well as experienced the aggregated loss of almost 40,000 guys in France, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Madagascar, West Africa, Mexico, Italy, Crimea, Spain, Indo-China, Norway, Syria, Chad, Zaïre, Lebanon, Central Africa, Gabon, Kuwait, Rwanda, Djibouti, former Yugoslavia, Somalia, the Republic of Congo, Ivory Shore, Afghanistan, Mali, in addition to others. The French Foreign Legion was largely used to assist safeguard and also increase the French colonial realm throughout the 19th century. The Foreign Legion was at first based just in Algeria, where it participated in the pacification and growth of the colony. Consequently, the Foreign Legion was released in a number of disputes, including the First Carlist War in 1835, the Crimean Battle in 1854, the 2nd Italian Battle of Freedom in 1859, the French treatment in Mexico in 1863, the Franco-Prussian War in 1870, the Tonkin Project as well as Sino-French War in 1883, supporting development of the French colonial empire in Sub-Saharan Africa, the 2nd Franco-Dahomean Battle in 1892, the 2nd Madagascar exploration in 1895 and the Mandingo Battles in 1894. In World Battle I, the Foreign Legion battled in lots of crucial battles on the Western Front. It played a smaller sized duty in World War II than in World War, though influencing the Norwegian, Syrian and also North African campaigns. Throughout the First Indochina War (1946– 1954), the Foreign Legion saw its numbers swell. The Legion shed a multitude of guys in the tragic Battle of Dien Bien Phu against forces of the Viet Minh.
Subsequent armed forces campaigns included those during the Suez Crisis, the Battle of Algiers and numerous offensives in Algeria introduced by General Maurice Challe consisting of Procedure Oranie and also Operation Jumelles. During the Algerian War of Self-reliance (1954– 1962), the Foreign Legion resembled being dissolved after some police officers, males, and also the very decorated first Foreign Parachute Program (1er REP) participated in the Generals’ putsch. In the 1960s and 1970s, Legion programs had additional roles in sending devices as a fast deployment pressure to preserve French rate of interests– in its former African nests and in various other countries as well; it likewise went back to its origins of being a device constantly prepared to be sent out to clash zones worldwide. Some significant operations include: the Chadian– Libyan problem in 1969– 1972 (the very first time that the Legion was sent out in procedures after the Algerian Battle), 1978– 1979, and also 1983– 1987; Kolwezi in what is currently the Autonomous Republic of the Congo in Might 1978. In 1981, the 1st International Program as well as International Legion routines participated in the International Pressure in Lebanon. In 1990, Foreign Legion routines were sent out to the Persian Gulf and also took part in Opération Daguet, part of Department Daguet. Adhering To the Gulf Battle in the 1990s, the Foreign Legion assisted with the discharge of French residents and also foreigners in Rwanda, Gabon as well as Zaire. The Foreign Legion was likewise deployed in Cambodia, Somalia, Sarajevo, Bosnia and also Herzegovina. In the mid- to late 1990s, the Foreign Legion was released in the Main African Republic, Congo-Brazzaville as well as in Kosovo. The French Foreign Legion likewise took component in operations in Rwanda in 1990– 1994; and the Cream color Shore in 2002 to the present. In the 2000s, the Foreign Legion was deployed in Procedure Enduring Flexibility in Afghanistan, Procedure Licorne in Cream Color Coastline, the EUFOR Tchad/RCA in Chad, and also Procedure Serval in the Northern Mali conflict. Various other nations have tried to imitate the French Foreign Legion model.

Data miners discovered something great at World of Warcraft. The Legion Mage Tower will celebrate your return.

Although World of Warcraft is often criticized by its many systems, there are some content that players lament for a long time when they disappear from the game. One of them was the tower of the magician, which Legion players could visit on the abrupt coast. Now it increases the expectation for the return, because the first data mining shows that the old tower of the magician is being revived.

What is the Tower of the Magi? The Mage Tower was the final content of the game for all players in the last patches of the Legion expansion. In a particularly complicated bosses fight that required a lot of planning and practice, each class could earn a series of special masks for the artifact weapon. Everything was limited in time: whoever has unlocked the mask at that time still possesses it today. Other players can no longer get it.

What has now been discovered? Information has now been found in the data of the patch game 9.1.5 that the tower of the magician is being revived. There are entrances that review some of the teleportations associated with the tower of the magician, such as:

Teleport – Mother’s Deblill Lair
Teleport – Twisting Nether
Teleporta – Scenario of Queen Goddess

These are all the names of the places where the class challenge of the tower of the magician took place at that time.

The Magic Tower: Some hated her, but many loved them.

But that is not all. Numerous spells of the era of the tower of the magician in the game data have also been found, have received an update. The damage of these skills has been adjusted so that it fits better with the current values ​​of the life points of the characters; After all, at that time you were at Legion level 110 and now you are at level 60 thanks to level crushing.

So, what are the rewards? It is unlikely that the artifact weapons designs can be reached. However, other cosmetic elements have already been found in the game data, as a color change of the popular set T20 that was in the grave of Sargers at that time.

The main designer of the game Jeremy Feasel ( muffinus ) also published an ominous tuit here. It shows a set of data mining wizards with the GARFIELD cat and the question: Eh. I wonder what that is .

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At this point, you will find external Twitter content that complements the item.

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It seems that these transfiguration sets are a pleasure for Mage Tower.

When can you play this? Only after the launch of patch 9.1.5, which will probably appear in mid-October. However, it is very possible that the return of Mage Tower is linked to the event Timewalking: Legion , which will also be launched with patch 9.1.5. A great addition to the time of wandering, which then has content for solo players. After all, everyone in the tower of the magician are alone.

-I do not do this to me, Blizzard. My heart can not bear that.
What the hell, this has something of no-lifen!
Damn, that’s exactly the only thing you can do to come back to the subscription …

However, there are also some voices that are concerned that Blizzard returns to make the artifact gun masks accessible. So Haytur writes:

I will find my subscription if that is a way to remove the transfiguration of the tower. One of the reasons why I still play is because I have things to show because I have invested time in the game. They will take away that feeling and then it’s time to leave the game back.

You can find more news about WORLD OF WARCRAFT here:

Blizzard Tacha 2 frivolous allusions and change the name of the successes
Patch 9.1.5 Even facilitates death in Wow
Horde and Alliance Together: Should Wow do that possible?

Why is the magician tower so popular? Since the Legion end, the players have cried the tower of the magician. For many, it was a particularly interesting challenge in which you could nibble a really difficult task on your own and improve slowly. Adorned with a great, exclusive reward and, above all, purely cosmetic, hit the nerve of many players.

However, keep in mind that so far this has only been treated the data pool and some developer’s allusions. Until it is officially confirmed, it would still be possible for this function to be not included in the chat. However, given all the data, it seems appropriate a bit of anticipation. What do you think of the (probable) return from the towers of the magicians? Are you waiting for it? Or are not you in humor for heated content ?