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Biathlon: Season of ladies in Ruhpolding now in the Liveticker

Upholding is a commune in the Alps in Bavaria, Germany, in the district of Braunstein. Every year, several tests of the Biathlon World Cup are arranged. This locality, really frequented by the villagers, has stayed a center of popular practices.

The Biathlon World Cup in Upholding continues today with the graduated of the ladies. Here you can follow the race over 4 x 6 kilometers in the live ticker.

The Season of Ladies in Upholding Today — with the DAZN subscription!

Biathlon: Season of ladies in Upholding — the current podium


Place Name time
1. Norway 23: 49.60
2. Italy +10.10
3rd Belarus +17.40

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Biathlon: Season of ladies in Upholding now in the live ticker

4. Shoot: Big problems has Vanessa Hind! Ultimately, the Germans do not help three toilet cartridges, which is why it goes into the penalty after a long time on the mat. Germany only crosses the 16th place.

4. Shoot: The first athletes have already arrived at the shooting range and prepare for the standing stop. Once again, Dorothea Wearer fires the first shot, but must reload. Also, Caroline Offigstad knot as well as Dinar Alimbekava pass, however, so that Wine takes over the lead.

Field together again: On the track shows that nothing has happened yet. A total of eight teams run at the top of the field. Among other things, Vanessa Hind and Katharina Interloper are represented in the group.

Weeper again: On the trail, Caroline Offigstad can not hit the highest pace and loses a little time again. Dorothea Wearer has almost reached the skins of the Norwegian, also Dinar Alimbekava and Vanessa Hind are only for eight seconds.

3. Shoot: Dinar ALIMBEBAVA from Belarus blows with five quick hunts for catching up and slides with 17 seconds behind Caroline Offigstad Knot to the third position. Also, Vanessa Hind remained error-free and thus leaves the shooting range as fifth.

3. Shoot: The Duo Caroline Offigstad Knot and Dorothea Wearer runs to the lying stop in the stadium. Immediately before that, the Italian has torn a small hole, sets the first shot, but must reload twice. On the other hand, the Norwegian clears everything right away and pulls over.

Distance remains constant: Caroline Offigstad Knot and Dorothea Wearer keep the upholstery on the first trackers on the track in the same frame. Behind this is currently Dinar Alimbekava from Belarus and the Sweden Stint Wilson powerful on the accelerator pedal.

Hind in the pursuer: Vanessa Vogt could complete a good final round and send Vanessa Hind on the third rank into the race. At France, Chloe Chevalier is now running and the Finns Mari Ever is included in this group.

Biathlon: Ladies of the ladies in Upholding now in Live ticker — 1st change

1. Change: It goes in the first change! Almost simultaneously, the seasons from Norway and Italy change. Mate Olsen Roseland hands on the first position on Caroline Offigstad Knot. Italy is now Dorothea Wearer in the row.

Vogt struggles: On the last round, Vanessa Vogt has since had to give up two ranks, among other things Anaïs Chevalier Boucher passed by the Germans. Sweden with Johanna Sondheim as well as the Belarusian Iryna Leshchanka are still in striking distance.

Roseland at the top: The Norwegian Mate Olsen Roseland has overtaken Lisa Vittozzi from Italy on the trail, but the Italian bites and does not want to shake off. The duo is currently running for 15 seconds before the first pursuers.

2. Shoot: A great appearance on the shooting range also shows Vanessa Vogt, which again does not need a latch and goes back to the trail as fourth. Anaïs Chevalier-Bouchet lacked the goal twice and lost a few seconds on the first places.

2. Shoot: Mate Olsen Roseland has brought the pursuers to Anaïs Chevalier Boucher again, thus reaching a large group the standing stop. Very fast, the Norwegian and Lisa Vittozzi turn all five slices and take the lead.

Leshchanka hangs back: All in all, the athletes are still pretty close together. From the circle of the favorites, only Iryna Leshchanka from Belarus lost the first shooting a few seconds and thus easily lost the connection to the top.

Small upholstery for France: Anaïs Chevalier Boucher from France has developed a very small lead on the Norwegian Mate Olsen Roseland, which is now storming in second place. Behind this is Vanessa Vogt in the wind shadow.

1. Shooting: Also Vanessa Vogt does not have to grab the toilet cartridges and takes the next round in the fifth place. Even in second place is currently running Irene Adrian from Switzerland.

1. Shoot: For the first time today it will be serious, and the entire field is closed to the shooting range. Who can bring his team to the best starting position after lying shooting? Lisa Vittozzi pushes off the first shot, but must be reloaded once. Better makes Anaïs Chevalier Boucher, which is the first to return to the route.

Who runs against Vogt? Vanessa Vogt will have to stretch as a start run of the DSV season powerful. For example, the 24-year-old is dueling, for example, with the Norwegian Mate Olsen Roseland, which leads to the overall World Cup, Anaïs Chevalier Boucher from France and the Italian Lisa Vittozzi. Meanwhile, the Russian Valeria Vasnetcova has fallen slightly, but stands quickly back on the legs.

The Season Mode: All athletes have a running distance over six kilometers through their section. In addition, the runners in each case in the lying and standing stop of the task of the task on the shooting range. There are three reload cartridges per series available. For every disc, which is still not fallen, 150 extras must be run in the penalty.

Let’s go! The starting signal of the Women Season has fallen and immediately start the position vapors of all startups! Vanessa Vogt makes the beginning for the German quartet and competes on the first six kilometers with the Austrian Julia Schweitzer and Irene Adrian from Switzerland.

Biathlon: Season of ladies in Upholding now in Live ticker — Season Start

Before starting: As during the previous days, the athletes can enjoy best winter weather again in Upholding. The sun radiates over the stadium at temperatures just below freezing and the wind plays almost no role. In addition, the round of the round is not considered very demanding.

Before starting: about three weeks before the beginning of the Olympic Games in Beijing are missing next to Lisa Theresa Mauser more well-known sizes on the start list. At the Swedish, Hanna and Elvira Berg renounce the race and also in the Norwegian bid, apart from Mate Olsen Roseland, three runners from the second row. In contrast, France, Belarus and Russia do not protect her athletes, but less on the victory with the respective best practices.

Before starting: The team of the Swiss is a maximum of an insider tip. After all, Lena Hack, who has left the Mixed Season in Oberon in the past week, returns as a final run in the squad. The 26-year-old hopes to benefit from a good preliminary work of Irene Adrian, Elisa Gasparino and Selina Gasparino. The best result of the Swiss Eidgansinnen was the ninth place in the World Cup prelude in Öresund.

Before starting: Anyway, the quartet of the Austrian ski association would have been only in the outsider role in the struggle for top positions, now Lisa Theresa Mauser also leaves the competition and the opportunities of the team further decline. Julia Schweitzer, Katharina Interloper and Christina Raider could not convince again on Wednesday in the Sprint and all missed the pursuer of the 60 athletes. The OSV team is completed by the inexperienced Anna Coup, which will go to the route on the third position.

Before starting: At the second home World Cup to Oberon, the team of the German Ski Association strives the first season podium in the current winter. Five place in Öresund and fourth rank in hochfilzen, the team so far failed twice a bit thin to this goal. Starting run is being this time Vanessa Vogt, which should be stuck by her stable shooting in the front field. Then follow Vanessa Hind and the Reward Franziska Hildebrand, before Denise Herrmann will take over the last part.

Before starting: The starting signal to the race over 4 x 6 kilometers takes place at 14.30. Two shooting deposits (once lying and standing) are waiting for each biathlete.

Before starting: Hello and welcome to the Livestock the season of the ladies in Upholding.

Biathlon: Season of ladies in Upholding today live on TV and Livestream

For the live broadcast of the relays of the ladies today the IDF and Eurosport are responsible. At IDF, the transmission starts at 14.15 clock, on Eurosport 1 already at 14 o’clock..

Both channels offer a livestream for the season of the ladies in Upholding. The free LiveStream of the IDF will arrive here. You must pay for the EUROSPORT Player.

Since Eurosport shows the race live today, it is also DAZN customers possible to track it live on the platform of the streaming service live. The reason for this is a cooperation of the two transmitters, by the EUROSPORT 1 and EUROSPORT 2 around the clock at DAZN are found. Here you can secure the DAZN subscription of your choice (monthly subscription 14.99 euros per month, annual subscription once 149.99 euros) secure! Articles and videos about the topic Biathlon: How long does Franziska Press fall? Biathlon: Doll acres by victory Sprint: DSV ladies miss top 10 clearly Ballet boldly tested positively on corona Top sport live on DAZN. Register now! Can be terminated at any time monthly. Biathlon: Program in Upholding at a glance Date | Time | Event – Friday, January 14 | 14.30 Season ladies Saturday, January 15 | 14.30 Season gentlemen Sunday, January 16 | 12.45 Persecution ladies Sunday, January 16 | 14.45 Persecution