Basketball-EM | Poland too solid: Ukraine misses out on quarter -finals.

As a fifth team, the Polish basketball players resolved the ticket for the EM quarter-finals in Berlin.
In a very affordable game against the neighbor Ukraine, the group of nationwide train Igor Silicic won 94:86 (42:45) on Sunday.

In the quarter-finals on Wednesday, protecting champion Slovenia is now waiting for superstar Luka Dončić.
After the rather much better start for the Polish group, Ukraine replied, thought of a number of 3s and also went into the cabin with a slim half-time tour.
After the break it continued to be tight.
At the world positions 13.

Were Factor Guard a.J.
Slaughter (24 points) and Small Onward Mateusz Bonita (22) The exceptional stars.
In Ukraine, the NBA specialist Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk (12) and Alex Len (9) did not get enough general.


NHL: Moritz Seider on the shortlist for the rookie of the year

Seider made it into the final selection, which the NHL announced on Wednesday.

His competitors are Michael Bunting (Toronto Maple Leafs) and Trevor Zegras (Anaheim Ducks), the winner receives the Calder Trophy.
In his first NHL season, Seider led the best list among the rookie defenders on points (50) and assists (43).
The former Mannheim was second in the gates (7).
Seider also ended up in PowerPlay points (21), winners (4) and Schüussen (187).
No newcomer stood on the ice on average than the World Cup participant (23:02 minutes).
Bunting (26) came to 63 points (23 goals, 40 assists), Zegras (21) to 61 (23+38).
However, both play in storm what could speak for the decision for Seider.

Moritz Seider For Calder
So far, no German player has received the award.


Forsberg about future plans and Tedescos Secret

How important Emil Forsberg is for Leipzig, on Wednesday in the semifinals of the DFB Cup, when the Swede in the detention time passed the ticket for Berlin. “I’m not a header,” he says himself about his special gift. “I do not have to train that, but it just comes to me when it’s needed. If I have to make a goal with your head, then I’ll do it.”

Especially when players come from the bank, as he in the cup, the mental way is very important. “You have to know that if you get in, you can make the difference. I can only show that I can love these great games and you can decide. I’ve already proven that a couple of times.”

But Forsberg did not forget the serious start to the season. “The first six months were difficult for everyone,” says the 30-year-old over time with coach Jesse March. “For player and club it was not a good time. It was like in a roller coaster.”

Forsberg: “Everyone wants to show that he can play”

For the new coach Forsberg is full of praise. “The coach has brought us back to us,” he lets you look through and explains Tedescos Secret. “Each player has immediately felt that he is important again. This is quite important for a player, very important. That’s why we also turned many games through bankers. Everyone wants to show when he gets in.”

Even in the game preparation, things seem to have changed. “Since Domenico and his staff are here, we have always had a super match plan for each game and I’m sure we’ll have a good match plan for tomorrow.” He advises the absent coach on the press conference: “EMIL in turn and win” – even if he would actually be much rather in the starting eleven.

Forsberg over remuneration: “If you are young, you have many dreams”

Secret Between Me And Schneider Tunes Revealed And Future Plans!

ForSberg feels more than ever the association and possibly remembered, which used to be very well, he pushes aside today. “If you are young, you have many dreams,” he says. Today he is quieter. “I have another three years contract, do not see me elsewhere and have goals with the club.”

After seven years he is a veteran in the club. “That makes me pride. We have great before and now title chances. I was almost at the whole journey, I have to stay natural.” He could even well imagine, even after his active career in the club, but that has time. “My goal is to play a long football.”


After Pulisics Gala: United States not quite through

With the 4: 0 About Jamaica Canada had solved the ticket for Qatar on Sunday and finished a durst track since 1986. The USA and Mexico will follow in all likelihood – yet it is not time.

Because after their victories, the arch rivals can almost plan for the journey in winter, while Costa Rica probably has to go to the play-offs when the last matchday of the Concacaf Group is completed on Wednesday.

Four goals before the break

The US harvested in Orlando a carefully 5: 1 against Panama. Outstanding man on the square was ex-Dortmund-pro Christian Pulisic with three goals, including two penalties. Also Paul Arriola and Jesus Ferreira met in a furious first half (4: 0) for the team of Gregg Converser.

Mexico, however, won 1-0 against Honduras, Edson Alvarez from Ajax Amsterdam broke the spell in the 70th minute. Both selection teams each have three meters less than leader of Canada with 25 points. Costa Rica, which won 2: 1 in El Salvador, followed fourth place with 22 points.

against New Zealand or the Solomonians

Best that we have seen from Christian Pulisic w/ #USMNT?
In the qualification for North and Central America, the three best teams ensure the ticket for the World Cup in Qatar. Space four must be in the play-offs against a team of oceania. The opponent will be determined on Wednesday between New Zealand and the Solomonen.

Costa Rica and the US meeting on Wednesday. The US has the clear better gate ratio and may also allow a defeat with less than six goals difference. Mexico has a three hit better gate ratio as Costa Rica and plays at the end against El Salvador.

These teams are already qualified for the World Cup


A famous ball boy, a farmer and the Thomas Müller of the yellow U

FC Bayern meets on Wednesday evening in Villarreal on a team without real superstar and yet the opponent is likely to have the potential to properly bring the German record champion.
Villarreal knows how to win big games, Manchester United was able to convince himself bitterly in the final of the Europa League 2021.
Nine Villarreal professionals, who were against the Red Devils in the starting formation, are also expected against Bayern in the first eleven.

Class 4 sub English ch-2 The Farmer's Riddle

With there is a real self-green, one who already made a career as a ball boy, and one who is looking forward to an existence as a farmer.

The peculiarities of the starting element of the FC Villarreal


“Lineage 2M” and “Lineage 2M” 1st anniversary from the start of the official service! The latest update “Chronicle V. Ancient Island” and new system “Sacred Provision System” appeared at “Cronicle V. Blood Meeting”! Also hold

NCSOFT Co., Ltd.

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On March 30, we plan to implement new weapons species “crossbow”.

Please check the notification of the official site for updates.
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# “Lineage 2M” First Arena Dungeon “Ancient Island” Implementation!

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March 23, 2012 (Wednesday) When regular maintenance

[Overview] Implemented the “Lineage 2M” “Ancient Island” with the update held today. Arena Dungeon “Ancient Island” is a dungeon that comes with adventurers beyond various worlds.
The dungeon is divided into “southern poisonous wetlands” and “eastern ancient forest”, “Northern Power Storage” and “Northern Power Storage” and “Clustor Control Office” Erfina’s necklace, “Laurne belt”, etc. may be dropped.

Please check the announcement of the official site for the details of Arena Dingeon “Ancient Island”.
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# “Sacred Providing System” Implementation

【Update Date】
March 23, 2012 (Wednesday) When regular maintenance

[Overview] Today, we implemented a new system “Sacred Providing System” to give the weapon effect. Using the newly newly appeared “Sacred Scroll”, you can provide various effects on weapons or higher weapons and activate that effect when wearing weapons.

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“Celebration message (H), (A), (P), (P), (P), (Y), (B), (I), (R), (T), (H), (D), (A), (Y) “can be registered in the collection, and it is possible to obtain a collection effect by completion.
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«How to participate»
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# “Server Move” March 23 14 o’clock

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“The Enblem of the Protect” that can be acquired from “Blessing Emblem Box (Engraving)” can improve the status such as “all damage” and “defense penetration” for a certain period of time by equipping the relic slot, and as a material of production Can also be used.
Items that can be manufactured using the “guardian emblem” are different weekly, and the 5th week lineup of time-limited production is “Blessed legendary classification diagram challenge box (engraving)” and “blessing legendary successor” A variety of items appear, such as Skill Book Selection Box (Engraving), “Blessed Heroes Successful Skill Book Selection Box II (Engraving)”.

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Three FSV away matches in a row: Augsburg

Mainz remain in relegation zone after 1-0 defeat to Augsburg | ESPN FC Bundesliga Highlights
As the DFL has communicated on Monday afternoon, the tagged match will be made on Wednesday, April 6, at 18.30 (Live! At Mainz). For the FCA, this means an English week with home games against Wolfsburg (April 3) and Mainz (April 6) and the away game at FC Bayern (April 9). Mainz expect three away matches in a row at the exact same period: in Gladbach (3rd of April), in Augsburg (April 6) and in Cologne (April 9). The game between the FCA and FSV had not been able to be played as planned last Saturday in the course of the 26th matchday, since Mainz did not have the minimum number of players necessary after the DFL gaming order as a result of positive corona findings.


Call me the director: make

This Wednesday night, Puyo and Father Fidalbion await you near their virtual fireplace to answer your questions as part of a new episode of call me the director. Number necessarily exceptional, since there will be important topics, starting with the departures of Pipomantis and Noddus, but also from the reconciliation with numerics.

On this occasion, we will give you more details on the reconciliation with numerics_, but also on what it represents for the rest of the adventure. You will also have retro dash news, and your two hosts will evoke with you the arrival of new listening opportunities for podcasts.


Visit Twitch, Wednesday, March 9 at 6:30 pm, to learn more about all of these different ads. And if you could not be in front of your screen at hour H, we invite you to ask your questions directly in the comments of this article, so that we can consult them before the broadcast.


After operations: Bernal again with consciousness

The patient has survived the removal of ventilation aid without complications, said in the fifth communication of the University Hospital La Sabina near Bogotá on Wednesday. He could move his arms and legs.

Began Vernal has already woken up, wrote the Colombian newspaper El Tempo. In his South American home country, not only great worries that the Rad star can continue his career, but that he is even healthy. Even Colombia’s president Iván Duque wishes a speedy recovery. Since Vernal 2019 the first South American won the tour, he is a national hero.

The 25-year-old Vernal was consistent media reports on the time bike on Monday on a standing bus. His team Ineos-Grenadiers, initially, confirmed only the accident and that Vernal in the hospital was responsive and stable.


As it turned out later, he had suffered a thigh fragment, an open break of the kneecap and injuries at the thoracic acid. Vernal has been operated several times and should remain at least three days in the intensive care unit.