Schmadtke calls for a different attitude of stars of VfL Wolfsburg

Managing Director Jörg Schmadtke demands a rethink in the team after the mixed season of VfL Wolfsburg.

“Another attitude is needed so that we can create physical conditions that enable us to implement our game in 90 or more minutes,” said the 58-year-old of the “Wolfsburger Allgemeine Zeitung”.

The current table-13. The Bundesliga has to develop a game idea that we are not only convinced of in theory, but also on which the team also has a great pleasure. “

Willkommen, Jörg Schmadtke | Erstes Interview | VfL Wolfsburg

Schmadtke blamed a “fitness problem” for the inconsistent season with a change of coach, inconsistent performance and relegation battle, which was a constant companion. “On the one hand, the athletic requirements that you simply need in the Bundesliga have not been reached. And on the other hand, there were a variety of egoisms in our group.”

The international participation would have led to a convenience among some players. “One or the other may have said: Fourth place internationally three times in a row, we did it, we did it, we know how to do it.” The Champions League participation in this season with a supposedly lighter group did not bring participation for the round of 16: “In the end, that was something like a fire accelerator. And we almost would not have been deleted this fire,” he said about the problem of the problem Convenience


VFL Wolfsburg: Arnolds late assist

Maximilian Arnold | Skills and Goals | Highlights
“Of it,” says Maximilian Arnold, “I hear for the first time.” But the statistics do not answer: he, the Wolfsburg midfield engine, running and running and running. In this season already 276.28 kilometers (mileage and other statistics on the Bundesliga…). This is great in the Bundesliga, Frankfurt Djibril Sow (275.93 kilometers), however, is close to the heels. Arnold wants to put the lead with a wink with a wink: “I give my best,” he says, “but I do not play any different now, I’m trying to run so much so that I can help the boys.”

Arnold self-critical

He helped them especially last weekend. You can hardly believe it: His corner football, who came across the head of the Unionist Taiwo Awoniyi to the Wolfsburg victory goal in Berlin’s enclosure, was the first goal template Arnolds in this Bundesliga season. There are two of his own hits. Too little for someone like him, who posted three goals and six templates in the past season. “One asks: Hey, what’s going on?” Arnold admits after his late assist premiere this season that he himself is not satisfied with his previous yield, especially since he performs all the standards. He praised but improvement: “At the beginning of the season, the standards were not so good, I have to say that self-critical so. Meanwhile they have become better.” After Awoniyi, so Arnold, it should now be a team of players who recycle his balls.

A “new” teammate has been Arnold on his side for a short time: Xaver Schlager. With the Austrian he formed a very successful double six in the past season, now he is back to his cruciate ligament. “I’m glad he’s back,” says Arnold and reported by the growing understanding with the secondary man. “Everyone knew what the other does.” Now it still needs a bit, “until the old Xaver is back”. During its absence, Arnold mostly played with the 19-year-old Aster Vranckx at the side. The difference to hit? “By the fact that Aster is still very young, you have to be a lot of coaching. This is a learning process, because he is on his very good way.” A way Arnold has gone in recent years.


First reunion with “Schleicher” Max Kruse

On Thursday, the 1st FC Union Berlin was on the program for the entire team regeneration. Two days after moving into the semi-finals of the DFB Cup against the second division FC St. Pauli (2: 1) still after and after the next Bundesliga game on Saturday (15.30, live! At Wolfsburg) at the VfL Wolfsburg in the viewpoint.

The confluence of the table-twisted Wolfsburg against the seven-placed Köpenicker does not sound like a briller. But the Personalie Max Kruse gives this game a lot of whistle. For the first time since its last minute change from Union to Wolfsburg at the end of January, Kruse will dulate with his ex-colleagues.

Fisherman relies on the press conference on Max Kruse

Kruse has not made friends at Union with his primarily financially motivated finish. In addition, he complained about too little playing time. This has probably made coach Urs Fischer more than he likes to admit.

On Thursday at the press conference, however, Fischer behaved in this regard. “To the topic was enough told and said. I will not comment on that. It is important to accept the task and the way of playing Wolfsburg. Max is part of this style,” said Fischer. “We know what to expect us. We know Max. But we focus on the game, not again with max.”

Max is a bit of such a deletion for me, who always moves somewhere in the rooms and tries that no other.

Urs Fischer

In the media public Union training, Kruse was never the most diligent. In the 45 competitive games between summer 2020 and January 2022, he usually delivered (19 goals / 12 templates). In this respect, Union will try to narrow Kruses circles. “Max is a bit of such a lanyut for me, who always moves somewhere in the rooms and spaces like no other,” Fischer explained. “This is important to keep in mind. But at the end it’s about the whole. We can not only focus on Kruse. Also Maximilian Arnold is responsible for the balance of Wolfsburg team.”

After the 3-1 victory against the 1st FSV Mainz 05 and the progress against St. Pauli, Union in Wolfsburg could retract the third victory within a week. With then 40 meters, the practically long-reaching class content would also be theoretically secured. This should be an additional incentive to meet and score in the fourth mandatory attempt for the first time in Wolfsburg.

In personnel terms, fishermen should be rotated compared to the cup of cup on Tuesday. Torwart Andreas Luthe is sure instead of Frederik Rönnow in the box. On the right exterior, Julian Ryerson mumbled the crude “hunter” instead of Captain Christopher Trimmel. For the front, Cup victor gut andreas Voglsammer may be ahead for Taiwo Awoniyi ran. Only the midfield actors Keita Endo and Andras Schäfer (both knee injury) are struck.