DEB selection with work victory against France

For the first time at the World Cup, Toni Söderholm ran on Mathias Niederberger in the goal, so that Philipp Grubauer received a break after his strong performance in the 2-1 against Slovakia on Saturday. Otherwise, the Finnish coach built the same formation as in the first two games.

EHLS Premiere – Supporting is injured

The German team caught a measure against France: the outnumbered of Leo Pföderl served Daniel Fischbuch scored completely freely from a short distance to 1-0, just 124 seconds were played. Shortly thereafter, Stefan Loibl missed the second goal with an outnumbered outnumbered that France’s keeper Sebastian Ylönen (4th).

Despite the early deficit, the French stopped and kept running their checks. So also in the 14th minute, in which Tim Stützle injured himself on a check on the knee, slowly drove from the ice towards the cabin and a frustration foul made. Alexandre Texier – the only NHL professional France at the World Cup – used the following power play to 1: 1 (15th).

The fact that Germany went into the first third break with a lead was due to Alexander Ehl, who fell a shot from Dominik Bittner in the 18th minute past Ylönen into the goal. It was the first World Cup goal for the striker of Düsseldorfer eG.

Gallet meets, Deb team loses thread

While Stützle remained in the cabin at the start of the second third, Marc Michaelis narrowly missed the 3-1 because Ylönen somehow stopped the farmer’s trick of the German Center with the schooner (22nd). The German team was now much more game -determined than in the first third. But the French marked the goal in a straightforward relief attack: Hugo Gallet falsified a hard pass from Charles Bertrand past Niederberger to 2: 2 (32nd).

After the goal, the DEB team lost the thread a little, a power play before the end of the second third only brought a break chance for the French.

Pföderl refines Noebels’ pass

In the final section, the German team started again – and took the lead for the third time thanks to a remarkable hit. Marcel Noebels served Pföderl with a flip pass and the latter executed in a goalkeeper manner to 3: 2 (46th). As against the Slovaks, the German selection then defended the narrow lead over time.

“At such a tournament, games are decided with a goal, so it is good that we could show early that we can do that,” said Noebels after the game at “Sport1”. He added a wink to the winning goal in co -production with his Berlin storm colleague Pföderl: “He always takes a little longer to go to the goal, so I had to delay a little while passing.”

Grubauer's brilliant save leads to Oshie goal
The DEB team now has two days without play before going on Thursday (3:20 p.m.) against Denmark and Friday (3:20 p.m.) against Italy with two games within a good 24 hours.

Statistics on the game:

France – Germany 2: 3 (1: 2, 1: 0, 0: 1)

France: Ylönen – Gallet, Auvitu; Llorca, Chakiachvili; Crinon, Thiry; Guebey – Fleury, Treille, Tim Bozon; Bertrand, Claireaux, Perret; Leclerc, Texier, Boudon; Ritz, Fabre, Kevin Bozon; Colotti.

Germany: Niederberger – Moritz Müller, Seider; Jonas Müller, Holzer; Wagner, Wissmann; Bittner – Ehliz, Sützle, Plachta; Noebels, Michaelis, Pföderl; Schmölz, Loibl, Fischbuch; Soramies, Kastner, Ehl.

Tore: 0: 1 (2:04) Fischbuch (Pföderl, Michaelis) PP, 1: 1 (14:48) Texier (T. Bozon; Chakiachvili), 1: 2 (17:51) EHL (Bittner, Kastner), 2: 2 (31:18) Gallet (Bertrand, Claireux), 2: 3 (45:45) Pföderl (Noebels, Michaelis).

viewer: 2,000.

Referee: Hansen (Norway)/Heikkinen (Finland).

Criminal minutes: France 6 – Germany 6.


Deb | Without Kahun, but with five Berlin masters for the World Cup

Short-term cancellations increased the concerns of national coach Toni Söderholm for this special ice hockey World Cup in his home country Finland. Even with the reinforcement by a total of seven national players from the Master Berlin and Vice-Champion Munich, not all weak points in the contingent should disappear. Problems on the offensive were added to the defensive, which has been cropped so far. Söderholm will miss Dominik Kahun in particular. The ex-NHL striker is injured. It was the next serious cancellation for the tournament, which started on Friday.

“I would have loved to have the Dominik with me,” said Söderholm. The 44-year-old at least indicated how complicated the squad puzzle was until the end, even if he did not want to use the word “difficult”: “You can tell that some players have 60, 70 games in their legs. It has a lot of mental energy Tosted, “said Söderholm and reported:” There were players who canceled a bit at short notice who might have strength a month ago. Now that the season was over, it was suddenly different. “

On Tuesday, the World Cup semi-finalist from 2021 and Beijing Olympic Tenth will increase with doubts to the charter flyer in Helsinki despite the victory against Austria in the last World Cup test. Kahun was struck in preparation. In the 3-1 on Sunday in Schwenningen, when the selection did not show a World Cup form, the 26-year-old had played.

not the best conditions

Until the end, Söderholm searched for stronger staff who can accept the first challenge on Friday (7.20 p.m./Sport1) against defending champion Canada. In February in Beijing, the team had disappointed with the Olympic stand before the quarter-finals. According to DEB, the World Cup destination will only be determined in the coming days.

PES - MOROCCO vs BRAZIL - FIFA WORLD CUP 2022 QATAR - Full Match All Goals HD - Gameplay

The selection for the desired Olympic reparation continues to make other strikers such as Berlin’s former North America professional Manuel re-canceled and the Munich Patrick Hager and Frederik Tiffels canceled. Söderholm did not want to give reasons for the cancellations of this trio.

The most important days at the World Cup are at the beginning

Toni Söderholm

At least the national coach can build on master goalkeeper Mathias Mathias Niederberger, the Berlin defenders Jonas Müller and Kai Wissmann as well as the polar bear strikers Marcel Noebels and Leo Pföderl. In addition to Maximilian Kastner, which was already used on Sunday, attacker Yasin Ehliz is the only Munich.

The additional challenge is to quickly integrate the new forces in a few training sessions and, in the case of Berliners, after an exuberant master party. “The most important days you have at the World Cup are now at the beginning,” said Söderholm.

The final participants could “give the team a really good push,” said NHL defender Moritz Seider hopefully. In addition to Ottawa striker Tim Stützle and world-class goalkeeper Philipp Grubauer, the 21-year-old from Detroit is one of three NHL professionals in the contingent-and the outstanding defender.

carefree defensive

The occupation of the defensive showed little hope of a successful performance until the end. But also on the offensive in Schwenningen, a formation occurred five days before the World Cup start, with which the minimum goal quarter-finals should not be a matter of course even in a preliminary round group weaker on paper. Söderholm listed a lack of efficiency, puck losses, inconsistent duel behavior. “It is actually the things that are important to us, we have to improve,” said the Finn.

It is not unusual that players do without a World Cup in an Olympic season. The consequences of the Corona pandemic also robbed energy, other players are injured. It was already clear that the former NHL professionals Tom Kühnhackl and Tobias Rieder were missing before the Deb announced the squad. It would be all the more important if other professionals from North America would move up during the tournament. Söderholm is considering not officially reporting all squad places. It is unlikely that NHL top star Leon Draisaitl will come.

The national team starts the World Cup as research as before the Olympics. “There can also be a lot of criticism very quickly if a game doesn’t run that way. That’s why I don’t want to say much,” said Ottawa striker Stützle. Goalkeeper Grubauer, however, did not deviate from the firm belief in the team. “Of course our goal is to get gold,” he told the “Söderholm” (Monday).


Argentina vs. Brazil: World Cup qualification

2022 World Cup Qualifiers Brazil vs Argentina
The former soccer world champions Brazil and Argentina have to repeat their broken World Cup qualification game last year.
The Appeal Commission of the World Association FIFA confirmed a corresponding decision by the disciplinary commission on Monday.
The game is worthless in terms of World Cup, both teams are already qualified in Qatar for the World Cup finals at the end of the year.

The encounter was initially interrupted in Sao Paulo eight months ago and later ended prematurely.


New Ultimate Gott? 15

At the age of 15 to throw up the switch to hit the hat with a few friends in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is certainly not a sensation. After a few months of gaming experience, mind you offline, from which Standy to win a major tournament, almost borders a miracle.

The 15-year-old ‘Acola’ did this in Japan. The ultimate player, who competes with the Minecraft character Steve, left several seasoned eSporters behind the Kagaribi #7 in Japan. The event was no less than an appointment of the “Smash World Tour”, which serves as a qualification for the World Cup, the Championships.

EVERY Super Smash Bros. Newcomer Trailer & Major Reveal

also the world leaders listen to

Naturally, the sensational performance of the Smash talent caused an outcry within the scene and hit waves to the absolute top of the world. Even the “five gods of Melee”, as the world’s best Melee players are called, the tournament was of course not hidden. So Juan ‘Hungrybox’ debiedma, which is one of the elite circle of smash “gods”, tweeted after the Erolg ‘Acolas’: “Possibly the next ultimate god. Keep it in.” An advice that the scene will surely follow after this exclamation mark.


Seattle loses, draft chances improved

Philipp Grubauer, who will now travel to the World Cup in Finland with the DEB team, was represented in the octopus goal of number two Chris Driedger.

Due to the narrow defeat, Seattle remained behind the Philadelphia Flyers in the third last place in the NHL and thus has the third highest chances for the first election right after the bottom of Montreal (18.5 percent) and Arizona in the lottery for the Draft 2022 with 11.5 percent.

Steve Kornacki breaks down Flyers NHL Draft lottery odds | NBC Sports Philadelphia
As already in 2020/21, the winner of Art Ross Trophy is called Connor McDavid after the main round, which with 123 scorer points collected most of the league.
The Maurice Richard Trophy for the best goal scorer also went back to the previous year’s winner with Auston Matthews (60 goals).
The NHL starts in the Play-offs 2022 on Tuesday night.


BVB: Conversations with Marco Reus not far advanced

The future of Marco Reus at Borussia Dortmund beyond his end of the contract 2023 is still open. This confirmed the BVB captain and simultaneously excluded a change abroad.

Marco Reus – Borussia Dortmund’s Loyal Captain
Conversations with the BVB on a further collaboration are “not far advanced until now. With the course of time you will see how it goes on. But there is no stress,” said the 32-year-old in the “Sky” interview.

However, reused Reus, he feels “scary well” at the BVB. He is currently seeing “no reason to go another step”.

Reus added: “I would like to finish my career in Dortmund, I said that a few times.”

MLS instead of BVB? Marco Reus: “You should never never say”

For the coming year, Reus has the end of his active career but “in no way” in the sights. “Fortunately, I’ve been injury-free for a long time, just have little setbacks and feel very good,” the offensive player said.

He wool “further help the team to win games and improve,” Reus announced.

In addition to a whereabouts at BVB, the former Gladbacher but also a change abroad, especially in the North American professional league MLS.

“You should never never say. But I’m very happy to play at Borussia Dortmund, that’s a privilege. If you can quit His career here, you really like and proudly,” Reus said.

Marco Reus wants “definitely” to the World Cup

Ambitious goals formulated the national player with regard to the Winter World Cup in Qatar. He wool “in any case” part of the German squad, says Reus. “A World Cup is an incredibly big event to be there very much.” With national coach Hansi Flick he stands “in constant exchange”, according to the BVB profi.

After the end of the era Löw in the upheaval DFB team has “a good troop that has found slowly,” said Reus. “Now it matters that we demonstrate that against stronger teams. I think we are ready and full of anticipation.”


Gaugian new national coach of women

If the qualifications for the 2024 Olympic Games will succeed, the contract will be extended by April 2026 and would thus also include the World Cup in December 2025.
The World Cup takes place in Germany and the Netherlands.
Gaugian adheres to the succession of Henk Groener.
The DHB had not agreed on a contract extension with the Dutch and terminated cooperation in March.

Henk Groener - Teambuilding
Officially, Gaugian contract begins with the DHB on 1 July.
He takes his job already in the coming week.
Then from Easter Monday to a course and on Thursday the last EM qualifying game against Greece in the Dutch Almere.
Two days later, the team has a test match against the Netherlands.

Gaugian is currently training the women’s team of currently unbeaten Bundesliga table director SG BBM Bietigheim.
In the coming season he will train both in Bietigheim and the women’s selection.


After Pulisics Gala: United States not quite through

With the 4: 0 About Jamaica Canada had solved the ticket for Qatar on Sunday and finished a durst track since 1986. The USA and Mexico will follow in all likelihood – yet it is not time.

Because after their victories, the arch rivals can almost plan for the journey in winter, while Costa Rica probably has to go to the play-offs when the last matchday of the Concacaf Group is completed on Wednesday.

Four goals before the break

The US harvested in Orlando a carefully 5: 1 against Panama. Outstanding man on the square was ex-Dortmund-pro Christian Pulisic with three goals, including two penalties. Also Paul Arriola and Jesus Ferreira met in a furious first half (4: 0) for the team of Gregg Converser.

Mexico, however, won 1-0 against Honduras, Edson Alvarez from Ajax Amsterdam broke the spell in the 70th minute. Both selection teams each have three meters less than leader of Canada with 25 points. Costa Rica, which won 2: 1 in El Salvador, followed fourth place with 22 points.

against New Zealand or the Solomonians

Best that we have seen from Christian Pulisic w/ #USMNT?
In the qualification for North and Central America, the three best teams ensure the ticket for the World Cup in Qatar. Space four must be in the play-offs against a team of oceania. The opponent will be determined on Wednesday between New Zealand and the Solomonen.

Costa Rica and the US meeting on Wednesday. The US has the clear better gate ratio and may also allow a defeat with less than six goals difference. Mexico has a three hit better gate ratio as Costa Rica and plays at the end against El Salvador.

These teams are already qualified for the World Cup


Cancer shock at Louis van Gaal – Ex

Shock Confession of Louis Van Gaal: The Dutch football national coach and former coach of FC Bayern Munich has already suffered from prostate cancer before some time ago.
This revealed the 70-year-old on Sunday in Dutch television.
However, the disease will not stop him from serving his team at the World Cup in Qatar (21 November to 18 December).
The players “do not know,” the 70-year-old said to the television station “RTL” and added that he has already undergone 25 irradiations, especially in the evening during the training camp of the Dutch national team.
Last Tuesday, Van Gaal had been in the international match of the Elftal against Germany in Amsterdam (1: 1) despite a corona infection on the sideline.
Van Gaal had led the Netherlands to the World Cup finals.

Van Gaal reveals prostate cancer battle | Netherlands | Man United | Bayern Munich | Barca | 荷兰主帅范加尔

In the preliminary round A, the three-time vice-world champion meets Katar and Senegal and Ecuador.


Because of the World Cup 2022 in Qatar: Protest in front of FIFA

As a protest against the orientation of the World Cup 2022 in Qatar, artists Volker-Johannes drift and the associations of the workers’ welfare ride 6500 unloaded with sand-filled footballs off the FIFA headquarters.

“At the expense of the Football World Cup, many thousand people died in Qatar in the construction of the stadiums. They were treated like slaves and died at heat, exhaustion or due to lack of security precautions. This was made by the FIFA and the government in Qatar accepted, “said drift of a message.

Friday as a day of action was chosen because in the evening in Doha the groups of the finals (21 November to 18 December) are drawn. The associations were involved AWO International and AWO District Western Westphalia. The balls were printed with the quote “world conscience, you are a stain of shame”. There are other actions planned, it was said in a message. Also collected are donations, “which benefits people in the countries of the killed”.

Why is the 2022 World Cup in Qatar a disgrace? - INVESTIGATION

Because of World Cup: Debate on human rights situation in Qatar

The World Cup host has been practically since the allocation since the end of 2010 because of the human rights situation and the conditions for foreign workers in criticism. The focus was and stands the so-called Kafala system, which takes workers from abroad virtually all rights. According to the newspaper “Guardian”, more than 6,500 workers from Southeast Asia have died since the award.

The Emirate government repeatedly refers to numerous reforms – especially for workers’ rights. In contrast to other countries of the region, the Kafala system is officially abolished in Qatar. Violations of the new laws would follow Rigoros, it says from the Emirate, who admits mistakes and patience in needed. With regard to the died workers, Qatar argues that the sterbar rate is lying in the face of more than 1.4 million people from the region in the country in the expected area.