Maple Story 2: The One Game That Wont Let You Forget About It

■ t Ranking-Winter update notice of ‘Maple Story’, 1 step up to 8th place

◎ ‘Maple Story’, which announced winter update, and the 8th place to beat Star Craft
-People Story, which was held on the 15th of winter, was successful in the eighth place, which rose one step from the previous week.
Expectations for large-scale updates and growth support events for winter seemed to have been effective.
Maple Story’s large-scale updates will begin on December 22, and new characters, Carly, will also be added.

◎ In addition to the new character ‘Corn’, the ranking of the 6th stage of the Making Heroes Exhibition
-Likewise, Nixon’s online RPG ‘Making Hero Exhibition’, which officially updated the new wizard character ‘Corn’ on the 15th, also succeeded in ranking.
This week’s Making Heroes ranked 35th, which is 6 steps up compared to last week.
The new character ‘Corn’ is a character that uses bead-shaped weapons ‘Orbit’ to solve the battle.
In commemoration of the update, the game will hold a winter golden time event until February 16, and will also hold a growth support event such as ‘Level Up Climbing Event’.

◎ ‘Lost Arc’ announced in the first half of 2023
-Last weekend, ‘Roan Winter’, a winter festival for Lost Arc users, was held.
The event, which was held offline at the Four Seasons Hotel in Jongno-gu, Seoul, has been presenting the recent situation for a long time, and the current CCO has been presented in the first half of 2023.

As it was announced over the weekend, it did not have much impact on this week’s leading table, but Roan Winter raised expectations with the announcement of the new class ‘Slayer’, which is scheduled to be updated in January.
It is necessary to see how the winter events and hyper expresses that will be held during the remaining December will affect the leading table.


■ Domestic PC room ranking-December 3 weeks PC room weekly report

◎ Last week’s total use time of PC rooms nationwide 16.96 million hours, 5.9% compared to last week
-PC room game statistical service ‘The Log’ totaled 16.96 million hours of PC rooms in December.
The number is 5.9% compared to the previous week, and the number is 25.2% higher than the previous year, when the social distance was in progress due to Corona 19.
The weekly utilization rate of PC rooms was 13.2%on weekdays and 18.7%on weekends, with an average of 14.7%on weekends.

◎ ‘Pass of Exile’, PC room ranking 17th ranked
-The Pass of Exile, which has risen high with the launch of the new league, has succeeded in continuing the rise until this week.
The PC room usage ranking reached 86.7% compared to the previous week, resulting in 11 steps and ranked 17th.

■ Steam game trend of this week

◎ Trendy Steam Game of this week: ‘Dark & Dasher Play Test’
-The most prominent game in Steam DB Trend Indicators was the play test version of the online Pope adventure game ‘Dark & Dasher’.
In the background of the medieval fantasy, Dark & Darker, who explores dungeons and finds treasures, was famous in Korea by a famous game streamer a few months ago.
The game is about to be released in the fourth quarter of 23, and you can request access to the play test on the Steam Store page.

◎ 60% discount effect?
‘FIFA 23’ breaks 90,000 people in the most
-EA sports soccer game, ‘FIFA 23’, has exceeded 90,000 people in the highest day and has been named in Steam User Statistics.
The 60% discount in three months after the launch in late September seems to be the main factor in the increase in users, but if you see the first 90,000-dong since the launch, the ‘All-time’ World Cup finals, which were held dawn, also helped to increase the user.
It is solved by becoming.

■ Domestic mobile game ranking

◎ 5th in Google sales, ‘Auckland’ that continues to rise
-The mobile game sales leaderboard shows that Long Games’ new ‘Auckland’ is the fifth place in Google sales, slowly and surely continuing the rise.
The increase in the chance of summoning the SSR hero ‘Raphael’, which began with its first update since last week’s launch, has had a positive impact on sales.

◎ A series of events and new characters, ‘Uranus Me’ Google sales 6th place
-Mummy Pretty Derby, which was not included in the top 10 Google Play sales last week, also returned to the leadership through various events.
From the ‘Half Anniversary’ event to commemorate the recent six months of service, new characters will be released in succession, contributing to the sales ranking.
In addition, the new characters and support cards that appear from today (19th) will be more likely to affect the sales rankings in the future.

◎ ‘Hit 2’, which has fallen slightly to 10th place, 2023 update roadmap announcement
-Meanwhile, MMORPG ‘Hit 2’, which ranked 7th in Google Play last week, was named 10th this week.
‘Hit 2’, which announced the update roadmap at the user offline event on the 17th, announced that it will hold both internal and new contents in 23 years.
With the 21st update, the Christmas season commemoration and the third season pass will be held, and new contents and new weapons will be updated in the first quarter of next year.

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